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October 28, 2008
Africans reveal mixed opinions of the U.S.

In August, Secretary of State¬†Condoleezza Rice spoke of a “spirit of that partnership” with the African nations of Kenya and Tanzania. It was the tenth anniversary of bombings that rocked the U.S. embassies in those countries and killed hundreds of Africans and several Americans.

Worldfocus travels to both nations and finds that today, their people hold varying opinions of America. In Kenya, several Kenyans take comfort in American popular culture. Some Kenyans say they feel a connection to Americans because of their shared pain of terrorism and the ascent of presidential candidate Barack Obama, whose father was Kenyan.

In the Muslim-populated country of Tanzania, the view of America sours. Some citizens report a more negative view of the U.S. and its foreign policy.

Worldfocus correspondent Martin Seemungal and producer Yuval Lion report from Kenya and Tanzania.


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Your fine report, shows what catching up America needs to do in Africa.

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