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October 6, 2008
Into the Czech woods for the mushroom hunt

In the Czech Republic, mushroom hunting is a long-standing cultural pastime. David Marash documents the autumnal tradition of plucking fungi from the forest.


But the Czech people aren’t the only mushroom enthusiasts — Italians also forage for fungi. At the “Italian Blog,” Serena describes the Italian version of the tradition and suggests recipes.

At the blog “Micah Moves,” an American living in Russia joins a local family for a mushroom outing.

The “Stone Spoon Blog” describes a hunt in the Canadian woods where the author chronicles the different types of mushrooms that he encounters.

Flickr user AnjaLouise dedicates a photo set to different types of wild mushrooms.

The Cornell University Mushroom Blog provides all the scientific information necessary to grow, care for and study mushrooms.

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Wonderful contrast to Marash’s Ukrainian story. The ying and yang of world agriculture. Globalization and the cottage industry.



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