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November 4, 2008
More tolls, but better roads in Brazil

Brazil has experienced explosive economic growth the past several years, but its infrastructure has not kept up. Now, Brazil has embarked on a multi-billion dollar plan to correct the lack — a plan that has enormous implications for the country.

Producer Bryan Myers and correspondent Edie Magnus report from the roads of Brazil.

This piece was part of the Blueprint America project on infrastructure.

Read producer Bryan Myers’ blog posts from the field: Truckin’ through Brazil, Brazil plans to improve highways and Brazil privatizes its roadways.


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This report is biased and is an US-America view of other countries. Can WORLD FOCUS learn to pronounce names and words in the local language (in this case Portuguese) before they do the report? World Focus reports sounds silly when they pronounce Portuguese like Spnaish. Journalist should be more globalized and well educated. She pronouces the name “José” in Portuguese like in Spanish and other many words. Disapoiting and offensive to the Brazilian and Portuguese speaking people.
All World Focus reporters have the same problem. The anchors are even worse.

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