October 3, 2008
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The show can also be viewed online at Worldfocus.org.




I’m very disappointed to hear that WorldFocus is going off the air! It was one of the few — really, only — shows that gave a global perspective and in-depth reporting on global and cultural issues. BBC World News does a pretty good job, but the coverage is not as broad or diverse. Also, since no cable or network station will carry Al Jazeera English, there really is a dearth of global reporting on TV. Hope you get enough feedback that the program comes back.


I am sooooo disappointed!!!! World Focus has been one of the few t.v. programs I looked forward to every evening. It is a huge loss for everyone that enjoys quality t.v. I learned so much about other people’s culture and issues affecting them. I think what you offered to the American public was invaluable and should comeback. Please comeback!!!!!


Once again I have to say that I had hoped that you wouldn’t have to leave us. WORLD FOCUS was about peoples of the world not POLITICS. I am very sorry to see you go. Hopefully you will be back soon.


sounds like another couple weeks worth of broadcasts in my area. very sad to hear this. the reports i’ve seen have increased my understanding of other peoples of the world in a way that no other regular broadcasting has.


We love your program.
Keep up the great work and please STAY CONNECTED.
Your friends in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Did I actually hear that World focus is going off the air in April? My family would be saddened and feel a great loss if that is the case. It’s such a good source of events around the world, and intimate views of people with customs other than our own. We need this in America in order to understand not only others but our role in the world. Please, please reconsider.


I think those that complain about stories missed by this news service need to keep in mind that they have only existed since October 2008 and rely on reports from other news outlets. In addition, they do not yet have the resources or budget of CNN, MSNBC, FoxNews, or any of the other bloated, domestic yellow journalist agencies.


I watch your program in Canada. You provide the European Markets and the US Market data. Why not show the North American market data which would then show the Canadian market data.Thanks


I have always respected the work world focus does on a daily basis covering the news. However, lets be balanced when you talk about issues which affect other peoples cultures. Do not demonize African countries because we don’t accept homosexuality. Its our culture respect it. we you bring guest please make sure you bring two people from both sides. Tonight you discussed about gays in Africa and Jamaica, and there was no one to defend our position. Instead you brought in a pro gay analyst. Where was the person defending African culture. Please of lets be fair and balanced. Do not turn this wonderful communicating tool to become like fox news.


I hope you will cover the presidential elections in Sri Lanka on the 26th of January for the benefit of Sri Lankans living abroad


Every American should watch your news. They may still learn something…
Thank you and good luck.


World Focus:
Why are you not reporting any news about Armenia ?, More than 60,000 protesters took to the streets of the capital and began marching from Republic Square at the center of the city to the Presidential Palace in protest against the Turkey – Armenia protocols.


It would be nice to have a 24 hour live stream available on your site. since the web is the new source for world events.


Please tell me at what time I can watch World Focus on evening. I live in Montreal, Canada. Sometimes I can see it at 5:30 a.m. and some morning it does not appear. Please answer my email.


I am keen to know how I can find World Focus on TV in my area, White Rock BC Canada,


What happened to your program? This is September 3 and you seem to have disappeared. We love your coverage of global news. Please come back. Best wishes, Marion


The problem with news is to get the dimension correct, and to avoid the murkiness that political bias attempts to obscure things with. That is to say- deep enough so we get understanding,yet broad enough to cover continents.
At last I’ve found the team who can do it.
By the way, I was happy to watch the cross cultural study of medicine, Canada included.
Let me say that medicine is vibrant and growing well. I’m a physician with generally contented patients who don’t fear the evils the other press would have you believe.


World Focus:

The debate re: universal health care is being sidetracked by irrelevants issues and misinformation and disinformation.

Use the following e-mail to professionals and editors as the basis for your serious effort at investigation and reporting:

Health Care Professionals and Editors:

Consider this to be a foundation for your immediate use, not itself a submitted article:
Why is everyone ignoring the elephant in the health care room? Traditional insurance is part of the problem, not the solution. What indispensable service does traditional insurance provide in terms of health care for individual patients? Hint: absolutely none!

Insurers’ multiple-central escrow accounts guarantee (stipulated) payment to doctors and hospitals—that’s why medics “cooperate” with a delivery system that’s long been broken. At costs of over 20% of premiums deducted–for paperwork-only. There is a better way–it’s long been known, but being ignored, because the truth is unpalatable to insurers. But trials of alternate methods and those statistics exist.

Key concepts:

Insurers’ multiple-central escrows can be duplicated by any local escrow that covers at least 3,000 (preferably 5,000) families (employers, cities, states, major organizations, religions, etc.) The secret to Universal Health Care is local escrows, based on local conditions and wants. Provide Federal standards and guarantees against early disasters within new plans, before they could have accumulated sufficient reserves. Ditto, those plans that begin/continue to accept the uninsured and uninsurables in their areas.

Such local escrows would be multiple-central payers. . .single-payer is not workable when government involvement is a political football. Multiple local-central escrows would achieve the same overall results but eliminate up-front Fed budget investments of trillions of dollars. Yet, no effect on doctor/patient relationships; no refusals/cancellations from third parties!

Medical malpractice is “protected” when obvious injuries occur off-record via out-of-court settlements with gag orders. Frivolous suits appear as a far higher percentage of court cases than of damage-done. Capping awards is an insurance-friendly legal error.

The juries/public are angry, but the insurance industry won’t admit that!
Moreover, malpractice insurance is insanely profitable because the press frenzy (when a few injury-award cases are publicized) itself stampedes the doctors into paying any premium that’s demanded. Statistically, the doctors would be much better served by paying into a self-insured pool–which Fed could guarantee. Curb malpractice!

In short, the health care dilemma can be solved–but only with a new paradigm!

This idea is not blue sky. Statistics and trials were concluded more than twenty years ago by both Reese Hospital in Chicago and the County of Los Angeles Health Care System. I participated in both programs and am aware of (but not in possession of) those unpublished stats, other than as used in my published articles on related topics: Cavalier in McGraw-Hill’s “Modern Hospital” (Jan,’70); and Cavalier in Chicago “Tribune’s” ‘Sunday’ mag (Dec 7,’86).

Briefly, both trials provided higher quality service at lower cost. At LA County, it included fewer PCEs, prompt reports and higher payments to those patients actually injured, and protection for doctors unless found guilty . .and all at LOWER COST.

According to the findings of Dr Don Harper Mills (California!), nearly 4% (% of %) of all hospital admissions result in PCE (Potentially Compensatory Event) damage to patients. Why does no one mention this fact and costs when discussing “savings”? The “ice berg” theory (attributed to him as a justification for delay in recognizing PCEs) is a misreading of his intentions. Mills’ work was foundational at LA County’s program.

Computerized files to eliminate major mistakes is a red herring–the mistakes are made at the top and blamed on the bottom-rung file workers. Yes, universal access to files is useful in case of accident or travel. . .but how often needed on a per-capita basis? Savings? By eliminating paperwork, yes. Reduction of malpractice? Take two aspirins and lie down!

Standard insurer practice (denied) is to hide or delay response to PCEs, thereby creating the “long tail” that the insurers “complain” about. But delay saves pay-out money for insurers and prevents premium-hikes for hospitals, etc. So money–not patient need–is the determiner of handling in virtually all cases of hidden patient injury.

Now, If I haven’t already bruised your head, I invite you to read my additional (not attached) letters that were already sent to a) state Chambers of Commerce (which could operate such programs by holding all employer premiums locally) and b) months ago to my Congressional Three plus, plus. Politicians are not likely to vote against major campaign contributors’ best interests. If interested in reading my work, ask.

I also have (not included) a draft speech to medics, who have not been eager to hear from a non-medic, contrary old man. Facts are irrelevant when money is involved. The speech contains virtually all my learning and opinions on this escrow/malpractice topic. If you wish to see the speech, just ask.

Local escrows can be established by citizens who act locally. You and your organization can help to agitate for such independent action? Will you?


Richard Cavalier



Do you transmit TV programs into Europe?



With all the media focus on cuba, what will the other parts of the caribbean get after all these years trying to hard to be a Democratic society. Civil war in Jamaica (over 1500 muders in 2008) and other parts of the region. what about immigrants who have not seen their family in twenty years or more?
I expect the pros and cons from World Focus regarding Cuba, not emotional lectures.
please tell me with the economical situation we find ourselves in how will this affect the region since most of the islands depends on tourism. Cuba will make a shift in travel, so how will the other island cope.


Nice little homes for South African 3000 penguins that’s left.


If WorldFocus can foster a dialogue and understanding through discussions, conferences, lecture series, film series, design, photo and art exhibitions, etc., in person as well as through an online web-portal to bring together scholarly research and expertise along with personal experiences to enhance cultural and global understanding.


World focus, world communication..better and better…the difference between communicating and talking about communications…yes


The correct pronenciation of the word “Deutsche Welle” is “Deutschay Wellay ” and not “Deutscha Walla” Please listen to Radio DW


World Focus gives excellent coverage of the global news in unbiased way. I find it very refreshing among the run of the mill network news with a globe of their own in news selection. Keepup the good work. Don’t let the special interests muzzle you to steer differently on coverage!


I would wish for more international news programs, but no one could do it better. The lack of knowledge in the U.S of foreign events, even those which we are involved in, is too widespread, and you are doing well to combat this thus far.

Dallas, TX


WorldFocus.org replaced the BBC world news (a favorite of mine)but it has been refreshing and at the least a broader prospective of world actions. Keep the same format and I will continue to watch this program on PBS 13/NYC.



Thank you ever so much for the world news which otherwise I can never get from the American TV news even though I live in America. My family and friends make it a point not to miss the 6pm news. Thank you again. Keep it up. Sherab Gyatso


Finally! Daily evening news worth watching! One of the PBS stations in my area used to show BBC news every evening but stopped that for some reason, replacing it with World Focus. I’ve since found World Focus to have excellent international coverage. What’s refreshing is that you don’t sift through international events using the sieve of American politics/policies/entitlement to determine what’s relevant and what’s not. I think it allows Americans to finally feel like they’re a part of the world at large… This was a long time coming. Thank you so much!


Love what you are doing. Please keep up the great work. Hope the funding continues to come in. America desperately needs to stay connected with the rest of the globe. These are serious times. Thank you.

Garvin Gray

p.s. – I watch this program most evenings. I look forward to it. Thx.


this is such a great news broadcast, it’s honest reporting, that doesn’t seems BAIS or controlled by the big corperations, or rich people, who only want you to believe and think, the way they want you to , and what they want you to think…this is what the BBC use to be like .. I like it good l


I enjoyed the once a week ‘European Journal’ so very, very much! Where did it go???


I just happened to catch the last half of your show for the first time tonight and said,
“Wow! What is this! I want to find out more about this program”.
Soon as you ended I went to worldfocus.org and I am so pleased to learn of your mission. I will be watching you from now on, and telling all my other world-news-hungry friends.
I am a tour leader–taking US groups around the world. There is such a need for your educational service to the US public. THANK YOU!

Two breaths of fresh air in one week!
Gary Wintz


Terrific show! Watched it for the first time this evening, 11/3/2008,on PBS station WYCC in Chicago. You really fill a void. You are on my regular schedule now. Thanks.
Donna Walters


The best international coverage I have ever seen – it covers broad subjects at such depth (particularly given its half hour format) and does it from so many different sources and perspectives. Keep up the wonderful job!


Just started watching your news report and Iam hooked ,I record it each nite and watch in A.M.your reporting of news is unbiased and I apreciate this type of news . Mr Savage keepup the good work.


Thank you for doing this. We were captivated by your presentation and feel less parochial with your focus on specific countries, tonite being Somalia hunger, Spain’s difficulties and how other countries perceive us. We will dial in nightly.


Thanks for the show ” Welcome to America” we need more news from around the world, Welcome and Good Luck !!.


Hallelujah!! Wonderful. Hang in! And thank you.


I missed BBC on CBC and catching up on PBS. Great show.


What happened to BBC world news? Already had a good thing going, why compete?


Great debut show. Pardon my bias (I grew up in Kenya), but the ‘Signature Story’ was solid.
All the best.


good luck!!!

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