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September 23, 2008
Egypt may make sexual harassment a crime

An Egyptian woman at a market in Cairo.

The Egyptian parliament may consider a measure to ban sexual harassment after a survey showed that more than 60 percent of men admitted to sexually harassing women.

Read testimonies from Egyptian women.

The “Muslimnista” blog writes that neglecting to represent activists and ignoring harassment against males reinforces stereotypes.

“Majid,” an American studying in Cairo, writes of her experiences with harassment and advises that women wear modest clothing and ignore harassers. About 98 percent of foreign women in Egypt report experiencing some form of harassment, compared to 83 percent of Egyptian women, according to the recent survey.

The “Muslimah Media Watch” blog criticizes the Egyptian media’s shame cartoons that depict women with and without hijabs in an effort to show that unveiled women have only themselves to blame.

The “Babylon and Beyond” blog from the Los Angeles Times covers a campaign to end sexual harassment.

The “Living in Egypt” blog writes about the budding Egyptian feminist movement.

Egyptian Wael Nawara writes from the male perspective and suggests that Egypt might benefit from easing the pressure on girl-boy relationships.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Swamibu under a Creative Commons license.

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