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October 6, 2008
Bloggers address root of Kenyan food crisis

A fruit seller in Kenya. Source: IRIN

As officials from 53 countries meet to discuss the world’s food and fuel crises, African nations continue to be some of the hardest-hit by rising prices. Kenya’s food insecurity has impacted approximately 4 million people.

Blogger “linlilinnptoe” outlines staples of the Kenyan diet that are now threatened.

“Bunge la Mwananchi,” a Kenyan grassroots organization, writes on their Web site about the connection between government corruption and high food prices, demanding that the government ensure sufficient food for all Kenyans.

Responding to an article in The Standard, the “Africa Expat Wives Club” blog claims that the cycle of poverty in Kenya is due to a culture of handouts.

The World Bank’s “Africa Can…” blog details the effect of the recent financial downturn on the African economy and predicts continuing struggles.

Finally, a blogger at “Novakeo” discusses the origins of the food crisis and argues that world leaders should rethink the current mechanism for world development.

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