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October 21, 2008
Egyptians express views on America

Egypt has one of the longest-running political and military U.S. alliances in the Middle East, but the U.S.- Egypt relationship continues to evolve.

Hoda Osman, who spent the first 26 years of her life in Cairo, goes back to that city for a sampling of opinion.

Read Producer Sally Garner’s blog post: Sailing along the Nile in Egypt.


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hey janet you got nothing to say now do you?


Actually Janet, 1 Egyptian who had been living in Europe for 8 years and with no known ties to Islamic movements prior to that was involved in 9-11. That is not to say that that there aren’t problems to be addressed with regards to Islamic ideologies, minority rights, etc… But it’s not representative of Egyptian society and despite the increased religiousity of the last few years, Egypt has a long history and tradition of secular, liberal movements and political parties. On aid however, that is specifically tied to the peace treaty with Israel – questioning the aid to Egypt should mean questioning aid to Israel. In fact one resentment often heard in Egypt is the fact that aid only feeds the corrupt system sold to the US as “stability”… that is to say, it strengthens a corrupt decaying dictatorship who holds up the brotherhood as the boogeyman alternative to maintain power. Let’s not forget that with all the mobilization for the last parliamentary elections, more than 75% of eligible voters refrained. They neither want Mubarak nor the brotherhood. Maybe the US can consider how AID can best be spent on and in partnership with civil society who are active in upholding such universal values of citizenship rights, human rights, womens rights who are anti-corruption, pro-democracy etc…


After watching this piece on how Egyptians view Americans, I was disappointed that the interviewer never brought up the 9-11 terrorists, half of whom came from Egypt. I want to know how these people can speak of our billions of dollars of US aid, but not address the export of terrorism. Ms. Osman had a few men on the street who addressed there love of America ($$$$ from tourism????) but there is no discussion of the history of anti-tourism violence, the rise of the Islamic Brotherhood and it’s pressure on Mubarek, the persecution/marginalization of Coptic Christians. This reportage spoke of the aid that the US gives Egypt in exchange for “stability.” I question that stability–Egypt is another state about to erupt into religious fundamentalism.

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