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September 30, 2008
Ecuador overhauls constitution

President Rafael Correa has more power following the approval of a new constitution.

Voters in Ecuador overwhelmingly approved a new constitution in a referendum on Sunday, giving increased power to President Rafael Correa and ushering in other measures to expand homosexual rights and preserve nature.

The “Alterdestiny” blog views the results as a sign that people are tired of instability in the country.

“Open Democracy” suggests that the new consitution might enable Ecuador, which has had seven presidents in the last decade, to look to the future and lists challenges facing the country.

The “Ecuanews” blog discusses the campaign against the constitution and assesses why it failed.

“Roger Hollander” also describes the massive campaign against the constitution and praises its passage as a victory of humanity over capitalism.

Blogger “Elizabeth Tims” posts images from voting day and writes about how the constitutional changes will affect abortion rights and the Catholic Church in Ecuador.

“Ecuador Living,” a blog written by American expatriates, lists pros and cons of Correa’s government and the new constitution.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Que Comunismo under a Creative Commons license.

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