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October 16, 2008
America looms large in India

Worldfocus correspondent Daljit Dhaliwal and producers Mary Lockhart and Ara Ayer report from New Delhi on how Indians perceive the U.S.

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I understand the commotion the world want a piece of the U.S, and they are getting it in plenty. I’m not so sure about adopting the corrupting infrastructure they are pursuing after. South Korea had recently admit it had too adopt the U.S highway network and it had failed them bc s.korea is a small country and they did not put their money into transportation such as metro and trains like what Japan has. But then I think U.S globalization has its benefits, in that it has been improving living standards for the rest of the world. While lowering its own. Everybody wins.


interesting, i do want to say one thing.

not all americans are self centered.
all though much of the population are on the lines of selfishness, there is als a population that lead simple lives.

if anyone is interested, i think you would learn alot of you research city life, and rural america
the culture are extremly different.

as an american, i hope to learn alot aobut indian influence, diversity is good for america.


I look forward to the day when America realizes the value of education as much as India does. I only hope that it isn’t too late by the time it dawns on us. And that we still have the resources and the cultural legacy left to create the educational system that is needed to compete in this new brave new first world.


I am in California since last few months for a special reason , I am surprised and shocked by pesidential campaign and debates,

They talk so much about Joe theplumber, and nothing about Joe the soldier, More than5000 of them have lost their livesin remote places.
Why should USA have enemies? USA has all that a country can ask for.
Reason I think is, among the family of nations,
USA is the richest and most powerful. But is not doing its duty as eldest family member, Many people in whole world have high opnion and high expectation from USA, There is a dent in that and hence the enemies.
Election is the time when all the people should be talking about it, and not about trivial things like gas prices etc. In India gas prices were more than $5 a gallon five years ago.

I think US should send Dr, Phil to Afghanistan , not soldiers.

May God bless USA

H.K . Savla


Narendra Modi is the solution to islamic terrorism


Terry, when you say “I have grown up with a deep love for my country. I served my country in the U.S. Army, have seen many close to me, give life & limb all around me” you seem oblivious to the reasons that our country is so often feared and loathed abroad. We put too many of our outstanding military resources into maiming and killing the poorest and most defenseless citizens of countries that don’t march to our tune, supposedly in the interests of “freedom” –which is often code for maintaining our economic dominion over their natural resources and cheap labor. As it happens, we have not yet done that to Indians in India. We should keep it that way. India will be an important partner in future foreign relations. Barack Obama gets that we should deploy our military forces carefully and meaningfully, while John “Bomb-Bomb Iran” McCain obviously does not.


Dear Terry,
I am an Indian and I am frankly shocked at your observations. I think the feature presents a balanced view about the way Indians perceive America. If you ever come to India, you will realise that Indians think of America as an “aspirational country”. I appreciate the fact that you are concerned about the image of your country. But, if we had such a bad view, why would we pay thousands of dollars (all going to America) to get a degree from the American Universities. The top 50 brands in India are not Indian but American. In that case it will be fair to say that you come in our country and milk our consumers and take all the money back to your country.
Lastly, Mr Obama for Indians represents someone who is fighting the “stereotypes” and proving that it is an equal world and it is possible in America to get a “fair chance”. Samir


I continually hear from both the democratic and republican party’s how much so many of the countries around the world, either hate us (The U.S.),some want or plan to abuse us, with unfair foreign trade ratios, and some want to infiltrate and strip our carcasses clean, own America from abroad, etc.. So, why in the world do you want to give the rest of the entire world an “Open Forum” to further berate us on your Network. Furthermore, if these countries that fall in the above stated categories are also supportive of Obama for President, are you saying, they perceive Mr. Obama as a “Soft touch” or “Easy Target” to further their own agendas and/or take advantage of, or further abuse us if he is elected to be our next U.S. President?

Personally, I feel you are opening a very “Irresponsible Can of Worms”, or Pandora’s Box, that will be very difficult to get back into that box, once we have begun to incite them to openly criticise or vent their opinions or hatred against us. Haven’t we been through enough lately already? Please let us catch our breath for a little while. Please.

I have grown up with a deep love for my country. I served my country in the U.S. Army, have seen many close to me, give life & limb all around me. So please don’t open the door for others to begin to criticise us out of one side of their mouth, and from the other side, say we have things to offer that they want, and that they want to come over primarily to use us, get a seemingly “Free Ride”, use up our resourses, etc., yet at the same time “Look down on us”.

This program really hurt and offended me deeply. Please consider a different type of program that is uplifting, at least for a year or so, while conditions & relations between so many of our nations are so fragile. Okay? Not just for me, but for all of our families, including your own immediate families. Even reporting a little more “Good, Hopeful or Optimistic News” just now, could possible help build everyones moral & boost economic trust and avoid potential deep recession or another depression. It really doesn’t have to be “Bad News” to sell it. Be an Original, and a pioneer, to help lead us back more quickly. Thank you so much for listening. I would truly welcome some kind of reply. Sincerely. Terry

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