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November 20, 2008
Mexico City divided over legalized abortion

Over a year after Mexico City legalized abortion, women may still find it difficult to abort during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Eighty-five percent of doctors in the city’s public hospitals have declared themselves conscientious objectors and the medical costs are high.

The controversial move to legalize abortion has been challenged in the Supreme Court and upheld. Ninety percent of Mexico’s population is Catholic.

Martin Savidge travels to populous Mexico City, where the abortion debate rages on.

Below, bloggers in Mexico and elsewhere voice their support or opposition to the city’s legalization of abortion — a rarity in Latin American countries.

Reverend Thomas Euteneuer of Human Life International writes about his organization’s trip to Mexico, where they prayed in front of an abortion clinic. He calls Mexico City’s law “cruel and inhumane.”

The “Guanabee” blog argues that abortion is much more than a religious issue, writing that it also involves class, gender politics and culture issues.

“The Unapologetic Mexican” blog writes that media coverage of the legalization was biased and virtually ignored women’s voices, but calls the new law “a good start.”

The “South Chicagoan” blog writes that Mexico City’s decision to provide free Viagra to elderly men reflects gender bias when it comes to sexuality, since it is still so difficult to get an abortion.

The “Ciudad de Mexico” blog (in Spanish) wonders why Mexico City’s legislators did not engage in public debate on the issue prior to the legalization. (See Google’s English translation of the entry)

Blogger “Jo Tuckman” writes that it is amazing how far Mexico has come in such a short period of time.

For more on the abortion debate in Latin American countries, see what a Worldfocus contributing blogger had to say about the Urguayan president’s veto of a bill that would have legalized abortion in that country.

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I am woman of faith, a follower of Christ, and one who fears the wrath of God. I am also a 17 year old high school student enrolled in college level biology. God, in His commandments says “Thou shall not murder.” Science defines the basic unit of life as a cell. When sperm fertilizes an egg, the result is a living, growing blastula of cells. Even plant “babies” are considered life from the moment of plant conception. How can terminating a pregnancy be legal? It’s murder! Supporters of abortion talk about a mother’s right to choose…what about the baby’s fundamental right to life? What about the right to be born? All you feminists out there, you may think you have control over your bodies…but you cannot control the growing body inside your own…From the moment of conception, you have no control over the growing dividing cells being fed by your endometrium!
As for the woman at the clinic…may God open her eyes! Whatever her convictions ARE, I can assure you that they are not from God. And just remember, YOU’RE mother carried YOU to term…


I am a Catholic woman and I was just sick to listen to your report on legalizing abortion in Mexico! I pray our nation and world will see the preciousness and holiness of life. Human life is a gift from God and we need to respect life. We need to restore our morals in the world! Thank you for your excellent report. I enjoy watching you informative program! Avid listener, Janice Hoeschler P. S. It is so wonderful to receive unbiased world news!!


Martin, For those of us who have abandoned the national news media, Worldfocus offered a glimmer of hope. Tonight’s report on abortion in Mexico City, however, has dashed our hope for a news and information source that is sane, serious, and self-preserving enough to relate rather than engineer the news. You’re just like all the rest and you’ll end up just like them–down the tubes.

Mr. Savadige, ask yourself where you come down on the abortion question, and then review tonight’s program and see if you lived up to your own expectations.

You gave us to believe that the abortionist, woman doctor is both a “practicing Catholic” and “excommunicated!” When it comes to matters of religion in general and Catholicism in particular you, and those who feed you, can only be ignorant, stupid, or just plain malicious. For me it’s back to the Internet. Adios, amigo!


Don’t forget that at least one woman (and likely more) have already died from the legal abortions in Mexico City. See

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