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November 10, 2008
Revolution of 1956 haunts Hungarians

On Oct. 23, Hungary marked the anniversary of the 1956 revolution when approximately 200,000 Hungarians gathered in front of the country’s Parliament to demand an end to Soviet rule.

The revolt ended in defeat, with thousands of Hungarians killed and many others injured or imprisoned. Nonetheless, the revolt and its participants are still commemorated in Hungary each year.

Special correspondent Dave Marash reports from Hungary, which never quite leaves the past behind as it moves forward.

Below, bloggers discuss the lasting effects of the revolution and its commemoration today.


Blogger “Marilyn” describes and posts images from this year’s anniversary in Hungary, traveling to a cemetary in Budapest where many of the revolutionaries are buried.

The “Stucki Family” blog — written by Americans who have lived in Hungary for two years — writes about the resolve of the Hungarian people.

The “Hungarian Spectrum” blog writes that in Hungary today, political parties portray the revolution in very different lights.

The 1956 revolution in Hungary has also been compared to many modern conflicts.

American blogs of differing political persuasions have likened Hungary in 1956 to Georgia in 2008, including Michelle Malkin and The Huffington Post.

The “pentafluoropyridine” blog discusses U.S. inaction in Hungary in 1956 compared to action in Iraq today in response to a statement from President George Bush on the Oct. 23 anniversary.

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