November 21, 2008
Frequently Asked Questions

Will we see Martin Savidge on Worldfocus again?

Yes! Martin will be anchoring the show periodically.  He will also be reporting from the field for Worldfocus.

When can I watch the show?

For a list of showtimes across the country, see our broadcast schedule. If  you prefer to watch online, you can see all the latest on our episode page.

Who does Worldfocus partner with to generate its news?

Worldfocus has assembled a network of international news providers to provide viewers with a global perspective. Our partners include The New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, NBC, ABC, ABC Australia, Globalpost, ITN,  Deutsche Welle, TV Globo, Al Jazeera English,  Medialine, CBC, Chinese Central TV, Russia Today, Israel’s IBA and Israel10.

When I try to watch a video on the site it doesn’t play.  Why?

To watch video on, you need to have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed, which is available on the Adobe website. The video also streams at an average rate of 448 kbps, so those with slower connections may have trouble watching our video. If you have further questions or think there may be a problem with the video that you’re trying to watch, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Who works at Worldfocus?

See our staff page to get the full list of the Worldfocus team.




There is a huge void in my evening viewing now. I am truly saddened by the departure of World Focus.


we have lost a bright spot on the evening news, one looked forward to each day. coverage above and beyond the normal entertainment that passes for american news today


This program AAA. I find it refreshing. All our network new casts are a joke. They are so commercialized. They have become fragmented after thoughts of tabloid type news. With the problems we face as a Nation. Where is the news? And don’t forget the corporate influence of the media. And none elected entities that are dictating policy in this nation. What ever happened to reporting, facts and news, corruption. Look at health care. Most of the insurance industry has raised premiums up by 38%. WHY? Because they are playing both sides of the fence. They are pushing there agenda through the House and Senate. And where is the reports? Campaign money has corrupted the whole process. I am all for health care reform. But I am aganist the campaign money as a bribe that has stolen our right as a citizen.


I posted a response to the Africa Homophobia story. It did not get posted. No bad language and references used from Hollywood script(s). Am I being sensored, by connecting the dots already there? Itellectually speaking, of course…


Watch your show every night; what a pleasant option it is than having to watch the drab, same gibberish uncultured screened information others select for the American people to hear; Daljit is a refined, polished, and very professional reporter, very appealing also, with a mastery of the english language and spoken beautifully. “Worldfocus” has been a refreshing change on the TV media scene.


Surprisingly good television. Infinitely better than the BBC news coverage. I like the global viewpoint and so far I do not see bias which is remarkable.


Thank you for the work you do. Your show is pleasant and welcome in our home. Ms. Daliwal’s voice and delivery of the news is wonderful. Coupled that with Ms Daliwal’s intelligence and my daughter has a role model. Well done to the whole team at World Focus.


It has been well over three months, I think, since Martin Savidge left the anchor post. Ms. Daljit Dhaliwal has been the anchor in-charge. There is one big element missing from Ms. Dhaliwal’ s anchoring compared to Savidge. Unlike Martin, who used to give a feedback on the previous day’ s “How you see it” survey response, Dhaljit has completely ignored this aspect, viz. how the public responded. Don’ t you think a few moments should be given in annoncing the result of the survey of the previous day’s question? I hope she devotes a few moments for this in her future broadcasting.


Out of the country and we don’t have access to World Focus on the television. When we try to access the current show via the website, it says “This content is currently not available”. Is there a way to work around that issue or is it internal?
Especially enjoy Martin’s interviews.
Thanks from Morelia


How can I get in touch with Marc Rosenwasser. I think I knew him and his family from Ireland in 1968.



Martin will be anchoring the week of November 23rd.


It was our understanding that Martin Savidge, whom we really liked as anchor, would be anchoring Worldview periodically. However, We’ve observed that his appearances have been less and less and now not at all. Obviously, we don’t know what’s happening behind closed doors but we do hope that he’ll be returning on a more regular basis.


Not everyone uses a computer. Would like to have a mailing address please for World Focus.


I have been a huge fan of the show since it started. I love the depth and variety in the issues covered. I think the show could be easily expanded to an hour show. Not only would it be more effective in covering the world, but this would also allow for a two host format. I think Daljit Daliwhal and Martin Savidge would make an excellent team.

When Martin Savidge left, I missed him a ton! The show took on a different tone and I also thought Martin Savidge was far more effective interviewer. I also appreciate his enthusiasm in news delivery and kindness. I found Daljit Daliwhal interviewing skills lacking in that she asks questions that are far too complex and compounded. I think a more effective method is to ask one question at a time or two simple, interconnected questions. She often not only asks compounded questions, but manages to injects an editorial comment or two in some of the questions. In some way what she does is impressive, however, I find this methodology far too confusing. I find myself often tuning out from the show and even missing it. On the other hand, Daljit has brought wonderful touch to the show. I love her tone and delivery of the news. I love seeing a woman with wonderful talent and skill covering international news. I think she is well qualified for the job and she brings a unique international flavor to an otherwise standard American English speaking cadre of the news program hosts.

I must say, though, I am glad to see Martin back. His journalism and reporting skills are very impressive. I hope he becomes a regular host once again. Again, I also hope that the team that works on the show considers making it an hour show, so that we can enjoy the company of both of these great hosts.



Martin is anchoring the broadcast the week of October 12th and will be anchoring periodically. Thanks for watching.


Why all of the secrecy surrounding the absence of Martin Savidge? Geez, even the mainstream media wouldn’t ignore the inquiries.

I find the lack of info insulting.


I am sick and tired of hearing that “poverty” is the cause for anitsocial and morally deprived behavior whether it’s in Jamaica or the inner cities of the US.


World Focus has excellent news broadcasts with interesting, knowledgeable guests. Both your anchors, Daljit Daliwhal and Martin Savidge, are top of the line and a pleasure to watch.


World Focus is so appreciated. Well done, keep it up. Hope Martin Savage returns as a regular soon. Or do alternate weeks with Daljit Daliwhal


i have been taping your news program for months. i love it, but am finding myself feeling very disappointed each night that Martin Savage is not the anchor. In fact i often turn it off without finishing the program. Something is lost without M.S. When will he return?



Martin Savidge will be anchoring Worldfocus periodically. He will also be reporting from the field for Worldfocus.

Thanks for watching and reading.


Add my vote/voice to the inquiry as to whereabouts of Martin Savidge. In the greater Phila area “WORLD FOCUS” broadcasts had come on not so long ago, with Martin, now he’s gone. Martin, “…we barely knew ye…”.
In the meantime, keep up the grat work.
ALOHA!! Over and out…


Me too! I see the questions but where are the answers? I too would like to know where Martin Savidge is. I make a special effort to see your show. Thank you.


What happened to Martin Savage? IS he coming back?


I recently sent an e-mail complementing Martin Savidge and his professional delivery of the news. I have missed him recently and certainly hope he will be back on a regular basis.


Got to say, I love your news program. I think it’s very well put together, but I really wish Martin S. was back. Nothing against Daljit D., but I think Martin S.’s interviewing skills are far better. World Focus, please bring Martin back!


We sure hope we see Martin Savage more than once a week, my understanding through his quick message is that he’s going to be out on special assignment’s for some time- is he coming back? He’s one of the great reporters that seems to be more balanced than Daljit Daliwhal


World Focus has awesome media highlights and hits at the right spot. Great issues focused on world topics. The recent spotlight on Drug-Resistant TB epidemic in Mumbai, India. The young-boy stricken with TB is a pathetic case due to poverty. Need details where in Mumbai, so that a donation can be sent directly to the family. Sorry, no organizations needed please. Await reply.


The “creepy” comment is not about the music so much but about the super slomo rate of talking. I thought it was just that Martin Savidge was weird when your program first showed up in place of the normal BBC news that I always watched. I thought, why is this guy talking like we’re senile or non English speakers? But no, the other day when I tuned your program in by mistake I saw Daljit Daliwal there, and I thoght, ah, good, I know her from BBC news and Foreign Exchange, she’s a normal person and will talk like we’re adults. But nooo, you’ve told her to talk like we’re in kindergarten. This is a disservice to all of us, because for me at least it makes the program unwatchable. I’m sure you have interesting coverage, and it’s quite refreshing that one of your partners is Al-Jazeera in English, but the slow talking — I just can’t bear it.


I enjoy your program. Who are your financial backers. What is your umbrella organization?


Count me as among the Daljit fan club.

I know she did some spots on the BBC, but she was the regular host on ITN news before.

I wonder if she ever did page 3 of the Sun?


I notice that they don’t post a list of underwriters or contributers.


Keep up the great work.


I discovered World Focus last week while channel surfing. Serendipity indeed! I appreciate your thorough attention to international issues, and it’s refreshing to watch a news program that doesn’t hype itself (I’m talking about you, CNN, Fox, and MSNBC). Thank you.


Camera Man

Dear Sir,

I am working as Cameraman in ARY a private TV Channel at Quetta (Balochsitan) Pakistan and have gained enough experience since 2005.

I would like to offer my services for some international media.

It is therefore submitted that if my services required to your network as a Camera Man, I assure you that if I am given a chance to serve, I would perform my duties with utmost-zeal and devotion to satisfy my superiors.

I hope that I will be given an opportunity to prove my hard work.

Truly yours


Camera Man

Quetta (Balochsitan) Pakistan

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Dear ‘World Focus’ staff,

Please HELP! There is VERY LITTLE coverage on your site about the terrible suffering of Tamils in Sri Lanka today. even Mr Obama has now come out and spoken out against the Genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka. Please HELP save lives. 1000’s of lives. Infact if we think of all Tamils in SL, that’s millions of lives. PLEASE HELP!



i am so happy to day, when i saw president obama speaking about the holocaust. beacuse he was talking also about the darfur people those people are suffering in sudan


Re: Your report on the Palestinian youth orchestra
playing to aged Holocaust survivors. We hope in a
future comment, that for daring to do such a thing
the orchestra was shut down and the conductor was
banned. So much for Palestinian peace overtures.


I’m delighted to see Daljit Daliwhal on Worldfocus after having enjoyed her news reporting on BBC for a long time. I hope she’ll be on more often. I look forward to her report on the baltic states, especially Lithuania. Now Martin has some competition for most attractive face on Worldfocus.


The more I see of the horrors throughout our world, the more I understand why any alien visitors from advanced civilizations would recoil in disgust at us humans. We must be among the pariahs of the universe from their point of view. But on a lighter note, I love WorldFocus, especially when you delve into underreported stories like the economic meltdown in Eastern Europe, or your intriguing focus on individuals from Cairo to Darfur to Johannesburg. My PVR is on permanent record for your show.


I wish I could make comments about your news stories.

For instance, the story on the toxic debt of the RBS bank. I know you want to use graphics to demonstrate the point you are trying to make. That might be called good communication skills. However, before you go off the deep end, you ought to make sure your reporter knows what he is talking about.

This constant mis-reporting of economic issues on the downside is just as bad as the constant mis-reporting was on the upside.

As the story on global turmoil over economic issues shows, these are serious issues with possible violent ramifications. It is your duty to tell the truth and put things in perspective. It is not your duty to roil the public.


Very good program. I have read the info on worldfocus in my WNET 13 literature, and after getting over the initial disappointment of losing BBC World, I’m happy with Worldfocus and wish you continued success. BTW i got here looking for the bio on Benno Schmidt. Thank you


I currently operate 3 blogs, one aimed at healthcare, the second aimed at health insurance, and the third aimed at Medicare. On these blogs, we cover a wide array of healthcare, medicare, and health related topics. I was hoping to be added to your blogroll or develop content to be placed on your site about our company. Please let me know what you think.


How can I found out about volunteer/job opportunities with world focus??? is there a contact person?


I hate to echo Lilly’s post (1/21 “you`re creepy and have a very disturbing show”) because the actual news stories are compelling and coverage seems fair/balanced. But your background music/theme HAS GOT TO GO! No wonder people find it creepy–its kind of sci/fi in a sinister kind of way. It makes me think you guys belong to a cult. Also who are the financial backers of World Focus?


I like this news show. It does have a bit of ‘seems too good to be true’. I’d like to know how I can support it, to make sure it continues.


You give, in my opinion, fair and balanced reporting on the Middle Eastern area. And of specific importance is accurate reporting on the Palestinian and Israeli issues, the Gaza War, and what is needed to bring about peace and a viable two-state solution. You go where others fear to tread. Other national sources either regurgitate propaganda or avoid such “controversial” matters altogether. Unless the US voters get accurate information there will never be proper US attention to this area. In addition I read through the bios of the entire staff — everyone appears to have first-rate credentials. Please keep up the good work.


you`re creepy and have a very disturbing show…


I appreciate your less-editorialized content when reporting on Middle Eastern Affairs. I do not think that you have adquately portrayed the recent Gaza War accurately, however — though you certainly did report with less slant (thank you). There was one commentator — from a sister site with Worldfocus — who talked about providing more context, and yet his context lacked. With the peace process supposedly derailed, why doesn’t anybody focus on Hamas and its continual belligerence against recognizing Israel and making peace? Why doesn’t anyone hold Hamas to account for exploiting its civilian populations, firing rockets into Israel from civilian centers, only to unfairly criticize Israel for responding? Why doesn’t anyone in the media — including WorldFocus — critique the means by which Hamas uses terror to achieve its ends? Hamas — and the Palestinian Authority (which it technically controls) are morally corrupt. The criticism of Israel concerning the collateral civilian deaths — terrible as they are – is non-contextual. Gaza is essentially the most densely populated place on earth. Hamas attacks from civilian centers, thereby inviting retaliation back to those areas, so that Israel may strip Hamas of its terrorist capability. Why, then, is it Israel’s responsibility? How should its military respond? I’d like you to compare Israel’s collateral death toll to the United States’ in Iraq, Afghanistan, or Vietnam. As Anthony Cordesmann — a guest on your show — recently explained: the death toll should be much higher for an offensive on this scale. Doesn’t this demonstrate a measured response by a surgically trained army?


How do you finance this marvelous project?
Are you a compagny, an fondation, an association?

In any case long life to your job.
I really appreciate you



Thank the Lord for World Focus and for bringing real and fair coverage of the Israel war crimes and humanitarian crisis. Also, for representing both sides when it comes to guests…not just Pro-Israel talking heads like on American television. It is about time Americans learn what the rest of the World knows. I thank you for sharing the truth. Hopefully the Jewish lobby does not come after you like they did Jimmy Carter


Don’t worry Neva you are not missing much: just keep reciting “Israel the chosen, Israel the innocent…”.


Why is it that Canadians are not able to watch World Focus online? I am so sick of living in this backward country.


Answer to M. Cassidy!
I am betting that The Council on Foreign Relations is a major funder of WorldFocus!


Who is the reporter on tonight’s show?

We listened to her once before on BBC news and glad to listen to her again. Why doesn’t she show up on the staff bios?


Interesting programme, but I notice that you don’t have any Canadian broadcasters at all, while having TWO Israeli ones.

You also have neither a Canuck nor a Canuck Department listed among your excellent staff.

One would think that there might Occasionally be some interest in both the Canadian perspective, as well as Canadian news – actually, we’re polite & mild-mannered (hockey & NATO excepted!) but of late, both our politics and economy should be great interest to WorldFocus.

PS. Delighted to see that your staff has so many inter-connections to the Middle East, whence seem to arise most of the world’s political problems!
And if your staff can get along together, why not Israel-Palestine, eh? There’s hope after all!


I would like to work for WorldFocus. Please e-mail me a contact email, so that I may submit my resume.

Thank you


Who are the financial backers of World Focus?


When VPT first started airing World Focus, I thought I had called up the wrong channel. I was intending to protest; but I watched the show and did so for the rest of that week. Now it is part of my early evening routine.You pack a lot of stories into the half hour slot and produce them very well. Keep it up!

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