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September 30, 2008
Remembering the bonbon bombers of Berlin

This year, Germans and Americans commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift, the 15-month operation that flew food and coal into Berlin during the Soviet blockade in 1948. reported from Teterboro, N.J. during one of the anniversary celebrations. The German government saluted the veterans who flew over 275,000 flights into Berlin and delivered 2.3 million tons of supplies.

Gail Halvorsen, the original “candy bomber,” recalls post-war life in Germany and explains what made him decide to parachute candy over the skies of Berlin. At the celebration, Halvorsen co-piloted the same 1945 C-54 war plane he had flown during the airlift — this time wiggling his wings over New York City.


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A terrific story! My Husband was one of those children and subsequently became an American citizen. He loves This country and because of people like Gail he survived to become a very productive person and a great asset to America. These men are truly heroic!


Very well put together, blending in the historical facts with the veterans today and Gail.
Thank you for letting me speak about my own history at the anniversary in Teterboro


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The book ‘The Candy Bombers’ is a wonderful book, beautifully written, telling a heroic story. We long ago forgot the trying days immediately after World War II, Stalin’s attempt to squeeze the Allies out of Berlin – and Germany. True heros emerged in the person of James Forestall and Lucian Clay. The strangest hero was an American pilot who, by din of an idea – dropping candy to German kids while on approach to Berlin’s Templeoff Airport, starting meekly, the gift of candy’ changed the dynamics of the Soviet squeeze and led to the end of the Soviet embargo and, in the long run, to the end of the Soviet Empire in Europe.


Nice work!


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Great job!! I loved to see my gradnchild on this video. Thanks.


Excellent video. I love the baby at the end. I enjoyed it!!


Great piece!


Well done!


I enjoyed this video very much!

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