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October 30, 2008
U.S. bumps up controls along Iraq-Iran border


AUDIO: Ernesto Londoño speaks with Martin Savidge from Baghdad.

As the U.S. continues efforts to curb violence in Iraq, it has turned its sights on the border with Iran.

In response to fighters and weapons crossing into Iraq, the U.S. has implemented a high-tech dragnet.

To get into Iraq, military-age men are subject to a scan, and U.S. officials keep records of their irises and fingerprints.

Ernesto Londoño of The Washington Post discusses the effectiveness of the new program given the scope of weapons smuggling and the vastness of the border — which is nearly 2,300 miles long.

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Now that we are involved with Iraq war, we should let the Iraqi government take over ASAP.
We should get out of that country and save over ten billion per month and use it for our own country to help our people who are out of job here. I think the longer we stay there,we are not only losing money, we will lose more our kids and
we will create more enemocity in that region. Once we leave Iraq.the Iraqis will stand on their feet.
I think we should go after our real enemy ( Bin laden)and his followers.


we shouldnt of even gone to war in the first place.

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