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November 14, 2008
Indian government shakes up “Delhi Belly” image

Tourists use the term “Delhi Belly” as a euphemism for diarrhea and upset stomach, but the Delhi government is combating this image with a guide to eating establishments that have passed a health safety test.

This development takes place as Delhi prepares for the 2010 Commonwealth Games, which is likely to bring more visitors to the already bustling Indian capital.

Mark Scheffler, a Delhi correspondent for GlobalPost, speaks with Martin Savidge about this issue.


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[…] the Real India I had my first meal in days, I was afraid of getting Delhi Belly, a fear that never came to fruition during my whole stay here in Delhi. Anyway, apologies for the […]


Glad to see that India is moving ahead with hygiene and health concerns in dealing with food preparation,very interesting article.


I probably would not have thought of visiting India because of dietary concerns but after watching this infromative video I am more inclined
to putting Delhi on the list!

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