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October 27, 2008
Tzipi Livni calls for early elections in Israel

Tzipi Livni, the foreign minister and head of Israel’s ruling Kadima party, has asked Israel’s president to hold a general election early next year.  Livni was expected to quickly become the Israeli prime minister but failed to put together a governing coalition.

Martin Savidge speaks with Asher Arian, professor of political science and the City University of New York Graduate Center, to better understand the Israeli situation and how it might affect the region’s current peace process.

Livni lost political momentum because she refused to remove Jerusalem from peace process considerations, a point of contention with some of her conservative supporters. It remains unclear whether this bold move hurts or helps her own campaign, but it should have no slowing effect on negotiations with Palestine.


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The little time you allowed this guest to “discuss” was an embarrassment, particularly in light of the amount of time spent on Singapore’s traffic control. Really, where are your values/priorities?

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