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October 15, 2008
Canadians re-elect Conservatives; record low turnout

In Tuesday’s elections in Canada, Stephen Harper’s ruling Conservative Party retained power, but fell short of the parliamentary majority it hoped to gain. Voter turnout was at an all-time low.

Alison Smith, a correspondent with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, speaks with Martin Savidge about the results of the elections, U.S.-Canada relations, Canadian involvement in Afghanistan and Canadian interest in the upcoming U.S. elections.


Canadian bloggers also responded to the results. Conservative blogger Stephen Taylor and the “Umambigously Ambidextrous” both live blogged during the election.

Blogger Matthew Good deplores the apathy of Canadian voters and the low voter turnout.

“Scott’s DiaTribes” blog laments about the results, pointing out that Harper’s victory does not inject confidence into Canadian markets.

Blogger Jerad Gallinger writes about the future of the Liberal Party in Canada.

Despite the losses suffered by liberals, the “Ottawa Watch” says neither party can be written off as dead and muses about future political developments in Canada.

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