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October 31, 2008
Afghan national sentiment slips lower

A chart detailing public opinion in Afghanistan. Source: The Asia Foundation

Children gathered in Afghanistan.

Only 38 percent of Afghans believe their country is headed in the right direction. U.S. headlines about Afghanistan also reflect this surge of pessimism and defeatism.

Security and employment issues weighed on Afghan’s sense of optimism and pessimism, according to the Asia Foundation’s new report.

Carl Montgomery, a traveler in Afghanistan, writes at his blog that “Despite what you see in the news, not everyone is in lock down quivering in their sandals,” outlining a few success stories that have been overlooked.

Judah Grunstein of World Politics Review writes that the U.S. has militarized fighting-age men and “left the rest to their own devices” — a faulty strategy given the relationship between unemployment and insurgency.

“The Torch” blog says the numbers are encouraging, but not the trends. The author, who writes about the Canadian military, argues that withdrawing from the country would be a mistake. Canada has committed to remaining in Afghanistan through at least 2011 despite growing costs.

Joshua Foust of “Registan” writes that media coverage of Afghanistan may have been misrepresented, pointing out that on a day-to-day basis, Afghans fear crime more than insurgency.

The U.S. has recently considered a policy shift towards discussion with members of the Taliban in Afghanistan, as attacks reach a six-year high.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user fieldmedic under a Creative Commons license.

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Ofcourse it is not jutice to leave the Afghan people alone especially with this globle economic crisis.


It is just to abodon the innocent,victom of wars,children,women, and old and disable people of Afghanistan, without food ,shelter ,clean water,and medications now. They need the world assistance.They were victomized by agressive soviate millitary expanism.Then talibans from Pakistan and Bin laden and his follwers later on.
The Afghan children need to get educated in order to build their futures.The afghan people are not self sufficient to survive yet.Just looking at their pictures, You can read their faces with hopelessness. This could happen to You or me,lets we put ourselves in their shoes for a moment to get a feeling how they feel about life? after the Russian invasion, the outsiders took advantage of
lack of power,rulled the coutry till 2001. Thank to USA and the world qoalation, the people of afghanistan revived.

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