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October 14, 2008
Middle class sprawls in Nairobi, Kenya

Downtown Nairobi is in stark contrast to the images of famine and war that often represent coverage of Africa.

Kenya’s middle class has grown to 10 percent of the urban population — or 1.5 million people — making Kenya home to one of the largest middle class populations in sub-Saharan Africa.

Government deregulation and stimulated economic growth turned “Nairobbery” — a former nickname for the city — into a booming economic center. Nairobi reflects this trend with multinational businesses, towering office buildings and a growing middle class.

Worldfocus correspondent Martin Seemungal and producer Yuval Lion report from Nairobi on middle class Kenyans, who are educated, optimistic and upwardly mobile.




this is just the beginning. kenya is moving towards the positive side. kibera is being rennovated, kenyas youth are getting help from government, kenyan seniors have started to get benefits, kenyans have started holding their government accountable like never before. multinational corporations are investing in nairobi which is experiencing land scarcity because of demand. if you go to upperlands nairobi, you will be shocked to see new and modern infrastructure everywhere. mombasa and eldoret are experiencing growth in infrastruture. even with such a growth, the demand is outpacing supply. haters are always going to hate. we do not need you, keep hateing and we keep building. “you cannot stop our people” thanks for positive coverage. we have always dealt with negetive coverage. with or without, our young people are transforming our nation. now, let us go build something , kenya needs us.LOL


This story brought joy to my heart, I just hope the spirit of these Kenyans can be shared with the rest of the country and the African continent as a whole. Unless the rest of Kenya and Africa share in this wealth, Nairobi is in danger of loosing the success that it has found!


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Despite how much it’s dressed to look good, it would be foolhardy ro believe that this is good news for Kenya. Unfortunately because of nepotism, tribalism and blatant favoritism, there is not a fair distribution of wealth. The growth of the middle calss in reality only positively impacts a certain tribe or group. That to me is not progress. It is a misnomer to believe that everything is changing for the best when it’s not.


[…] done in late 2008 is an postive news that one can attest to, herewith the link to the report; . Another link of various posting of pictures of Kenya’s heritage including the slums that […]


Nonsense, this man was just trying to brush up his stereotype behaviours like any other white man.


At last the foreign media got it right. I always wondered why the western media potrayed Africa as slums…… ignoring the developed parts of Africa. Surprisingly,…. the Western media do not air internationally their depilated neighborhood which we all know they exist. Kudos for this


I thank world focus for finally getting it right. Africa has a lot to offer not just those violent or poor images often portled in the news. Sure there are problems and we have a long way to go but there are also alot of good things happening, we have made a lot of progress especially in Kenya after 2002 elections. Its not just maasai people wearing little or nothing on or the slums, yes they are part of us and only a part of us but there is a bigger section to the pie. Thank you and i hope you keep portlying africa as it is. Thank you and keep the stories coming. Am telling all my friends to watch the channel pbs @5:30 pm EST for the news..Kenyan in America.


it is great seeing/hearing positive news about africa!there are more happy stories too!


I personally believe that this is an excellent report! As a Bilalian (African-American), this gives me joy, confidence and upliftment that the Black man “can accomplish what you will.” This destroys the negative stereotypes that are consistantly associated with Africa.


Another white man reporting what they want to report. They dont report the reality, but thye always look for back evidence to support their skewed stories. but this is a good, compared to all those millions negative stories we see. soon and very soon, one by one they are getting back to their sober mind. i can look for kibera in US if a want to but why spend my energy trying to report the negative side.

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