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October 23, 2008
Hunger epidemic worsens for Somali children

In Somalia, over 400,000 people arrived at refugee camps, driven from Mogadishu by escalating violence. Drought, poor harvests and a civil war that began in 1991 have ravaged the country.

About 3.2 million Somalis– 43 per cent of the population — are in desperate need of food and other humanitarian assistance. Hundreds of thousands have come to the Hawa Abdi refugee camp in Afgooye and now get by only with assistance from aid organizations like the World Food Programme. Malnutrition has doubled at the camp in the past two months, leaving children on the brink of death.

Though the WFP attempts to help with nutritional products like “plumpy,” aid workers are often the targets of violent attacks.

Below, watch Worldfocus’s report on the dire situation in Somali refugee camps. Also, view our recent report on Somalis fleeing to Yemen: Somalia struggles with famine, fear and flight.


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