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October 24, 2008
U.S. official warns of peril in Bosnia’s peace deal

The UN Srebrenica base at Potocari, where Bosnian Muslim civilians were shot and beat in 1995.

A U.S. official in Bosnia warned on Wednesday that the country’s peace agreement is fragile and about to collapse.

Following the war in 1992-1995, the deal divided Bosnia into two fairly autonomous regions — one for Bosnian Serbs and another for Bosniaks and Croats — though the two share joint institutions.

Now, former U.S. peace envoy Richard Holbrooke and former international administrator Paddy Ashdown argue that the deal will soon break down due to a lack of attention or action from the U.S. or EU.

The “Gray Falcon” blog criticizes both Ashdown and Holbrooke, arguing that they are both clueless and malicious in warning of an imminent breakdown in Bosnia.

Blogger “Bosnian Girl” remembers living through the war as she visits Sarajevo once more, noting that current local elections are looking backward to blame rather than forward.

Blogger “Jari” also remembers the war, which he covered as a journalist. Calling it “the Iraq of the 90s,” he hopes that the current tension will be resolved.

A blogger at “NightHawk” visited Sarajevo a year ago and reflects on the disintegration he then witnessed in relation to the current warnings.

The warnings come at a time when former Bosian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic is on trial for war crimes connected to the deaths of 8,000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys in 1995.

Photos courtesy of Flickr user SOUL33 under a Creative Commons license.

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Do not let this nation disintegrate into another civil war. Please, no! I visited Bihac as the peace talks were taking place. Honestly, while Bosniaks became my friends and were so excited about President Clinton’s ‘role’ in ending the ‘ethnic cleansing war’ — we did not do enough then. We were inappropriately considered heroes. Now, then, we must do all we can to protect all the people of the Balkans, especially the Bosniaks — the most underrepresented ones.

No, No, No! No more bloodshed in the Balkans!

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