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October 20, 2008
U.S. money to Mexico slows

In the often politicized immigration debate, some Americans believe the downturn in the U.S. economy will ultimately encourage Mexican immigrants to return home. But experts warn of just the opposite — more Mexicans are coming north seeking the fewer and fewer dollars that flow south.

Remittances, or money sent home by Mexicans working abroad — mostly from the U.S. — are Mexico’s second largest source of foreign cash.

Things aren’t as good as they previously were in America, which means the money flowing south has dropped to its lowest level in 13 years according to the Central Bank of Mexico.

Anchor Martin Savidge reports from two Mexican hillside villages with producers Rebecca Haggerty and Ara Ayer about the local effects of the U.S. economy’s downturn. The story grew out of a small news item about remittances, which fell by about two percent in July.

Read the backstory in Rebecca’s “In the Newsroom” blog post: As migrant money drops, Mexican villages worry.


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