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October 31, 2008
Week in review: The world awaiting the next U.S. president

Carla Robbins of The New York Times and Richard Haass of the Council on Foreign Relations join Martin Savidge to discuss the world that awaits the next U.S. president, including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the economic crisis and the need for diplomacy in foreign policy.


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nicholas garcia is a naive child,weapons are the currency in which despots like mugabe and stalin buy and sell the lives of their people. Only an army of liberation, which uses weapons in war of liberation will succeed. How easy for nicholas to advocate peaceful methods when it is not his loved ones that are being executed.


In the solution of problems there are two wrong paths. The extreme complication and extreme simplification.
With humans operating in 10 seconds Soundbite (and ideas) Americans have lost, in many cases, the ability to see the situations from various angles.
They sin from extreme simplification. When they do not understand something they (you?) look for simple answers: “They are bad and do not want us because we are good.”
For example, just try to see the outside world from a diferent perspective:
How many terrorist groups exist in the United States?
What do you think about a preventively capture of all the white radicals, because of the Oklahoma bomb?
Perhaps the US government can prohibit the participation in elections or in public office anyone who is white, Christian, that don’t like the federal government and posses firearms.
There you can see a wide range between Timothy McVeigh and…possibly yourself.
But you can simplify a society as distant and diferent as the Afghan or Iraqi.
“The Sunnis hate the Shiites because Sunnis were with Hussein and the others were repressed by Hussein.” Please, the world does not work that way!
No society, from which they exist, accept passively happy to have an army occupying its territory.
Unfortunately you can conquer the world but with movies and McDonald’s, but don’t think that you can do it with guns.
Thousands years ago a Chinese master in the arts of war, supostly said that weapons are instruments of bad luck. The best warrior is the one who wins without them.


Is an exellent overview of which world will face the next president of the United States.
I think issues are changing so fast; next year we more often will talk about Afghanistan and Russia than Irak and China.

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