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September 11, 2008
About Worldfocus Special Correspondent Martin Savidge

Martin Savidge is a veteran anchor and foreign correspondent from NBC News and CNN. He has covered local, national and international events that have taken him into eight war zones, sites of major disaster recovery efforts and occasions of national celebration.

Read more about Martin’s career and worldview.

Martin has reported from Afghanistan, Adriatic Sea (from a navy war ship), Albania, Aruba, Austrailia, Canada, Cuba, East Timor, France, Gaza, Germany, Great Britain, Honduras, Ionian Sea (from a submarine), Iraq, Israel, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kashmir, Korea (North, South and the DMZ), Kosovo, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mexico, Montecarlo, Panama, Pakistan, Persian Gulf (from a U.S. warship), Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Thailand, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam and the West Bank.

Martin has worked for The Associated Press, CNN, NBC News, WCIA-TV in Champaign, Ill., WMBD-TV in Peoria, Ill., WJW-TV in Cleveland, Ohio

As an anchor: “The World Today,” “Early Edition” and the weekend editions of CNN’s “Early Prime,” “CNN Worldview,” “Prime News” and “The World Today.”

As a foreign correspondent: “NBC Nightly News” with Brian Williams, and for programs on MSNBC, CNBC and CNN.

Two Headliner Awards
Two Edward R. Murrow Awards
A Peabody Award
A duPont-Columbia Award
Six Associated Press Awards
Two United Press Intl. Awards
Nine local Emmy awards
Named 2002 “Media Person of the Year” by the National Journalism Education Association

Martin holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Ohio University.




Martin and Daljit: I am grieved you and your program are not continuing. This is a great loss to all those who value news coverage from sources not otherwise available. There are too few opportunities for those in the U.S. to view news and opinions emanating from excellent foreign reporting.
I can only hope you and the program will be resumed at an early date.


Hello Martin – you will be missed – you gave an excellent broad cast of the stories – you’ll surely be missed.


Mr. Savidge, it has been a privilege to watch World Focus, and thanks to you, it has been a high quality, insightful, informative, enriching experience; everything PBS aspires to be. Its just so distressing the show has been discontinued! Best wishes for your continued success. I look forward to seeing your good work. Thank you, and God bless you!


Daljit and Martin, you and your colleagues will forever be remembered for your excellent work on World Focus. I certainly hope that we will be seeing more of your work in the future, since I can only imagine that you will contribute greatly to any news organization with which you are involved. I’m certain that I’m joined by other World Focus viewers in dreading to think about all the information and world perspectives that we will be missing.


Please don’t end World Focus, the best global news around.


April 2 will be a sad day for me. I just don’t get it. Worldfocus gives what no other new station gives. In half an hour, I am feed interesting, relevant news from around the World. Worldfocus is the highlight of my news day. Both Martin and Daljit are wonderful. I hope Worldfocus makes it’s way back into my life.


Thank you for your work with World Focus and elsewhere. You make my world a better place. Good luck.


Ah, Martin,
Great to see you again before April 2nd. Evenings won’t be the same without our nightly dose of intelligent reporting. I can’t understand why CNN or even the broadcast stations don’t snatch up WF. You broaden our perspective and stoke our compassion in a way nothing else coming out of the US offers. Thank you.


martin we need you have the gift that others just dont have. you are inspiering to listing to. where ever you are i wish you well and thanks.


We enjoy watching the news at World Focus and hope it will continue to have us connected with the rest of the world.
After reading some of the comments, I am appaled at the unkind remarks of the viewers regarding Daljit. We watch the news for its content and not to judge the anchor. We like both of them and find it distasteful to critize one or the other.
We will stay loyal to the program, and hope it will continue to bring the newsprogam we enjoy.


My wife Margaret and I look forward every evening to watch World Focus, It woul vbe a dire shame to discontinue the wprld news.. We feelit is the other side of unbiased news, and it the most honest, informant, and refreshing to watch news the other networks fear to touch,, Keep it on the pbs,, WE need it.. sincerely Russell


Best News on the tele here in America.
Always a treat to sit down and listen to
you tell us what is really going on in the world.
Stay up. One love.



Great to see you – thanks for visiting us once again. It is always a great week for WF fans of yours…


I see no reason to criticize Dalgit. Her english is perfectly good.


It’s good to have Martin back at the anchor desk this week.I really enjoy his style and his interviewing skills.Thank you.


From an old guy (84) who keeps up with what’s happening in the world by watching WorldFocus…
True, Martin isn’t as exotic as Daljit but I join those who switch channels when they see that the latter is subbing for Mr. Savidge. He’s tops in the communications business. Still, even with Martin on camera, somebody should be assigned to proof-reading. This evening, Tues., Feb. 23, the big-type graphic behind Mr. Savidge read, “China Censorhip.” Tsk, tsk. Other than that, keep doing what you’re doing, but with Martin at the helm.


I so enjoyed the relaxed, informative manner of Martin Savidge’s news presentation on World Focus. Could you please bring him back full time? Or I may have to switch back to BBC.


Please – why can’t Martin be on ALL the time!! I
have good hearing but have a very difficult time
understanding Daljit. I don’t watch BBC news due
to their “fractured” pronounciatiom of English –
the Indian woman doesn’t speak Americam English
any better !!! Martin I could understand and thus
believe – the woman is not a credit to PBS or to
the profession. What more can we in the listening
public say. Don’t you want us to watch your show


Oh My…They replaced a cool white dude with an Indian lady who talks with a lissssssp! Figures.


I found my way here after being confused what ever happened to Martin anchoring World Focus. When Martin anchored, I watched EVERY NIGHT. Since he’s gone “MIA”, I have stopped watching. I don’t see any change in the quality of the reporting, but Martin brought a certain charm to the show that drew me and and actually got me excited to watch a news program. Not only that, but I would go as far as to record airings on my DVR if I was not going to be around. Now, Worldfocus is turning into a hazy memory. I hope Martin comes back on a permanent basis!


I guess I’m cast away again. see ya around.


YAY!…. Martin is back… I *WILL* watch WorldFocus all of this week!




Martin, we all have commented on Daljit and we all have expressed what a beautiful woman she is – and she is a very good journalist. But you are an excellent journalist yourself – I watched your news segments when you were on network TV in the US and you did an excellent job there too. So when you are presiding over the Anchor spot, keep up the good work. Jim @ USA


Of course, reporting the news factually is most important but, there is a lot to be said on its delivery to the viewers. Mr Savidge, hands down, has the best voice and delivery in the business. I look forward to listening to him a lot in 2010.



You are never a belated Christmas gift but just in time for the holiday season! Thank you WF staff for bringing us Martin. He is the tops in his field and although we like Daljit, Martin brings a genuine compassion to his broadcasts that is beyond compare. Please bring back Martin for good!


Will the team behind ”PBS NOW” join forced with Worldfocus once ‘NOW’ is Cancelled?

As for those Who dislike Daljit or her Persenting need to give her a chance.
Martin Savidge and David Brancachio[sic] will present once in a while, Give her a Chance.
It Was Martin Who Wanted to Leave the Desk at Worldfocus, he was NOT forced out by the bosses at WNET.


it is demeaning to differenciate between martin and daliwal , because it is the program content that mattes most, those that choose narators expose themselves as being bigoted, although choice still has a place , choose not what you may well regret in future, both are fine anchors,the truth is at stake, along with life’s frail enjoyments, long live world focus,


All fall I’ve intended to write to inquire about — and bemoan — Martin Savidge’s absences from the anchor desk, and hope for reassurance that he in fact is and will remain the face of World Focus. A recent message from R. Hagery, on the World Focus staff, states that Martin will be anchoring the week of Dec. 28, but that is not what viewers want to hear; can you promise us that he will permanently be back in his position at that time?

I just sent a long message (and subsequent short one) to your Feedback link, but can’t figure out how to get it to this comment section; perhaps someone one your website staff can do so. But I’ll try to summarize.

Your program is superb in every respect, and a major reason why it impressed so many people from its inception is Martin Savidge’s excellence and incisiveness in interviewing, and his general demeanor, which is so suited to his role as anchor (not only anchor, or course, but anchor/reporter/interviewer). For many people, Martin is key to the unique approach and exceptional quality of your program. After a fairly long absence this fall, Martin appeared again, but only for a week, leaving me and many other people anxious about your plans re: Daljit. While she is adequate as an occasional substitute, she does belong in any central role on World Focus. She seems to have jumped around from news program to news program during recent years, which says something about her inability to impress viewers for very long. She brings a certain glitz that Martin does not, but Martin puts the news and interviewees center stage — which is what viewers want!! — while Daljit seems to like to hover there herself.

I was appalled one day recently when David Brancaccio, who is great, as is his own proram (and was a welcome face as a substitue on World Focus)said, after introducing himself, that he was sitting in “for Daljit.” That seemed to be a subtle confirmation of plans to put Daljit center stage. She does not belong there! Please bring Martin back as anchor, (with the occasional reporting trips he excels in as well.)


While I like Daljit, I agree that Martin is better as he is more balanced. He challenges guests and common opinion whereas Daljit does not appear to.



Martin will be anchoring again the week of December 28th.

Thanks for watching,


I am disappointed when I see Daljit bringing the news instead of Mr. Savidge.
Mr. Savidge is the best, reminding us of Jenings and Cronkite.
Unfortunately Daljit’s accented speech is too convoluted and slow to read the news in a natural pace. Where are you anyway? have you moved to another station?


I hope that David, Daljit and Martin all cycle through as anchors as we are fans of all of them and we love World Focus and its in depth stories, willingness to stay on a story for more than a sound byte and the bringing together of news sources from other places in the world. Keep it up and keep all the anchors rotating!


I would like to inquire about any opportunities for the President of the Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) to be invited to WorldFocus during the week of the Copenhagen Conference. Mr Avlonas is a renowned speaker on Climate Change and Corporate Responsibility.

Mr. Avlonas is the lead strategist for Corporate Responsibility to Lloyds TSB, the UK banker. His work with them has won the bank the CSR Europe award in 2006.

I would like to opportunity to speak further regarding this opportunity.

Thank you,



World Focus is great whoever anchors it but greater if it’s Martin.


Appreciated your expose on the Catholic Church. They have far too much influence over people and the US govt. The media does not give viewers the truth about their dealings with lawmakers behind the scenes. Church has made people kill abortion doctors for doing their jobs and providing healthcare options for women. The media has been far to pro-Catholicism when there is supposed to be a separation of church and state.



You were great this week although we missed you Thanksgiving. Hope you had a good holiday in spite of being away from your family. Thank you for gracing the WF anchor chair again. It is always a pleasure to see you and we can’t wait for the next few weeks to come. Again we request these two anchors who are well loved by their fans both share the anchor chair. Once a month or two is not enough for Martin fans.


Martin!! We’re so glad to see your pleasant face anchoring again for Worldfocus.


Welcome back MARTIN!!!!

Had actually stopped viewing World Focus almost entirely. Happen to tune in tonight and see you’re back in the anchor seat. Hope to see more of you.

While Daljit is a good presenter, it’s great to see you again.

Chuck B.


Martin is a pleasure to listen to. He is the best. Daljit has trouble with the American tone. It is hard to take too much of her talking.Thanks for bringing Martin back. I look forward to hearing him.


Martin – you’re back!!!!!! We miss you bringing us the world news :-) Why can’t you and Daljit share the anchor chair? That would make all fans of World Focus happy.


Over the past year I have been a regular Worldfocus viewer. I have appreciated the keen sense of concern and empathy that Martin Savidge displays in his investigative reporting all the while keeping the crux of the story intact. And now he is gone??
Needless to say I was shocked & disappointed this wk when tuning into the show. The moderator change I hope is a temporary one. If not, I won’t be back. You have my name and email address. Please use it to let me know if and when Mr Savidge returns.
Thank you,
a loyal viewer or at least a former one.


I love Daljit. Her English is more understandable that martin’s. Although it is accepted than men have beeter broadcasting voices, this is not the case.


Martin is OK but I think Daljit provides a more nutral way of presenting the news and asking questions, a trait lacking with most journalist.


I personally have nothing against her, but the missus refers to Daljit as “Polly Polliwog”. Please bring back Martin.


Please bring Martin back. Watching him do the news calms me down. He is very charismatic and charming.He delivers the news so well. His stand-in is not as engaging as he.


Miss Martin. Bring him back. He is much more engaging,charismatic and an engaged interviewer. In reading preceding comments I was amazed at the number of words not spelled correctly.


Please bring martin back. Nothing against Daljit, but he’s so accomplish. Just looks at their Bio’s. Daljit seems to struggle.
Can’t compare. His anchoring is so much better and his choice of people he has on and the questions he asks. He has a great presence. What’s with the change?? world focus is a great news program, more serious and in depth than the
BBC with Martin.
I’ll just get my news online, until he’s back.


what happened to Martin? Obvioulsy people want him back, please put Martin back on World Focus and remove Daljit.



Martin will be hosting the week of November 23rd. Thanks for watching.


What happened to Martin? Daljit is beautiful and brilliant. But noone can replace Martin, who is also beautiful. When will we see him again?


Much as we enjoy Ms. Daliwahl, when will Martin come baxk, he seems like one of the family and presents the news excellently.


hi martin, do you wish life to be what it once was back in ohio ? I often reflect on my past at rpi, but what once was is no more to be, sadly, im proud of you as an american,and have admiration for you as a journalist, may god be with you always,


First I would like to say that I find WorldFocus itself to be biased. Why else would they feature an Israeli commentator alone for a twisted version of the facts as he presented regarding the issue of how settlements fit in with the notion of peace negotiation. It is well known that Oslo is a discredited and flawed old set of non-agreements that were brokered under dubious processes but that even under these, there would be no lure for the Palestinians to negotiate anything while their land is being pilfered away. Not only is the US totally biased in favor of Israel, but it would take an idiot to not know that, and sadly, we had hoped that this administration would be different.
Clinton’s comment was absolutely outrageous, and shocked me as an American who voted with great hope for Barack Obama.
I am beginning to dislike WorldFocus immensely esp. when Savidge is host with his obvious biases.
What sort of journalist is he? Oh, to have BBC back!


the issues confroting all humans is coexistance,essencilly this means acceptance ofsome degree of defilatin of ideals according to individual cryterior ethnics, the ultimate solution is the resolvement of how much moral fortude is given up for coegence in agreement, my personal view is that divergence of ethnic differnces remain a irrmovable object to acceptance, the average public with happiness is impervious to the threat


When will the US wake up and not blindly support and follow Israel? Once that happens maybe the US can realistically deal with Islam and other world matters in a more realistic manner. Unjfortunately teh media is run by teeh Jewish lobby so this may not happen any time soon, too bad for our country and those that would like to see a change in this matter.


Martin has a Face Book page finally for all his fans out there! Check it out and become a friend :-). We need to get him back on TV regularly!


It’s obvious that the Jewish lobby is still wielding control over our international relations. What is it going to take for us to stop supporting Israel and their outrageous actions against the Palestinian people! Thanks to different PBS station at the time, we were able to see for ourselves the true devastation the Israel army was responsible for in Gaza.


re Q of course they should be referred to the world court, and the U.S needs to start playing fair===Israel could be a shining example instead of a pariah. great show!


the goldstone report is but a drop of rain in yhe desert of jewish/israelie killing of 1300 + pali’s, loosing oly 13 jews in the process, only with americn jewish support could this go unabated,every action taken by I.O.F. is backed up by american policy,regardless of justification, the american public (non jews) are being led by clever jewish spin,but what the hell, they dont give a damn anyway so long as they have their sports


Hi Martin,
and Daljit Dhaliwal

ST: Like this Show

I have the BBC available just before you. Now the BBC is good both on TV and the Web. And sometimes I listen to their coverage


It seems like your show is showing us the World with the USA in it, so it has a different perspective point than the BBC does of the World with the UK in it.


Hi Martin,
and Daljit Dhaliwal

ST: 10/12/09 was Interesting for Topic travel

It seems like you have followed my suggestion and picked up the pace similar to Daljit.

There is good and bad in that BBC in 10 minute approach compared to your older approach of only a few stories. Depending on the day’s news sometimes use your old approach.

And Thanks for not sticking to sex stories on “How you see it”

Finally, it is too bad you felt that you had to remove some of the comments on this section of your site. I find even the bad ones can sometimes be informative. I think it is better to do what does and just keep the number and Display a Deleted message for really objectionable comments with the posters name intact.


World focus with Martin Savidge has raised our awareness of so many important issues that I can only say thank you. I particularly appreciate Martin’s skills as an interviewer and interpreter of important trends as oppossed to todays headlines.


At first I was disappointed to see Worldfocus replace BBC world on my PBS station, but that was short lived. What a pleasant change from mainstream media! I like Martin too, but lets give Daljit a fighting chance. You know, I even build my evening schedule around the show. Thanks

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