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September 29, 2008
Syrians speculate on weekend bombing

Syria had experienced fewer bombings compared to neighboring countries. Photo: CIA World Factbook


AUDIO: Nicholas Blanford of The Christian Science Monitor discusses the relationship between Syria and Lebanon and possible motivations for the attacks.

A car bombing left 17 civilians dead in the Syrian capital of Damascus over the weekend — the deadliest attack in Syria in over two decades.

Global Voices Online provides a translation from an eyewitness in Damascus.

Blogger “Qunfuz” discusses the Syrian government’s failure to protect its citizens and the media’s treatment of the attack.

Blogger “Sasa” from Damascus derides rumors about the perpetrators and their motivation, urging people to think of the victims rather than politics.

The “Counterterrorism Blog” reviews possible suspects and theorizes that the Syrian Mukhabarat (an intelligence service) was behind the bombing as a “prelude to attack Sunni strongholds inside Lebanon.”

Andrew Lee Butters of Time’s “Middle East” blog talks about what the bombing will mean for Syria.

Today, an attack on the Lebanese military left at least five dead. Experts have said the attacks in Syria and Lebanon are connected, pointing to an influx of insurgents from Iraq as one source of violence. Syria and Lebanon have recently attempted to establish diplomatic ties.

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