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September 11, 2008
Chinese media looks at Thailand, Samak

Ryan Manuel is a Rhodes scholar, a doctoral student at Merton College, Oxford, and a guest blogger for New Mandala.

Thai politics from Chinese perspectives

In China, reactions to recent events in Thailand are generally along the lines of those in Western newspapers, with many media outlets using the Reuters Chinese language feed to shape their reportage.

Longer opinion pieces, however, reveal some interesting slants on the crisis.

There is, for instance, some debate as to the importance of Thailand in the wider region. The Yunnan government portal is currently carrying a piece from the influential Global Times (quanqiu shibao) newspaper which believes that the crisis will have only a “minor impact on the region” due to Thailand being less important to the region than common opinion would have it.

The reason they give for this is Thailand’s lack of economic growth relative to its neighbours, which they attribute to the impact of political instability.

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