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September 23, 2008
Finnish shooting raises gun law questions

A school shooting in the Finnish city of Kauhajoki on Tuesday left eleven dead, including the gunman.

Watch AP footage from the aftermath on YouTube.

In the wake of the attack, blogger Sami Mäkeläinen refutes the perception of Finland as “safe.”

The shooting marks the second such attack in Finland after an 18-year-old killed eight people last November, raising questions about Finland’s gun policies. Finland raised the minimum gun age from 15 to 18 following last year’s shooting. Tuesday’s shooter was 22-years-old.

“Masks of Eris” argues that today’s statistical anomaly is not relevant to gun control arguments.

Blogger “Thor Kottelin” defended access to weapons and the value of hunting — a popular Finnish sport — after the 2007 shooting.

In the U.S., local coverage of the Finnish shooting frustrated Denver-based “Latest Word” blog, which argues that parallels to the 1999 massacre at Columbine High School lack perspective.

Finland ranks behind the U.S. and Yemen in civilian gun ownership — there are about 1.6 million privately owned firearms for 5.2 million people.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user barjack under a Creative Commons license.

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