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September 25, 2008
American food spoils Mediterranean diet

A cheeseburger.

The Mediterranean diet is disappearing as the American fast food culture spreads throughout Greece. The “Live Fit Blog” provides an overview of the Mediterranean diet, which has been linked to longevity and low disease rates in Greece and other Mediterranean countries.

Grecian “Daily Frappe” notes that “Greeks are getting fatter and fatter” as the tenets of the diet wane in popularity.

Pixelle of “A Simple Mind, Simply Amused” writes about the effects of commercial food culture: the extinction of some produce varieties and children who are unable to identify common vegetables.

Carlo Petrini, founder of the Slow Food movement in Italy, shares Pixelle’s sentiments in this video at, where he explains his anti-fast food attitude as a politics beyond personal diet.

Blogger Chiki Seijo shows a manga warning against the dangers of fast food in the nation of natto, tofu and longevity.

Dr. Madelyn Fernstrom of “Health Journal” reminds readers that “It’s not where you eat, but what you eat,” demonstrating a decrease of local relevance in an increasingly global food market and food culture.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user jslander under a Creative Commons license.

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