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September 11, 2008
Canada goes green for October elections

“Chad” from Buzzflash reminds Americans that in addition to Obama vs. McCain, they might direct their attention to Dion vs. Harper. As the Canadian election approaches on October 14, the decision could impact American environmental interests, as all parties have put forth plans to reduce emissions. Liberal leader Stéphane Dion has announced a “Green Shift” carbon plan that would create $14.5 billion in new spending and tax cuts each year by levying fuel consumption — a strategy that incumbent conservative Stephen Harper has called “crazy.”

An editorial in the Ottawa Citizen critiques Dion’s plan for its lack of accessibility to voters.

Canadian liberal blogger Scott criticizes Harper’s “brown and gray” policies.

Harper has also refused to offset pollution from his campaign, but conservative blogger Stephen Taylor doubts that Dion’s campaign will be as carbon-neutral as the liberal candidate claims.

The blog “Angry in the Great White North” discusses poll findings showing that Canadians trust conservatives on environmental issues.

The “BC and Beyond” blog protests the initial exclusion of Green Party candidate Elizabeth May in national debates — she has since been reinstated.

And finally, a senator from Alberta writes to the Montreal Gazette criticizing party bickering in a plea for bipartisan efforts to solve environmental challenges.

Associated thumbnail courtesy of Flickr user Bruce MacRae under a Creative Commons license.

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I love the fact that you guys feature blogs so prominently. It’s about time that blogs get the recognition they deserve as a source of true insight.


It’s amazing how little coverage this gets in the US when even Obama and McCain’s outfits are analyzed.

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