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September 10, 2008
Worldfocus joins the global conversation online

Producer Ara Ayer reports from Singapore. Photo: Mary Lockhart aims to develop a strong network of international bloggers, showcasing diverse perspectives and entering into a global conversation.

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We just recently discovered Worldfocus and enjoyed it immensely. BRING IT BACK! Too much nonsense on t.v. This was QUALITY.


I couldn’t agree with you more John M.
D. D. we will miss you.


I am really disappointed to see this program and Ms D D go off the air. Why this program and not some of the “kiddie drivel” or Tavis Smiley???


I don’t want an end to world focus…It informs us a lot about what’s going on in the world and how everything around us is affecting us. It is important to inform everyone in every place about anything and everything that is going on in the world and there’s no better way to do that than watching World Focus.


I don’t want an end to world focus…It informs us a lot about what’s going on in the world and how everything around us is affecting us. World Focus is important in many ways and it should not come to an end.


BRAVO Grace, you couldn’t be more right on target!

This is just another example of the (P)ublic (B)eing (S)crewed, Public B**l S**t, or whatever you want to call the overhauling of America and the traumatic mass-anesthetization of our minds by the media at EVERY level!! Public Broadcasting once had an aire of advocacy and benefit for the public at large. Hell, there used to be a FCC that guarded the airwaves against the mindless drivel and garbage we see 24/7. Hell, there used to be AIRWAVES, now it’s all digital gatekeeping to keep everyone but the wealthy coasts and metro areas “informed” while the rest of the population wallows in static, dead air and its own disconnected rumor mill and any other of its own devices.

YOU SURE CAN’T TRUST PBS ANYMORE. And look at who its executives and sponsors are: ultrarich fat-cats, lobbyists, multi billion-dollar fee hedge fund operators, wall street, big pharma, the googleplex, etc. Hell the supreme court has affirmed that corporations are as much citizens as individuals. I guess when a company GOES PUBLIC, that means they become a part of the PUBLIC. Come on. Who is the “Public” is PBS after all? hmmm….made you think!

Don’t boycott the programming alone, people: BOYCOTT THE SPONSORS AND ADVERTISERS!! Our grandchildren may never come into existence at this rate.



You have made a GRAVE mistake and error in judgement in capitulating to the neoconspirators who have pressed for cancellation of this highly valuable and insightful news programming. It was the closest example we have had in US news journalism to the REAL NEWS REPORTING seen in other parts of the world. Of course, reality must be silenced and truth suppressed at any and all cost for this NEW EMPIRE to take root and survive. IT IS A TRAVESTY AND SHAME ON YOU FOR GIVING IN.


I am bitterly disapointed that you are cancelling your 8:00 pm weekly show. Your commentator “D.D.” is asolutely the most intelligent, articulate commentator I have had the pleasure of listening to. The perspective of this show was so balanced and informative versus the biased American news we constantly get bombarded with. It was an intellectual joy to be exposed to actual world news. I think you are making a serious mistake to eliminate this window on the world.



Let’s see if Obama Amnesty is possibly worse than Obamacare.

Obama amnesty will give all the criminals of every nationality that came across our borders citizenship to all our amenities, to the Muslim Mafia, to the Latino Mafia from every South and Central American nation, including Communist Columbia. Is that what you the Patriot want?

Obama amnesty will eliminate our Constitutional protections against government take over even more.

1. It will give illegal alien Obama himself citizenship, which at present he cannot prove.

2. It will open the door to any foreigner, if he and his backers are rich enough, to become president. As long as OUR Constitution means nothing to the liberals except to what they claim, they can again put anyone into office they and our treasonous TV News companies think should be in office. They give free time to the people of their own choice.

Obama amnesty would guarantee the liberal coup to taking over our nation. To whom will the

illegal amnestied aliens give their vote? Naturally to the Democrats and to the Kenyan Muslim, Obama, who gave them this free admission to all of America’s riches. 10 to 12 million extra voters would guarantee that Obama and his liberals had taken over our nation, a total coup from our God given Constitution.

Obama amnestied aliens, with the growing Muslim population, would far out number us Christians and Patriots. We Christians and Patriots could expect much greater persecution. They would no longer have to listen to us who are now the majority. America would no longer be the haven for persecuted Christians as was its original founding purpose.

Obama amnesty would soon fill our Senate and House with Latinos and Muslims.

Obama amnesty would reverse our victory in the Spanish American War. They would be able, by just additional squatters from Mexico, squatting in Texas, Arizona, and Southern California until their votes took over and they could secede to Mexico or declare another nation.

Obama amnesty would over load our failing medical care into national bankruptcy as it has in Southern California, where they had to close hospitals and clinics.

Obama amnesty would give free rights to any of our property. They could take over anything, from the property they have taken over in our south western states all the way north to the Canadian border and then begin to cross the Mississippi to the deep south and up the coast to Canada. The liberals would see to it that they had their rights to our property, or find them rioting in the streets. Very high walls with armed body guards, as the rich must do in South American countries, would keep them out for only a while.

Nothing will stop this dictator except that each state secede from the Union yesterday. All Federal giveaways must be rejected. Each state must rule itself separately and jointly only with other seceded states under the Constitution. The faster this takes place, the more the liberals will see their isolation with the immense problem they have created.

There can be no compromise with liberals. They will follow no God given conscience, much less what is left of our Constitution. They are possessed by their own wisdom which the devils have filled them with.

I hope that none of this happens. But what are we Patriots going to do to stop this dictator and his socialist liberals from continuing to take over our nation? Because now, we do not have just a Kenyan Chicago style Mafia god father in OUR WHITE HOUSE. We now have a Kenyan Mafia DICTATOR whom the one world liberals in government and in our TV News companies love and support. If Obama gives amnesty to all the illegal aliens, they will have the “authority” to put into OUR WHITE HOUSE ANY other future foreigner they choose. Where will the money come from? From all the places in the world that first put this foreigner into OUR office of president. He still has millions of donations to keep us from his records of truth.

No Patriot running for office will ever be able to compete with world wide millionaires in raising funds. So, THE LIBERALS will HAVE SUCCEEDED IN BREAKING THE VOTING RIGHTS OF EVERY ONE OF US PATRIOTS. These liberal politicians and the majority of THEIR Supreme Court, including the chief justice who swore into OUR HIGHEST OFFICE the present illegal alien CONTRARY TO HIS OWN OATH, WITH the backing of most of our TV News companies have no loyalty to OUR TOTAL CONSTITUTION.

And OUR CONTSTITUTION WILL BE A DOCUMENT OF HISTORY. THE LIBERALS WILL OWN OUR LAWS, OUR WHITE HOUSE, OUR SENATE AND OUR HOUSE. And our descendents will be at their mercy. Our nation, being already bankrupt, will be at the mercy of the World Bank. While in our lawless neighborhoods, WE PATRIOTS will eventually be at the mercy of MUSLIM SHARIAH LAW.

All this because we kept on killing God’s babies at 3500 a day.

So, is Obama amnesty worse than Obama care? You be the judge.

Dear Jesus! We are Your servants. We saints, and the persecuted saints of the world, need America as Your safe haven. For the sake of those who have not heard of Your eternal salvation, bring total revival to our land. Rid us of Yours and our enemies. Save America for Your saints and our descendents, free from the tyranny of Your enemies, this dictator, these liberals, and world conquering Islam. Raise this Your nation to again be a light upon a hill, which no man can extinguish. We want to be Your servants into eternity with You. We implore You to give favor to all Your Patriots who are running for office. Give them power to undo every unconstitutional act this foreigner with His liberals has forced upon us Your servants. Bring us out of this indebtedness by cutting this government down to Constitutional size, so that Your Patriots are again be free to create the jobs so many so desperately need. Open our oil wells so that our fuel prices can drop and we are no longer financing our enemies in Islamic Iran and Saudi Arabia. You are only God, our only helper. All glory be to Your name forever and ever. Amen.


I am high school student who works in a stop slavery group. We are trying to raise money to create awareness. Visit our website


Bible Patriots! And Patriots!
You have no rights to America unless you claim them and fight for them. Whatever it takes! Do it! God will bless our nation if there are enough of us who speak out and do what we can. Prayers in Jesus’ name cause Jesus to put the angels to work for us. “He shall give His angels charge over thee …” You will lose them if you do not use them.


Bible Patriots! Let’s see how powerful prayer is.
Bible Patriots! We are at a crisis. The socialist thieves want to ram down our throats their huge debt of health care that kills more of God’s babies, containing who knows what other attachments they secretly add for their friends; a program so big and detailed no one knows what is in it. Let’s see how powerful prayer is.
Please pray with me, “Lord Jesus! I come against ObamaCare because it will indebt our descendents into bankruptcy, if not before by this time next year. ObamaCare finances the killing of millions more of Your babies. I do not want that blood on my descendents. They are Your babies. There are other ways of providing insurance for this Your nation. You can buy us into the insurance of our politicians and government officials. You can cause us to open insurance across state lines. You can enlarge the good instead of letting these socialists destroy what is already working. You can control the tort laws. You can control the greed of the drug manufactures and the owners of insurance companies and hospitals. Lord Jesus! In Your name I come against these socialist who want to take over all our health care with increased debt to everyone, while causing all Your money people to pull in their job creating money for precious metals or foreign countries.
“Lord Jesus! Cause confusion and fear to come upon these baby killers who want to destroy our dollar with their blood. Lord Jesus! Take back our nation, and rule it again by Your Constitution You gave us. We plead this to Your glory. Dear Jesus! If you let them destroy our nation, we will not be able to continue to send and carry Your Gospel to the millions of grand parents, the mothers and fathers, the children of 6800 unreached dialects, nor will we be able help Your world poor, Your children, Your widows. No other nation can nor will take our place. You are the only Giver. You are our only Prosperity we can have. Everything we are and have belongs to You. You are our only Savior from all our sins for eternity. We want to continue to be Your servants until You call us home. In Your mercy we ask this. Amen.”


About President Obama’s meeting with the Dalai Lama on Feb.18th:

In 1931 my father took me , a 10-year old boy, to pay respect to the 13th Dalai Lama, the present Dalai’s former ‘Incarnation’, when he visited Nanjing, the then capital of the Republic of China, to pledge his allegiance to the Chinese National Government and formalize continuation of Tibet as a part of China. Under that arrangement, the major part of Tibet was to be ruled by Dalai as the spiritual leader and political ‘sovereign’ (the ‘god-king’), headquartered in Lahsa, while a smaller part was ruled similarly by the Panchen Lama based in ZhiKatze. There was to be a ‘governor’ (a sort of a ‘viceroy’) stationed in Lahsa from the National Government to oversee the affairs and keep peace between the two regimes. In effect, it was a continuation of the relation between Tibet and China for the past 200 years or so, during which Tibet existed as an autonomous theocracy within China. After the People’s Republic of China was established in 1949, Tibet was designated as an autonomous political region of China (as one of five such newly created regions). Panchen Lama immediately pledged allegeance to the new regime. In 1950, Chinese troops went in to Tibet to establish and enforce sovereignty, leading to Dalai’s agreement to the autonomous region arrangement in 1951. Mishandling of governing and social issues by the Chinese government agents in Tibet led to riots and armed conflicts by Dalai’s followers and eventual exile of Dalai into India in 1959.

I offered Dalai’s 13th ‘Incarnation’ a long piece of white silk scarf, the traditional Tibetan gift of homage. He smilingly gave me verbal blessings in Tibetan while laying his hand lightly on my forehead. His eyes imparted a sense of great inner peace, calm and gentleness. He was small in stature, had little charisma, appeared rather pale and fragile. (He later died in 1933 at a relatively young age.) I found the present Dalai (born two years after the departure of his former ‘Incarnation’)a highly intelligent, thoughtful and charismatic man, and most probably could be an excellent spiritual head of the Tibetan Buddhist religion and the region. The problems he has with the present Chinese government are intrinsically solvable, if they could be left alone to work out some reasonable compromises. I think that interference by other countries (however noble their intentions might be) would only complicate the process and be counter-productive. I cannot see any great geopolitical reason for our President, especially at this time when we need China’s support in solving other far more critical issues (e.g. Iran), to get into the act. He (and we all) may lose more than gain by the ‘muted’ White House event on Thursday. If our President really has good political (or ‘humanitarian’) reasons to grant Dalai a ‘personal’ visit, he might have done better by deferring it till after he gets China solidly on board in solving the Iran crisis. China’s support is too crucial to allow it get trumped by a minor gesture (or even national pride) at one of the critical moments of history.


Reading between the lines of the capture of Mullah Barardar, it seems more likely that he was “captured” more by the possibilities of a negotiated settlement with the US than by anything else. What came tomy mind when I heard the exciting news today was this: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.”—from the Sermon on the Mount. Go for it Mullah, and we may even nominate you for an authentic Nobel Peace Prize!


While I agree with what was said in the segment on womens oppression in Iran tonight in your TV program, I wonder if you have ever run a similar segment on countries like Saudi Arabia? It’s actually even worse in Saudi Arabia for women. I am not Iranian nor am I Saudi, I just want to make sure that your news organization does not run highlighted programs just like the most mainstream american media. You should be totally unbiased in what you are presenting, not pick and choose based on a pre-conceived notion. Also, when you refer to US in any of your wording, you always use the word “We” for US, which I dont think is right for an unbiased news organization to use. BBC News casters never say “We” when they refer to Great Britain. You should live up to your slogan of being a world news organization impartial of where you are.


Yes, the US has the right to be involved in confronting terrorists in Yemen as long as these terorist target America and Americans. If it was an internal issue for Yemen perhaps not but if any group violently targets the US or any other country it is appropriate for the US or any other country to defend themselves.


Some reference was made about Communist China…I go back to what happened in Korea. As a Korean veteran I recall we were just south of the border between N and S Korea in November 19 and assumed we had just re-united the country divided by the US after WW II. 250,000 Communist Chinese crossed into Korea and slaughtered us, UN forces and Korean. For the next three years till July 53 when the armistice was signed we lost 54,000 US troops, millions of Koreans were killed and thousands of UN troops. We had been taught by our government that Communists were evil and we were sent to Korea to kill them. We still have thousands of troops there costing billions guarding that border at the 38th parallel. Someone forgot to tell us that we are no longer to hate the Communists but we are to love them and give our jobs, our money, and our country to Communist China….. With the dumbing down of our US education systems we have lost those classes that once taught the truth about history, world problems, civics, etc. Now we have persons like Palin educated in our schools that has no idea where Korea is and that there are two Koreas..North and South…. As a former teacher I along with many others saw this coming…


As a Snow Bird we spent many years on the Mexican border and in Mexico. My granddaughter, married to a mexican boy lives just south of Mexico City. For years we have crossed into Mexico, walking, driving our car or pulling our RV. I have never been stopped or checked at the border going in. It is quite different coming back although our RV is seldom really checked. I have complained for years as have others that someone needs to at least check registration of those driving into Mexico. Thousands of cars are taken from streets and drive across into Mexico on there way to various ports of transportation such as Belize for shipment to other countries. Also in some of those cars is drug money, kidnapped children and young women. Many of us have written to our congressmen and women that this would stop if they would just put a few guards, army, or whatever on our side of the border checking cars going into Mexico. It’s as though no on really cares. Maks you wonder if our congress is getting a kick back.


I loved the segment on Humus on the out tonight.
I do not even watch main stream news anymore.
You are the best.
Thank you World Focus.


Why is Germany not held accountable?


I would like to know why is Germany not held responsible for the autrocities. The super power Germany. Ukrainians had nothing to do with Auschwitz camps. Why is Isreal fighting in Palestine? Those who are killing innocent people should be brought to trial in Palestine, who will make justification for those innocent Palestinian families .


After World War II, Western European countries overestimated their need for immigrant labor. Instead of investing in new technology, they drove down labor costs, and destroyed the powerful labor unions by importing cheap workers without regard to the long term social and political consequences. The economic assumptions, that immigrants increased national wealth were incorrect. With old industries such as textiles already in decline, immigrant workers merely delayed the necessary process of restructuring. In many of these older industries the wealth they generated was only small percentage of the GDP. In most cases much of the wealth generated by immigrant businesses that appear in economic statistics is absorbed by the costs of accommodating them in their new environment thru social services, and welfare payments. In addition, many immigrants send a good amount of money back to their home countries. The terrorist bombings in London and Madrid, the riots in the Paris, the growing Muslim prison populations, and the horrors of unreconstructed patriarchy in the form of “honor killings,” systemic homophobia, and the bizarre medical “hymen repair operations” allowing women to recover lost virginities are all dangerous precedents. The Muslim versus Muslim versus everybody horrors taking place in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel, Somalia, the Sudan, and elsewhere are also etched into the consciousness. There are now many native born citizens who now fear Islam and wonder if it is a primeval, expansionist religion impervious to change or reform.

The current levels of Muslim immigration are unprecedented. In the past, groups of immigrants were big enough to enrich the lands of settlement but not so big as to threaten them, the sheer volume of Muslim immigration endangers the indigenous cultures of Europe, not least because those cultures themselves have become precariously fragile. Political correctness, anti-racism, and multiculturalism, born of guilt about colonialism and shame about the Holocaust, are eroding national cultures, while failing to produce any sensible or coherent vision of a common European identity. The current European model of citizenship: You are one person for your culture and another for the law borders on the absurd. You can be an official (legal) European even if you are not a “real” (cultural) European. These viewpoints may sound tolerant and liberating, but it has its downside. Rights are attached to citizenship. As soon as your citizenship becomes legal, so do your rights.

Immigrants to Europe have been able to exploit their rights as both citizens and residents, by staking claim to the health and welfare (birth to grave) benefits to which the native born are entitled. Western European countries have provided the most generous benefits ever given to workers anywhere at any time in history. With shortened working hours, seven-week vacations, full health coverage, and wages for unionized workers reaching almost $45 an hour. This along with social spending has impeded investment, stifled risk-based entrepreneurship by small, flexible start-up companies that has driven most of the innovation in recent decades especially in the new information economy. The USA, by contrast, is less indulgent: contrary to the myth of American openness, immigrants are pressured to conform. An immigrant may maintain his ancestral culture, but if culture or religion prevents him from speaking English fluently, being skilled or productive at work, he will probably remain improvised. And those low skilled high paying manufacturing jobs with great benefits at the big three auto makers no longer exist.Europe has become a multiethnic society partially by design but mostly by accident. European societies have yet to find satisfactory ways of institutionalizing Islam within their national politics. This is partly due to the fragmentary and contested nature of Islam itself, in which no formal priesthood stands between the individual and a God who reveals himself in texts that are subject to, and have a wide variety of interpretations. Historically the religion has no coherent worldwide hierarchy.Several Islamic organizations act as interlocutors with various governments, such as the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) and the French Council for the Muslim Faith (CFCM), are rejected by Muslims as being too political, not political enough, or simply not representative of people. It is clear that as a religion formulated during an era of political ascendancy, the mainstream traditions of Islam have yet to find comfortable moorings in the mostly secular, pluralist, free-thinking, and somewhat materialistic West. The funding of European mosques and Islamic institutions from ultraconservative countries is another dangerous reason for concern: in France, the Union of Islamic Organizations (UIOF) —is an umbrella group of doctrinaire Muslim youth organizations linked to the radical Muslim Brotherhood. It gets a quarter of its annual budget from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and other foreign donors. Two thirds of the imams in France live on welfare, as do a similar number in Britain. A majority of them are foreign-born and trained, and have received little instruction in science, Western culture, religion, or the history of their new homelands. A minority of them have been exposed as, “preachers of hate.” The British laissez-faire model of leaving immigrant communities to manage themselves has allowed extremism to flourish in complex, and dangerous ways. Islamic missionary organizations such as the Tablighi Jamaat, known for its pietism and abhorrence of politics, nevertheless encourages a separatist spirit in which extremism can be incubated: most of the men convicted in September for the plot to blow up transatlantic airliners using liquid explosives in soft-drink bottles had connections with the Tablighi Jamaat, as did two of the suicide bombers who murdered fifty-two people in the London transport system in July 2005.Even marriage can be an agent of radicalization: the first generation of migrants’ children pleased their parents by marrying cousins imported from Pakistan or Bangladesh, their children’s insistence on marrying Muslim partners of their own choice is leading to the creation of a Muslim identity that transcends the older patterns of “encapsulated” settlement based on region, culture, language, and extended family networks. This new home grown, pan-Islamic identity both feeds on and contributes to the perceived hostility of the host society: the Rushdie agitation in 1989, the row over the “insult” to Islam conveyed by the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten in publishing a cartoon showing Muhammad with a terrorist bomb as his turban, the marches in France protesting the headscarf ban in schools, the riots of youth in Parisian suburbs, and episodes of Islam phobia reported on al-Jazeera television or in the Muslim press all contribute to the sense of an embattled community that is also flexing its collective muscles.

Despite the legal, institutional, and cultural differences of the European host countries in which Muslim immigrants find themselves, a growing web of data points in an alarming direction. The bottom line is that Islam is a religion of believers who themselves see no demarcation between church and state. In their homelands the religion as practiced is intertwined with the political and judicial system. Most Europeans and Americans are not only skeptical, but, as heirs to the Enlightenment, they regard religious skepticism as essential to their outlook, and as a strong part of their national heritage. This is in addition to their absolute belief in freedom of thought, speech, and assembly.
A shrinking population of several hundred million Europeans lives north of the Mediterranean, while a growing population of several hundred million lives south of it, many with a desire to take up residence in Europe. A certain minority of that Islamic population are radicals dedicated to Europe’s destruction by armed violence. Europe’s basic problem with Islam, and with immigration, is that some of the strongest communities in Western Europe are, culturally speaking, not entirely European anymore. This problem exists in all European countries, despite a broad variety of measures taken to solve it—multiculturalism in Holland, France, benign neglect in Britain, constitutional punctiliousness in Germany.

Islam is one of the world’s largest religions that have at various times produced enlightened, tolerant, and reformist societies. But all propaganda to the contrary; it is neither a European or American religion nor even a great part of their cultures. The Muslim presence in the West is not just a problem of religion, values, and cultures, but as a psychological one as well. Western societies in general and Europeans in particular are experiencing a very deep, multidimensional “identity crisis” flowing from the double effects of globalization and growing third world economic power, pride, and nationalism. Everywhere European landmarks of national identity and cultural memory are being eroded or challenged from both within and without. The presence of immigrants that are so chauvinistic in their own beliefs adds to their feelings of discomfort, and confusion.
While aging populations need immigrants to sustain their economies, the new comers threaten ideas of cultural homogeneity. Much of their own identity, beliefs, and economic livelihoods have been endangered by radical politics, globalization, and the communications revolution. Europeans now seem trapped in an irreversible cycle. Economic necessities are in conflict with the cultural forces around which their identity is based. Muslims living in the West face similar predicaments. Their identity crisis generates anxiety leading them toward attitudes of self withdrawal and isolation. Unfortunately these socio- economic problems have not been openly and honestly addressed, and both sides seem to be trapped in positions of their own making. Unfortunately the politicians seem to be content taking sides, jockeying for power, rather than honestly addressing these issues, and problems head-on.


USA has NOT yet ratified the CRC


USA only nation to NOT ratify Convention on the Rights of the Child
20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child


I find your news more thorough, more objective than any other, especially the U S news casters, who are mostly biased to their own ideas.

When are you going to take up the question of the birth place of Obama? His relatives and the women of a Kenya village say they were all concerned about the white lady who was about to give birth to a baby. They know the truth from what they saw with their own eyes. The fact that he will not permit his documents at school to be shown, shows he is hiding the truth. We want to see a birth certificate with the date, the doctor or head health care person’s signature and printed name, and the hospital’s name. We want to see their certificate they have in their records. The “certificate” from Hawai proves nothing of his birth. Since he permits none of his papers to be made public, even his first marriage certificate, it is hard to believe that he has become a citizen of these United States.


i just wanted to thank you WORLDFOCUS. thank you so much for making news something i can relate to. i look forward to it everyday. i especially love that u have coverage on gay rights,all over the world. this is something that i dont get any where else. you dont make me feel like a fool for watching it, every thing u say is relevant. but te biggest thank you is for showing me the story from more then one point of view




The issue that is affecting the women that attend Unveristy in Cairo is a major issue, I am not in favor of those who cover all exposed areas of thier bodies. I understand it may be a personal or religious reasons behind this, However i do believe it is vital that this girls have exposed faces at the minimum for strict security purpose it is in the best interest for those who reside in this area if this was done.


I think it would have been better if the university had declared that everyone should wear a uniform. Example blue pants/skirts with white bouses. Then if anyone showed up with hats, veils, eltc, then ban them as they don’t fit in with everyone else’s uniform. Much more diplomatic this way.


Daljit, you are doing a great job.


I’ve spent my life in Michigan.I adore it.Waste is fine,afford it.Every level of society in this state,has been a downhill train wreck. It’s simple really!Start enforcing rules(&laws)stop all fruitless spending.Keep any part of government living beyond its means.galaxy5


After reading Seth Jones book :”In the grave Yard of Empires” Antonino Giustozzi’s “Koran, Kalashnikov & Laptop” you realize that without a strong multi-national police and reconstruction force America is on a stupid no win course that is depriving us of our needed at home national guard to take care of the domestic problems it was created to do and not another drop of American blood should be shed there. Its not a nation but a collection of tribes that their members only want there concept of government and worship, not ours and the West’s.

We should stop giving Pakistan one cent until a unified international force is established and is allowed to freely enter Pakistan to hunt down insurgents.


I am happy to say the news I see on world focus regardless of who is reporting it, it seem to be more accurate than any Fox stations. The Fox newsnetwork is and should be called a RNC nearly news cast and most likely a bunch of crapola. The BBC is the most trusted station and World Focus took its 6:30 News slot on PBS in Austin, TX and World Focus took that time slot but to my amazement I found BBC on a 5:OO (1700 Hrs) time slot on Time Warner station 20 and I am pleased as I can watch it then ABC, NBC or CBS at 6:00Pm (1800 hrs and then World Focus at 6:30PM (1830 hrs) the world focus and BBC seem to have a much fuller and truer news cast than the other national news stations.
Now to the tim girhor of this world always Remember, ” Gold ” that is the factor they will turn to if I am not incorrect and the old green back dollar will lose status in the end. Don’t pack up your old green backs as if they were gold they are only a US Government Reserve note today worth less than the paper they are printed upon.

To the rest of the world and the US Citizens
not intended for/to the illegals aliens where ever they may be hiding;
The best, the very best of good byes. Frnak A Bowers (squeaky 1955-1963) Austin, TX


Think this one over… If the Nazis had wiped out all the arabs instead of killing jews, then shipped all the jews to those lands 99% of the worlds problems with terrorism would not exist today. No Libia no Egypt no Afganistan, Iran ,or any other radical trash spouting their terrioust religion.Sounds great to me. Now listen to the winy Arab lovers start spouting their radical views here.


I watch with perverse glee your report about the demise of bees around the world and its consequences.I say perverse glee because here in Miami bees are been exterminated left,right and inbetween.Every time a hive is found in a park tree,an abandoned house or anywhere else they are exterminated.So I laugh that your expert (?) tries to explain why we should try to help bee hives proliferate while here in So.Florida the bees are being eliminated.Of course I understand that WorlFocus have to be “politically correct” and so cannot say anything that will antagonize any segment of the population no matter how controversial and to the point it may be.I wish your reporting would be a little more acute and call “the spade,a spade” instead of pussyfoot around it to be as I said “politically correct”.Shame on you.


Homosexuals are not to blame for their condition. Blame Satan instead. Satan amongst his constant attacks upon the people of this world, such as placing hostile entities in our Medulla Oblongata to prevent us from learning who we really are. At the beginning of our sojourn on this world we make a choice as to what sex we wish to be. Having made that choice, we are meant to remain that way until we are ready to leave this world. Satan interfered, mixing people up so that they became confused about their identities. Every lifetime they were compelled to become a different sex, leaving them exposed to more devilish schemes perpetrated by Satan. Fortunately, God intervened and removed Satan and the Dark Angels. Further more, upon dying, the homosexual can look forward to a new lifetime in the sex he himself chooses. He will retain that sex the remainder, if any, of his lives. There needs to be more understanding of the plight these people face thanks to the Egocentric perverse power of the one we know as Satan.


To Doug H – the US national debt is a lot less than many other manjor industrialized countries – Relax! Lastly – what other currency will replace King Dollar? The Euro? Brazilian Real? Russian Ruble?? No – the dollar will outlast all (at least in our lifetime – all bets off 100 years from now).


I watched World Focus for the first time this evening. It seemed very informative and I’ll be interested to check out the past shows here on the web. I think a good topic and journalistic focus would be for World Focus to take a look at the growing dissent in the U.S. For some reason no one is covering it. Not one news magazine. It is a grassroots dissent and has unbelievable potential to become a ‘movement’ not yet seen in the U.S.


our national bebt is out of control , how will this efect the stock market and the value of the dollar , how long will other countries lend the U.S.A. money even at the inflated rate of return , what will happen when other countries stop lending us money , can the dollars staying power last as it loses value


word focus is ok, but let’s face it: BBC is in a different league.



Your comments are not worth reading. Why? Because you don’t have a clue about what you are saying in the first place.

Get you facts corrected before you come online an post stuffs that have not valid point-of-view.

World Focus is fair as far as reporting the news!
You on the other hands, seem to be mixed-up with your facts.

You should stick to writing fiction full of lies!


Never trust the Chinese. They will sell their mothers if they get a profit. (They are already selling their daughters to American adopters by the thousands).

They invaded Tibet and than attacked India in 50’s and 60’s under the false pretext of defense. India cannot trust China after that back stabbing invasion. China still occupies huge Indian territories. India is the only counter power to China in Asia and with U.S. help, the Indians will achieve a far superior military force.

It’s a shame that the Chinese maintain friendly relations with a terrorist state like Pakistan. This evil policy will come back to haunt them some day.

If the Chinese were really smart, they would recognize that India is their natural Asian ally as both ancient civilizations have so much in common. But China has tasted blood by occupying humble Tibetans for 60 years and the growing hungry carnivore only wants more.


I watched worldfocus today’s edition(6/16/2009). In this you showed that India has around 9mn child labour. I want to share something that, why It is so huge and why government is able to do a little, even they want to reduce this number.
India has 13.7% muslim population, and their growth rate is far more than any other community in country, due to their religious reason they donot use Family Planing program.
Since india is Damocracy, so government does not dare to enforce population control on this comunity(its being a Vast vote bank). Having more than affordable children in muslim families, Parents ask them to work in early age, so that they can earn bread and butter for themself.
If you survay, 80% of child labour in India are muslim.
This is a situation, practicully very hard to control in a Damocratic country.


After reviewing the many comments submitted, my first thought was that Ben needs to get a job. But, perhaps defending the indefensible is the work he has chosen for himself. In that case he has his work cut out for him given the long list of crimes Israel has committed since the sixty-seven war which it launched against its Arab neighbors. It was the first act of a thinly veiled attempt to ethnically cleanse the West Bank and the Gaza Strip of its Palestinian citizens. It is of little consequence who lived where 3000 years ago. If it did, Europe would become a region of wall to wall people, as U.S. citizens returned from the land that their ancestor’s took from its Native American inhabitants.

Instead, we live in a world governed by relatively modern law, not religious law, that all nations and there citizens are supposed to uphold, and abide by.

Unfortunately, Israel, under governments ranging from Mier to Netanyahu have in too many instances chosen to ignore International Law as set forth by the World Court, and the Geneva Conventions, relying on the protection of the United States in arena’s such as United Nations Security Council to block the sanctions which would have otherwise been imposed on Israel for numerous violations of it’s Charter and Mandates.

Now as the United Nations has begun an investigation into alleged war crimes committed by the Israeli Defense Forces during there recent invasion of Gaza, the spin coming out of Israeli spokespersons is that the United Nations is against Israel.

If Israel is innocent of the alleged war crimes as they claim, why would they force U.N. Investigator Goldman, a jew, and his staff to enter Gaza through Egypt by refusing them access through Israeli controlled territory. Without prejudging the investigation, I would nevertheless say that is only the innocent that have nothing to fear, and that the Israeli Governments decision not to cooperate speaks volumes.

The persona of the state of Israel as evidenced by its actions and statement is one of defiance, and being a law unto themselves. This was brought home to President Obama after Israel’s new Prime Minister rebuked his admonition to stop the construction or expansion of illegal settlements in the West Bank, figuratively biting the American hand that has kept the State of Israel’s economy viable. While at the same time U.S. tax dollars have created the worlds fifth largest military by spending billions each year for weapons purportedly for Israels defense. However, in violation of the terms of the weapons agreement between the two countries, the military aide the U.S. has provided has too frequently been used for acts of aggression, without any appropriate punitive action from our government.

Lastly I would like to say to Mr. Lebovits and all the other Israeli apologist’s who attempt to blame the Palestinian people, The Palestinian Authority, or the democratically elected Hamas Government, for the circumstances which have left them suffering in their own land. They are guilty of attempting to perpetrate a cruel joke.

It’s not the Palestinians who are bulldozing homes and Olive orchards in the West Bank or enforcing a blockade on Gaza that is depriving its citizens of the basic necessities of life.
And, with regard to the Palestinians being unwilling to negotiate Peace, you must have forgotten the peace settlement brokered by then President Jimmy Carter between Yasser Arafat and Itszak Rabin. This was the best chance for peace in my lifetime, and this hope was not put to rest by a Palestinian rocket, but rather by a bullet from the gun of the Zionist extremist who assassinated Prime Minister Rabin for making peace with the Palestinians.

Twist history as you will, the truth will eventually free the Palestinian people from the yok of Israeli domination. If Israel has a right to defend itself, so does Palestine.

P.S. Please do not call me an antisemite. I love jews as I love all people, it’s oppression that I hate.





I was shocked to see even world focus being poisoned by AIPAC and their agenda.It reported NEW YORK times(mouthpiece of Jewish lobby) reporting on Egypt’s action to contain swine flu.One must ask What was the actual agenda of this New York times reporting? Stir up another conflict between Muslims & Christians. Isn’t it a Whispering to Americans, their enemy are Muslims, so they should support Israel,afterall Israel do not slaughter pigs !

New York time is concerned about PIGS but NOT about Palestinians who are humans !Large part of them are Christians as well.I haven’t seen any report on the miserable condition of Palestinians,
Iraqis or Afghans!

Isn’t there any new agency in US who will report truth the way it is without any hidden agenda and bias. When will this endless hypocricy END ?




Here’s a great example of my definition of Isreal being more Christlike, if they keep dragging their feet, require them to surrender the Golan Heights as well.


Is not Hanna Failer a Jewish squatter on Palestine soil? Secretary Clinton’s business just happens to be exactly what she is doing. Appointed by The 45th President of the United States of America to represent my countries interests on the international stage. I believe these ingnorant public comments made by selfish fools such as Hanna Failer who misinform the average viewer with disingenous remarks will continue to hinder resolution. I support the end of bloodsheed first and a two state solution second. If Isreal wants to promote Hanna Failer’s position I am inclinded to support Hamas and I will incourage my neighbors and our congressional leaders to push for a unilaterally impartial position and withdraw ALL support for Isreal until such time that Isreal can LEARN to be more Christlike.




Now that most of America has realized that the “Mass News Media” can not be trusted for anything but New World Order propaganda, at least PBS is coming around to deliver some of the truth we need gotten to the public. Even the commercial “News Media” is having to join the discussion for NWO damage control. It is rewarding to finally see the discussions getting real about the real issues at stake; Constitutional rights, accountability for Cheney/Bush Crimes of the past eight years, and holding Obama accountable for actual change.

Now if only they will open key issue, independent 9/11 Investigations. Pelosi does have much for which to answer. But so does Hillary Clinton because she was on the same committees.

We badly need a purge of the CIA and Defense Department. We need people in these deparments that know and reverence the Constitution.

Charles Michael Couch


I am impressed by the positive segment on the town that still preserves the Aramaic language.

During these times of high tension between Iran and the west, I suggest similar coverage about the ancient pre-Islamic Zoroastrian religion that still exists in small numbers within Iran and the Parsi refugees who fled to India during Islamic invasion of Persia. Young people of Iran have recently shown an interest in their own Zoroastrian roots. World media should focus on such unique and almost forgotten cultures, religions and languages. This will encourage some hardliners to take a look at their own roots before getting carried away by fanaticism and hatred.

Another old language that has never seen the light of western media coverage is the ancient Indian languages called Sanskrit and Pali which were at a time very common in the Central Asia, Indian sub-continent, and South East Asia. Even today, Pali(Bali) and Sanskrit are used as a base languages for religion and philosophy in Thailand and neighboring countries.

The new international airport in Bangkok, Thailand was named ‘Suvarnabhumi International Airport’ which literally means ‘Golden Land’ in Sanskrit.


I watch WorldFocus,the BBC and Deutsche Welle pretty much every evening to get an overview of daily world events. The US networks are mostly for domestic news and entertainment and not to be taken seriously.


Regarding your segment on the town that still preserves the Aramaic language, I just wanted to point out that most of the Talmud is written in Aramaic, so any rabbi or educated talmudic yeshiva student, has at least a reading knowledge of the language, if not able to speak it. In the talmud the Aramaic is written using Hebrew characters. In the time of Jesus, Aramaic was one of the most common regional languages used for commerce and discourse. Hebrew by then was already being relegated to use only in the religious texts. Today, Hebrew has been resurrected as the national language of Israel.


During last years terrorist attacks in Mumbai, I scanned all the web news and realized that BBC news was trying to hold the news in a pro-muslim way. Finally when it was confirmed that the terrorists were muslims, it tried to block content about a pakistani link. Finally when pakistan government acknowledged that all the gunmen were from pakistan, BBC announced it in a small way. During all this was going on, several blogs, twitter and alternative news websites called them Al-BBC news. Unfortunately, BBC has become a pro-muslim, pro-pakistan biased news network.


I am a World Focus new observer, and from the beginning of this week, the reporting about women in Liberia after the brutal war made this new channel a very exciting news channel for. It offers such an inspiring stories!! I am an African, for please continue the gppd work and hope we can have more of such signature stories in weeks, months and years to come as we continue to enjoy and listen to the best news channel. Keep it up and still looking for more


I watch almost “religiously” WorldFocus! It is the only show which gives a glimps of whats outside of the 50 States.

All that said…. Stop watching it, if Michel Savidge is ousted. Mr. Savidge is the voice which binds the news stories with a personal touch.

I hope you bring back Michael Savidge, otherwise I have to resort to porting DemocracyNow for independent news.


Carla Robbins adds nothing to a round table discussion other than the wearing of her politics on her sleeve. She is a reason not to watch the show.

Conversely, Mr. Haass demonstrates a balanced perspective. I can’t tell what his politics are (which may not be optimal in a round table environment) but it is refreshing next to Ms. Robbins.

Keep up the good work, folks; this viewer appreciates your efforts.


Peter Koelliker, you have shown a lot more diversity than Ben Lebovits but when it comes to Israel; you two are unfair and dogmatic, about your position. Peter your #30 comments highlights your lack of understanding; of Fairness and the passion that it embodies – hence you followed through with comments #33 and #54. Ben, your question in comment #61 was heard and answered by Fiel in #66 and precluded by Clive Muncaster in #32 which got Peter all upset. which with positive historical evidence, clarity of know how and understanding Fiel, your highlighted examples have far more implications = yes that is what should have been done (and the minds that were should have at lease hypothesized over) and with such easy can been done now = them Germany/World migrants too Israel have no real claim there; even now given their migration is only a little over fifty years without any clear example of their permanence ever coming to fusion; except as outlined earlier by Fiel and Clive and any other Reasonable and Balanced minded person can easily accept.


World Focus I really enjoy your Quiz. It is a real motivator for me to gauge my attentiveness and adsorbsion – and as Martin highlights “its News not seen elsewhere” – which most often at 11pm viewing time here in Philadelphia, PA News is 25 minutes of rerun/repeats of what I seen earlier – Your News Reporting is so refreshing and non-dogmatic – As I said before WF Keep Up the Good Work!!!! Thanks Alfred


Nice little homes for remaining 3000 penguins in the entire world, of South Africa. Amazing creatures are so tough: they are trying to adapt to scorching South Africa land – no such temperatures existed on the islands where they were forced from by human activities (overfishing and global warming, etc).


Very revealing report on elections in El Salvador.

Is it any surprise that after “20 years of conservative rule by the right-wing Nationalist Republican Alliance party” which the US backed, that two million of their people fled to the US because of corruption and poverty???

20 years of US supported civil war against whom are some reason label “leftist rebels” by WF, really “rebels???

This doesn’t say much for US foreign policy, and it doesn’t say much for your news program, does it ???


WF on your Signature Story of Cuba three things were obvious and missing. 1) Race relation of Latin/Spainish speaking nations regarding Their Black/Darker Skinned citizens within their borders. 2) Which also reveals the vulgarness in denying Black citizens exits dispite such restrains (even in Cuba)- my Black brother looking around at 90% to 95% of his classmates have family members whom left cuba.-Even during his assessment of President Barack Obama one easily notice the Bigoted eye of his High-School members. 3) Lastly with so much (suppose it) trade going on in cuba it should be Celebrating the U.S. absent – because with this Broken U.S. Down ecomony the U.S. will most forciably require changes in Cuba Politics – though we are unadmitting approaching and endoresing ie Universal Health Care which their politics delivered to Cubans Decades ago. A World/Nation of Cowards – lets face Bigotry head on its is within the context???…!!!!


Thanks for your coverage of the Baha’is in Iran which I understand your program will be exploring again this Tuesday, March 17th.

Kendra’s statement (below) of 2/25/2009 “….that the Baha’i Faith is an independent world wide religion …. not an off shoot of Islam …” is true from the Baha’i religious perspective, but not from the viewpoint of Shiah Islam which regards the Baha’is as heretics. Much of what the Baha’i Faith teaches is very similar to Islam. In a sense, it is the reformation of Islam but with a highly administrative core which aspires to become the Theocracy of the planet in the fullness of time. In that regard, Baha’is are seen as ‘political’ by their opponents.


Why does Israel Not using anti missile weapons? There are radar, audio, aerial, and satellite systems which can easily locate and track small missile launches (also mortars and sniper shots). The this data can be quickly transferred to anti missile groups with weapons to shoot down the incoming rocket. This technology is available. Israeli military should be using this to protect their own people.
Thank You World Focus


I’m amazed at the tolerance shown the Israel gov’t by the world. They put up walls keeping a people confined and then wonder why rockets keep being shot at them..and the people keep hating them. …Then, they attack unarmed people with tanks and guns. Tell me they are humane and justified! I am not a muslim.




Thank you for doing the story about the lack of religious freedom and persecution of Baha’is in Iran. I think it is very important for people to know about this and to appreciate how lucky we are as Americans to be able to practice our religious and spiritual beliefs freely. I hope you can do a follow up about the development of the story of the 7 Baha’is in Iran that are being tried next week.
I also would like to point out that the Baha’i Faith is an independent world wide religion. It did have it’s birth in Iran where the Holy religion of Islam is predominant, but it is not an off shoot of Islam as mentioned in the show.
Thank you again, for bringing such important topic out to light.


Thanks World Focus. You folks rock. This is just what we need – a clean, fresh and reliable look at the world (and ourselves).


The BBC provided a deft narrative of US events which served a lot of people with the US as seen from outside. It also did the same with US foreign concerns, and events in other countries, just as WorldFocus has made its own special addition to the lineup in exploring issues with commentary.

Why does one have to replace the other? Why not both? WorldFocus is available at least 3 times a night in NYCity. Why can’t one slot be BBC?

If one door is shut as another is opened, it is not as much of an advance as it could have been.


please see my messages (vegan by design,ect) at, click search 1 time type in indycar01, thank you for your time.


(Please edit this). I see World Focus at 4 p.m. on PBS in Oakland, CA.The entire world seems toi flash across my eyes in thirty minutes. The segments from all around he globe are very engaging. Mr. Savidge is animated, curious, interesting: a perfect anchor. The design-work (interludes)of the program is attractive. The local PBS program has farless sparkle. Congratulations. Marvin Sicherman


addendum to #74. First, let me state that I believe that Martin Savidge is an honest reporter and is striving to be both objective and fair. His task I agree too is a very difficult one when it comes to the Palestine—Israel area: it’s a daunting task to satisfy both sides simultaneously.
Tonight is a good example of how difficult the task is.On my side,I am puzzled by the choice of “Peace Now” as the representative of the opponents of “settlements.”In–mideast issues—settlements, is found material about the Peace Now actions in the past(dated Nov.22 and Dec.2,2006), which raise serious questions about their reliability.Asking them to be a spokesgroup makes less sense to me than would have been the leader of one of the parties in the Kneset which opposes settlements.
As for me, the continuation of the expansion of the settlements makes a great deal of practical sense for the following reasons:(1)The viability of the present Abbas government and structure is
open to question ( see Martin Kramer–Analysis:Did Hamas really win in Gaza? in emeton ability to serve as an effective
partner in peace is questionable. (2)The
negotiations that will eventually take place will be very difficult ones. To give away the West Bank without receiving anything in return,
as other than as part of the negotiations, would be insane.(3) I do not believe that it will be possible for many of the arabs now living in Israel proper to remain there.I am convinced that there will have to be an exchange of people.For that to happen,there must be Israelis to exchange.In My opinion the damage perpretated by the Intifidas,suicide bombers,the rockets,killings by Israeli Arabs,etc. cannot be undone.(4)The state of Israel cannot continue to be a Jewish State if the Arab population becomes the majority.Moreover, the problems we see in Britain,France,etc that relate to the Islamic lifestyle,dress, values,etc. also show how difficult co- existence with Islamic groups is turning out to be.(5) Given the anger, hatred,and denial of the right to exist that we see among many of the important Arab groups,serious security problems exist when people like that are in one’s midst. If only the Arab world had accepted the 1947-8 UN partition! What a world of tragedy, death,and destruction we would have avoided!


Let’s suppose John killed someone,threw the gun far away,and then claimed, ” I did nothing wrong. Look at me. I couldn’t haved done it! I have no weapon!” Were a reporter to come along and report only what he saw in front of him after the sequence had occurred, I doubt anyone would take that as the truth. Context and veracity of reports are key elements of what rationally is defined as the truth.Sandra cites data about the number of wounded and killed in Gaza. Aren’t those figures and the their classifications ( civilians,military) ones advanced by the Hamas and Gaza favoring groups? Certainly,the Israelis provide an entirely different set of figures and a different classification of the numbers of civilians and Hamas fighters killed and wounded.Even if one doesn’t believe the Israelis, a reasonable degree of caution is required of any thinking person. Keep the following in mind.(1)Some US reporters working in Baghdad before the 2003 war admitted at a later date that they had withheld significant information and not told the whole story of what was happening in Iraq because they feared they would be expelled were they to do so.In Gaza,do you think that under Hamas reports are not monitored and censored at least to a degree? Examples: Hamas encourages reporters to write stories and show pictures of wounded and dead babies–except when one of their rockets went astray and killed some of their own babies. Pictures of those babies that they themselves killed never got out.(2) Fatah reported that a large number of their supporters were executed as Israeli spies when,according to Fatah,the accusation was a false one. (3) On the West Bank,Fatah once sought to embarrass Israel by
claiming a number of civilian deaths had been caused by an action of the Israelis.Reporters were given an opportunity to shoot a scene of a “dead” person being carried away on a stretcher.Fortunately,one of the stretcher bearers stumbled and the body fell to the ground.The “dead” man who was dropped then picked himself off the ground and dusted himself off.If the incident had not been caught on tape, I wonder if Sandra would have believed that had actually happened.
Let me end up by focusing upon two recent reports.(I) A reporter showed (and told a story about) an olive grove in Gaza.He showed tank tracks that were all over the grove and destroyed trees,and interviewed the grieving owner of the grove.Any compassionate listener and viewer would be moved by this—it takes 5-7 years to regrow and produce crops from new trees. What was not mentioned, however, was this: rockets have frequently been fired from olive groves. The Israelis have the eqqipment to pinpot the locations from which the rockets are fired.The
purpose of going into Gaza was to prevent the further firing of rockets.Moreover, it would have been at least relevant to note whether or not this grove was one of the groves the Israelis left intact in Gaza when they departed from Gaza.In brief, the reporter limited hkmself to what he now saw before his eyes and to the report of the owner of the grove.Thus, when that much is left out, we can do more than merely quibble about the story’s “truthfulness.” (2) A reporter was at a hospital bed where a small child was who was being cared for by what looked like a doctor.The audience was informed that the boy had been struck by white phosphorous.The kid made a number of comments ,one of which was,in effect ,about the heartlessness of the Israelis to do something like this to a child.Then he cried and complained about the pain he was experiencing. Around the upper part of his body was a large area that was bandaged and the caretaker continued to wind more bandage about that portion.The bandages looked quite tight.I am not a doctor and certainly have no experience treating seriously injured burn patients.However, I do have experience with children and have major questions about the boy’s behavior and how that boy seemed to be treated.Did the reporter show this video to a burn specialist ? Did he check to see whether or not he was being subjected to a set-up and being exploited for a damaging story against Israel? Seeing is not believing as any magic act proves.Finally the phosphorous charges are under investigation.We shall see whether or not Israel actually used it in an impermissible way. Hamas and the pro-Gaza accusers are not “sufficient” in my eyes to be conclusive.


I think WorldFocus is doing a pretty good job of reporting the crisis in Gaza and it is important for people to know the extent of the humanitarian crisis there. Is not “inflamatory” to show the truth. The truth is that over 1400 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed, over 5000 wounded and most of those are civilians, women and children. The Israelis used white phospherous, dime bombs, and are not allowing aid in, and have bombed UN sanctuaries etc. It is not inflammatory to tell it like it is–it’s just telling it like it is.

WorldFocus has also told and shown the deaths caused by the Hamas rockets. And that also is telling it like it is.

I think WorldFocus is doing a far superior job of covering the crisis than any other mainstream US broadcast and hope the coverage continues.


Loved accordian in Afghanistan Program on Jan. 26th. Faithful viewer.


How long will it take World Focus to tell the story of the Jewish refugees from Arab lands? Their descendants from half of Israel’s population. How long will it take to contrast this with the way Arab lands still keep the descendants of a similar number of Arab refugees stateless?

The tragedy of the Palestinian cause is that it was built not for its own sake, but to destroy Israel. Its lack of a positive vision goes back to 1948, when Jews accepted the UN’s two-state
solution, and the Arab world rejected it, with six Arab armies invading the tiny new

In the following decades, there were TWO refugee populations – Arabs from Israel,
and Mizrachi Jews from Arab lands.

In the space of 25 years, Israel turned the tent camps that housed the latter into
development towns. The descendants of those Jewish refugees from Arab lands form about
half of Israel’s population. Many are residents of Sderot, the target of some 8000
missiles in the last seven years, and the target for over 500 missiles during the six
month “ceasefire” with Hamas. Several times a day, they had to flee to bomb shelters.

There were a similar number of Arab refugees, but no comparative attempt to uplift them.
Between 1948 and 1967, Jordan controlled the West Bank and Egypt
controlled Gaza. They should have set up a Palestinian state there – but refused to.
Egypt used the population of Gaza as cannon fodder for raids into Israel. That was the
first of several missed opportunities – another was when Israel handed the Sinai back to
Egypt in the 1980’s. Egypt refused Israel’s request to take Gaza along with the Sinai.
Even now, Egypt keeps its Rafah crossing with Gaza shut, and the overwhelming majority of
supplies come through Israeli crossings.

Whatever the sins of this tragic recent war, it is another round in a conflict that
cannot be solved by one-sided Israeli concessions, or pressure just on Israel. Ideally,
there should be a Palestinian state alongside an Israeli one. Perhaps that Palestinian
entity could have some form of political links to Jordan, which comprises 78% of Balfour
mandate Palestine, and Egypt. That outcome won’t be advanced by blaming Israel for
fighting back against a group, whose publicly stated goal is the murder and expulsion of
all Jews in the Holy Land. Whatever Israel’s mistakes and sins, most have been forced on
it in wars of survival. Given the choice between being unpopular or dead, most Israelis
choose the former.


The economy can be seen as a delicate fabric which, when stressed (or torn) in any one part of it, affects the entire bolt. As the U. S. dollar is seen as supporting the entire weave, we can assume that a deliberate attack on the integrity of the fabric in any one sector will be sufficient to put the dollar itself at risk. That is why oil-producing nations (especially) have consistently called for replacing the dollar basis (against which everything else is calculated) with some other currency or financial instrument. Perhaps they knew that an attack on the dollar was imminent. Maybe they failed to consider that all other currencies would be adversely affected as well.
Now it is conceivable that the global financial meltdown was the result of careful planning by anti-American elements both within and outside our borders. When the Portuguese set up shop in Goa (India), the first thing they did was destroy Hindu temples and build churches in their place. The mogul invasions, earlier, razed Hindu temples as well. The point of this was to destroy what was seen to be the source of the people’s identity, hence their power. American power rests primarily on its financial infrastructure. That is why the World Trade Center Towers were attacked on 9/11. The people who planned this recognized the tentacles of American (financial) imperialism slowly strangling the rest of the world. Their attack was aimed at one of the heads of the hydra, hoping it would die and release its grip.
9/11 turned out to be the cornerstone of their war against America. It would achieve its purpose in a way that was never entirely clear to us. Nevertheless, we now find ourselves in the position we’re in in large part due to what happened on 9/11. The architects of the plan had no idea of how successful they would ultimately be. They were not concerned with innocent lives lost. Neither did they concern themselves with what would turn out to be financial hardships suffered by people around the globe. Their mission was simply to destroy America’s power base, relegating any consequence thereof to the necessary cleansing (some would say, by fire) of what was seen as America’s unholy stain on the world’s populations. As such, their effort was not to install a better system. It was merely to destroy the existing one that was seen as having become too oppressive and too arrogant.
Mohammed Atta and the rest were freedom fighters in their own eyes and in the eyes of those who sent them. They will be celebrated (just as Che is now) after America has fallen on its sword.
The question now remains: What will replace it – America’s (financial) sword, I mean. There are those who now seek to repair the damage. But their efforts are clumsy at best. Too many strands have already been severed. And all the thrashing around for old world solutions only serves to tear the cloth further. The weaving of a brand new cloth will be slow and arduous. Will it succeed? The only thing certain at this point is that America now stands disgraced and will not be invited to have any part in it.


I was disappointed by your program tonight.When you present material as inflammatory and as full of very serious charges as were the video and the interview with the UN official,it is customary and fair journalism to give the otherside a chance to respond.In The New York Times(Jan.16)
Isabel Kershner(“UN Building in Gaza is Hit by Strike from Israel)points out the long history of animosity of the UN to Israel,the fact that Israel questions the neutrality of the UN,and the the claim by the Israelis that most of the UN staff in Gaza are local Palestinians “a large part (of whom) are affiliated one way or another with Hamas.” Given both sides of the story ,each
listener is entitled to decide for himself or herself which one they see as truthful.Too often statistics given by Hamas Health officials and reports given by Palestinian “eye witnesses” are treated as the truth.Little or no consideration appears to be given to the long history of spinning by them.I’m sorry to see that you have fallen into that trap too.


Fascinating 1/15. > 1000 Palestinians killed in 20 days of warfare, 40% women and children. And Ban Ki-Moon says civilian deaths are “unbearable”. Yet later in the broadcast, you note how > 2,100 people in Zimbabwe have died from cholera– an easily treatable and preventable disease. But the world is amazingly silent. Is this what the world means by “proportionality”? I suppose to Ban Ki-Moon (and European demonstrators) African deaths are somehow more bearable than Palestinian.


The US will continue to be a target of extremists as long as they continue to unconditionally back Israel. The days are gone when Israel has the need to be Hawkish. The only attacks they get now are as a direct result of their occupation of Palestinian Land. Granted there are those that believe that Israel shouldn’t have been put there in the first place. But if we stick with the UN mandated, but not ratified, creation of Israel & Palestine it would be a good step in the right direction. Legally Israel shouldn’t even exist because it was never even ratified, due to the immediate outbreak of war. You can’t blame a people for wanting their land back, on both sides. A compromise must be made by both parties to have peace in the region. But Israel continues to send settlers in to Palestinian lands, imprisons the people in Gaza and is suprised when the lash back. Palestinians are suprised when Israel attacks after they continue to attack. Both sides need to have cooler heads in charge and let diplomacy take place.


What was the state of Palestine before the modern Exodus to Palestine occurred? What permssion was sought of granted by the natives then inhabiting the land or sought by the British who issued the “White paper.” Did that document authorize the return of the then non-natives of Palestine? Could not early conflicts have been avoided had there been a consensus among the Palestinians -then already long in the land- to welcome and okay the re-entrance of ancestors of the earlier dwelling Israeli’s seeking entrance?

America, as an example allows the prior dwelling Mexicans to return to areas their ancestors once occupied, as long as they go through the proper legal channels. Native Americans too {Amerinds] still largely confined to reservations can enter into full citizenship benefits by availing themselves of the facilities for doing so. No prohibitions exists to prevent their doing so, but they need of course regard the now prior functioning state of U.S. governance.

Would not therefore applying for citizenship have worked better for all in the region, rather than some exercising an arbitrary assumption of a rignt to belong there?

Were modern day Israel’s then to now opt to willingly leave and later return, with regard for the prior rights of the prior occupants of the land, what might then occur? Would peoples of other nations be willing to help subsidize such a latter Exodus -and also the return- when it is thereafter sought?

In any disagreement it is often the more mature of the contenders that will civilly resolve the matter.


Please allow me to make mention of today’s passing of one of the two men I would have liked to meet during my lifetime: Patrick McGoohan. He was my inspiration back in a time of black and white television (Danger Man/Secret Agent); when there was no apparent confusion as to nuance; when good battled evil and good always came out on top. Pat is best known, perhaps, for “The Prisoner” (color), which I personally found disappointing, but many others viewed as brilliant and innovative. – We will miss you, John Drake.


In rereading my comment (#64) this morning,I realized that I had given the wrong year for the visit of the Israells. They came in the pre 9/11 period.Thus,the year should have been 2001,not 2003.I apologize for the error in the year.


In regard to Peter’s comment,may I suggest the following? Israel probably had two purposes in asking the US about taking out the nuclear facilities,neither of which was based upon the expectation that the US would give Israel a green light to go ahead. (I) For the record.History clearly shows that new weapons get into the hands of terroristic groups in a matter of time.The US, as well as Israel, is a primary target of the Islamic world terrorists.You may recall that in August,2003, a delegation from Israel came to the US to warn the US that something was about to happen.The US and Israel disagree about the specificity of the warning and thus the utility of the warning. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if Israel has sent the US intelligence about what it believes is now taking place in Iran that
relates to the production of a bomb.It’s an “I told you so long before it happened” maneuver. (2) The US is very preoccupied with the economic mess we are in and the Gaza conflict. Israel feels it’s very urgent that the US pay attention to what is going on in Iran and that the US try to do something about what is going on in Iran.Not surprisingly, you probably heard that the president has authorized a covert action program in that area.
With Hizballah on the North with thousands of modern rockets and Gaza with Hamas on the side, do you actually believe that Israel is interested in a war against all the anti- Israel Arab-Islamic states? After all, it’s not 1967 or even 1973 any more!


Reading the NY Times – great stuff: Israel just wanted to start another war in the middle east (bombing Iran, again..), like there is not enough trouble..?

I am sure World Focus will find a subtle way to explain why Israel is – of course – right on this one, too.


Over the Last few days,it has been reported that various ship owners have paid ransoms to the Somalie pirates for their ships’ return. It is not hard to predict that the paying of ransoms will accomplish nothing more than to encourage more piracy.Similarly,Hamas has no incentive to stop firing rockets at Israel as long as world opinion and the UN Security Council support them and/or do nothing to force them to cease and desist.As of now, Hamas insists it will continue to fire rockets regardless of what anyone else says or does. Israel in turn, as a sovereign country,must
protect its citizens. Thus, there is no alernative being presented that can resolve the impasse.In short,sadly the war will continue. And,
the battles in Gaza will intensify and civilian casualties will increase,probably substantially.
Stopping the rockets in exchange for the stopping of the incursion is a price Hamas is unwilling to pay.

There are two factors that explain the projected increase in civilian casualties,aside from the facts that Hamas operates within a civilian protective setting and some shells are bound to end up off target.
(1)Hamas has spent many months if not years setting up defenses,traps, and storage depots all over Gaza,including in civilian homes, mosques, schools, and probably even under hospitals.Hamas has spent thousand of hours and assigned substantial manpower to the development alone of a tunnel system that runs underneath a good part of settled areas,eg. Gaza City. In contrast, there is little evidence that Hamas,which constitutes the government of Gaza, has done anything substantial to safeguard and protect the civilians—what we call the activities of the Homeland Security Administration.Thus, we hear of many citizens in Gaza asking” where are we supposed to go? What are we supposed to do?” When that happened in the wake of Katrina in our country,we angrily blamed the governmental units—they were supposed to have formulated plans to cover such an eventuality. Here,Hamas did not work out plans for the civilians.Its attention was focused on how better to kill the Israelis when the Israelis would enter to stop the rockets.Civilians are propaganda props for Hamas and the world is very prone to fall for the props.The Hamas fighters and government know they can absolutely count on it happening.

(2)No government capitulates to terrorists except when it must surrender.Thus, the order of priorities in war is generally: the mission,the protection of the lives of the country’s own troops,and the protection of civilian lives in the area of operation.In Gaza,the traps that Hamas has set and the use of civilians as a protective setting will make it extremely difficult to protect the civilians. The choice that Hamas wants to impose—and have the world impose ==on Israel is: you can defend yourselves but not if it means civilians are going to be harmed.The problem is obvious: The conditions Hamas has set up makes it impossible to carry out the mission and to protect the Israeli troops. Logic dictates on the Israeli side that the choice be to complete the mission and first to protect the Israeli troops.

Finally, at this time we cannot resolve the whole mess.If we can resolve the rocket-incursion mess,that will be a significant accomplishment.

Anyone have any ideas about how, in the context of the facts on the ground, that that can be done?


I am watching “The Story of India” on PBS. To me, it is utterly fascinating. The rich and colorful graphics have it. I’ve always had a soft spot for India. Back in the late 60’s, early ’70, Louis Malle’s essentially bloodless “Phantom India” (1969) was all it took to coax me into taking the leap. Had I seen this current six-part series back then, I might not have postponed my eventual visit to the sub-continent until 1974.

As I was watching, it occurred to me why the MSM is so partial toward the Palestinians in today’s conflict (and every other conflict involving these all too familiar players). Some of the allure comes from simple staging, no doubt. Broadcast during the crucible of winter when much of the western world is huddled around groaning furnaces, the sight of teeming masses demanding the seasonally-thinned blood of (essentially western) stainless steel warriors has the effect of pitting life-affirming passion against a culture of death. Whereas it is often said that the materialistic lifestyle of the West is essentially empty of promise, the visuals of a Hamas rally, for instance; or the celebration of Holi (India’s Festival of Colors) cannot fail to move the human heart to yearn for something more than the perfunctory pursuit of money to be disposed of just as perfunctorily on the altars of name brand department stores or in the gambling halls of Wall Street.

Our 24-hour news anchors and pundits, simply put, are drawn (as is everyone else) to any visual illusion that gives the appearance of life (even if only in the short run) as opposed to the now almost painfully phlegmatic tradition of consumerism designed to promote only itself. It represents the phenomenon of the addicted smoker lustily promoting no-smoking campaigns in hopes of saving himself.


What do you feel about the end of the world? Do you believe in it or any of the events leading into it?


May I pose still another question? This morning on NPR the Al Jazeera English reporter,who has been visiting schools,mosques and homes,was asked if he could determine whether any of the people he saw at the various locations were Hamas fighters.He responded that he could not.Neither the Hamas fighters nor their auxiliary forces(eg, police) are wearing uniforms.In short,the Hamas fighters ,etc have melted into the civilian population (thus not even at the hospitals can one determine whether an individual is a genuine wounded civilian or a wounded fighter if that person is not a child and probably if not a woman).(3) Under these circumstances what does international law say are the rules that a defending force must follow in waging war against the attacker?If an attacker flagrantly violates international laws of war,what is the defending force allowed to do to protect itself?


Tonight Martin Savidge asked for questions.May I submit 2? (1) How does international law define “disproportionate responses” on the part of a defending party? Are there any qualifying factors?(2)When an attacking force positions its troops and weaponry in civilian homes,schools,etc. civilian locations, what rules does international law say determine combat operations?Must the defending force withhold fire even if it means the death and wounding of its troops or the loss of the battle?


Few people here are aware of the actual sequence of events that preceded the deadly tsunami (wave) that slammed into coastlines of Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and India back in 2004. Eerily, it mirrors our own impending economic collapse.

When in India, I live three blocks from the beach. Though I wasn’t there at the time, I’ve heard people tell of what happened. First there was great “sucking” sound as the sea retreated away from the shoreline. Fifty-eight km to the south in Mahabalipuram – ancient seaside capital of the Pallava kings – witnesses said they saw a pattern of stones emerging, believed to be the remains of six of seven ancient pagodas that had long ago been claimed by the sea. People all along the coast were drawn to this strange phenomenon of seeing no water where water had always been. The stray dogs, however, knew better. They raced up our street as fast as their broken and diseased legs could carry them, seeking higher ground. When the water returned, it returned as a great wave that slammed into the shore, causing the destruction we’ve all seen on television.

Today, the dogs too are racing to seek higher ground. They are sitting on their money in an attempt to protect it. They are not buying or investing. While the curious look up at the sky and pontificate – seeing no change and, hence, sounding no alarm – the dogs know something is up. They may not know how serious a hit, or when; but their gut feeling tells them it’s imminent – and that it’ll be bad.


Bill (McLean #51)apparently objects to the material I have submitted and calls this my blog. I can only say that if it were,I would would never have allowed his comments to be included without supporting documentation.Let me briefly address what he calls the infamous resolution 242.
Resolution 242 has many elements to it.Because he focuses on Occupation,let’s take the portion of the resolution that deals with it.
“I. affirms that the fulfillment of Charter principles requires the establishment of a just and lasting peace in the Middle East which would include the application of both of the following principles(1) withdrawal of Israel armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict;(2) Termination of all claims or states of belligerency and respect for and acknowledgement of the sovereignty,territorial integrity,and political independence of every state in the area and their right to live in peace within secure and recognized boundaries free from
threats or acts of force.”
To accomplish that,the Secretary-General is authorized to send a representative “to promote agreement and assist efforts to achieve a peaceful and accepted settlement in accordance with the provisions and principles in this resolution.”
Thus, four elements are included: negotiations are supposed to take place,the two principles are linked and both are to be involved in the negotiations, there is no precondition about withdrawal coming first,and no specific boundaries are included.
Most important,the US representatives, ( UN Ambassador Arthur Goldberg,Under- Secretary of State for Political Affairs Eugene Rostow,etc.)in printed articles have thus stated.Given that the two were present during that period and helped formulate the document, I think they know what it is all about.
Thus,the misrepresentations about withdrawal from all the territories, especially as a precondition for negotiations or peace, are based on sources other than our people,particularly Arab sources.They, of course, say nothing about the second principle which is enunciated which they have violated to the nth degree.Blaming Israel under those circumstances is meaningless.

Finally to use the same terms to describe Israel and Hamas is ludicrous.Israel has dropped leaflets and made telepone calls to help Gazans get out of danger.Hamas sends people with ammunition belts filled with nails to explode them in populated areas.That difference is only one of a myriad of differences between the two forces. Members of Hamas are intentional, premeditated killers–they deserve to be called terrorists.But,its a waste of blog space to try to reason with you.So, I’ll stop here.


Hamas may be losing, but that does not mean that the war is lost by all those seeking to re-order the global chessboard to their own advantage. Which begs the question, does PEBO understand the game he has been elected to play for us – to preserve and protect?
One of the tenets of the philosophical wing of socialism/communism is that anyone capable of drawing breath – regardless of experience or training – is capable of filling any post; that human beings are identical pieces of some great machine that will forever grind on into eternity. (Enter Leon Panetta as proposed CIA chief.)
Does Obama himself understand what the job he is about to begin entails? Is he even aware of the most rudimentary rules of engagement when it comes to geopolitical jousting? Is he capable of identifying the divergent objectives of the various players? Will he be able to effectively counter strategies that may be harmful to us? Does he care? Or will he merely be a malleable, affirmative-action frontman for a nation that has abandoned the fight.
Barrack Obama promises that “America will always be America”. Does he mean this in the sense of Jerusalem always being Jerusalem where the question remains as to whether it will end up under Israeli or Arab domination? Or divided?
“To Preserve and protect” runs contrary to the clarion call for change. ”Should America’s mantle be torn to pieces and divided among the rabble that has successfully brought about its destruction, we would be hard pressed to call it anything but the wreckage of what was once a great nation.


World Focus Very Good Job but your editiors like so many other News Organizations are leaving out-Historial Facts that are easily illuminated – Which the German Jewsish Refugees, we know control must to all media outlets don’t want disclosed either. That is those same Jews Built Illegal Settlements there with no provocation from the Palestines and refursed to dismantel and move completely out of those areas. Hence Hamas is bombing to dismantel ill gotten settlements. That’s one big reason they been bombing so long. I love what #51 insight and Justice, Justice – Yes the Means and the Goal-These are the same people whom want them to come clean their houses after they get done killing Palestines Family Members and destroying their property. Palestines don’t currently have the income to built elabarate Bomb Shelters so the Tunnels are their Air Raid Shields-Why Hamas is/was trying to protect their people and them Refugees from Germany are bombing them for that, claiming those commuter tunnels are not allowed to be used for the same purpose we do/will use our in this country if needed-and we would not be considered wrong and/or dare someone too say we were/are and we would fight harder just because. Yes I say Hamas Needs to fight a little smarter/First it was Rocks now unexpoded Rockets – ones must ask where they get those dudes from and why? Those Germany So-called Jews need to go back to Germany or Come here to the U.S. and run us off our land understanding how much the U.S. Government is placing so much Misdirected support for those Refugees to continue too displace the Natives. We Done it and Support those who Do it/maybe its time we have it Done to U.S. / I mean Great Britian was conquered by the same homeland of people from Germany called Englanders – whom Goal was then and now to Conquer the World – Too much of that mind set reflects from people of that land-It’s not Conquer of Be Conquer-Its Live In Peace Through Justice – That’s the mindset that’s needed to Replace this Continuing Mind set comming out of Germany and Her Decendences over and over and over and over again.


OK, I think I get it now. PBS must have thought BBC News was too balanced. So, they got World Focus instead.


Onslought by Israel using most modern arsenal with area destruction lethality against civilian dense areas is crime against humanity . Israel has little case in its favour if one puts all the facts together. It is just not merely the rockets.One wonders it it the same people who talk and glut the world with their stories of holocaust which one must take with a pinch of salt.It is a obvious that Isael draws all its arroance from the US and recklessness from support it gets from Hasni Mubarak and M Abbas the two Arab balck horses.


May I join the Ben Libovits private Blog?
Countless International decisions have recognised the illegality of Israel’s “Palestininian Occupied Territories”, the most infamous one being Resolution 242.
Why then, Martin Savidge, do you and other journalists fail to acknowledge this form of identification in your parrotted handouts from Israel?

We can only offer excuses for the current American President but at least in order to get to the truth we need to start labelling the participants and activities in the Middle East crisis with the correct nomenclature. I’m referring to the need to call the militant wing of the Hamas organization as we do the Israeli’s and that is the Hamas Defence Forces; or would the Bloggists prefer to call the ‘other’ group the Israeli Terrorist Group; similar to the Hagannah and the Stern gang of the 40’s?

The recent anihilation of over 500 (and counting) civilians, with several thousand civilian casualties, bears traces of the Nazi purges during the 1930’s in Eastern Poland, wherein over six million Christians were expunged. This was one of the forgotten genocides.


I have just watched your coverage of the Gaza /Israel situation and I am disgusted that you are so biased towards the Israeli side. What about the Palestinians who have ben made to live like animals for so long . What about their kids who have never known peace and who are psychologically disturbed. Talk about a one sided approach you have nailed that! If there is ever to be a peace im the Middle East we have to be more even handed. We cannot let the Israel Lobby dominate all that we read and think about. There are 2 sides to this issue and they both have equal merit. Almost no US News org. is addressing what the Palestinians have suffered for far too long. This is a problem that will not go away even if we choose to ignore it.


Just got done watching the show on NY. The story on the Palestinian/Israel conflict was very one-sided, i.e. pro Israel. They made it sound that the conflict only started with the Palestinian rockets. No mention of the apartheid-like conditions created in this territories.


In my previous response to Cross ,I didnot react to his comments on Justice.It might be helpful to point out the following.Among the numerous references in the scriptures to justice,consider this one ( which reflects the spirit of its use in scripture):”Justice,justice shall you pursue.” Why,the commentaries ask, is the term used twice? The answer they say is that both one’s goals and means must be just ones.Without both just ends and means there cannot be fairness or peace.The history of Hamas ( and Fatah) is a history of terrorism. Practically every innovation in modern terroristic tactics can be traced back to them.Their victims are legion.I thought Mumbai would be a wake -up call,but the slumber of the humanists and anti Israel crowd is apparently a deep one.People who deliberately,premeditatedly,and intentionally target innocent men,women,and children are not people who have justice on their side.Second, if an individual sets out to kill, the intended victim of the killer has every right– nay, has an obligation– to take preemptive measures even to the point of killing the pursuer.The scriptures do not mandate that one be passive and allow another to kill.And clearly when rockets rain down,the right to defend oneself is beyond question and unambiguous.I predict that should Hamas succeed now, that it won’t be long before one of these kinds of things will happen:(a) The PPK will use rockets against Turkey;(b)the Pakistani terrorists will try sending rockets into Indian Kashmir; or some very extreme Basques will try rocketing parts of Spain.When that kind of thing happens we’ll see how other countries react to such an onslaught and whether they will tolerate such attacks for month after month.


Cross talks about Hamas as a fledging democracy. Although there is much that needs to be fleshed out in rejection of that claim, let me limit myself to two brief comments. Hitler and his original band also were democratically elected; and, whether or not an entity is a democracy is judged by its behavior too not just by its means of initially gaining power.
To make a rational judgment about Hamas and what is going on now,one must take into account the following.(I)Hamas has reserved to itself the right to fire rockets at will into Israel,to kill and wound,and to disrupt life in Israel.Its goals is to destroy Israel.(2) The leaders of Hamas have indicated they will fight to the death–they are not interested in peace. They indicate that the only way peace will occur is over their dead bodies. (3)Hamas shows no pity or consideration for its people—no genuinely democratic government would stubbornly insist upon adhering to a nonsensical,irratitional policy that destroys its people the way Hamas has been doing.
Apologists for Hamas are actually declaring the following.Hamas refuses to stop firing rockets into Israel. They are firing them from civilian areas and are storing the rockets in public places,including mosques. Civilians will be wounded and killed if attempts are made to
destroy the rockets or the launchers. Therefore Israel may not take any effective action against the rockets and the rocket firing.The fact that Israelis are wounded,killed and suffer serious intrusions into their everyday life and are psychologically harmed by the insecurity and terror,–the most that all of that elicits is a tut tut,we deeply sympathize with you BUT any effective action that you might feel impelled to take to protect your citizens is off limits.The basic point is very clear:Hamas can stop firing the rockets at any time–it’s only their refusal to give up the goal of killing and wounding Israelis that is stopping them; and, and by failing to stop,is causing the catastrophies that any rational measures of cocunteraction must incur.


At this week’s traditional New Year’s concert by the Vienna Philharmonic that was broadcast around the world the talented and courageous Israeli conductor Daniel Barenboin, a long-standing champion of the Palestinian people, introduced the festive event with a poignant plea for justice in the Middle East and the Holy Land. He did not say “peace,” an easier word, but “justice” – a word that is not lost on those who know what lies beneath the present conflict in Palestine. He will surely be criticized by supporters of present Israeli policy because the word “justice” goes to the heart of the matter. Without justice there will never be peace. As the psalmist in the Hebrew scriptures says, “Justice and peace will kiss.” That day has not yet arrived.

It’s interesting that great artists like Barenboim, and before him Yehudi Menuhin, have more insight and moral awareness than our biased government that is always quick to lay blame on the victims of injustice and to turn a blind eye to the real terrorists. The administration professes to promote democracy but when the Palestinian people voiced their wishes in a truly democratic election and rejected the discredited Abbas and his Palestinian Authority, the United States and its alleged friend Israel did everything possible to insure that the fledgling democracy would fail and Gaza would today become an open-air prison camp.


I use to watch Martin Savage on WJW when he was in Cleveland. I’m glad to see him expand himself into this wonderful anchorman. This is a good show and I’m sure with his influence it will go on for years. I do like the idea that people will send in articles of news to you. Posting them on the web will be a real adventure.


With upswelling concern during the seasonal viral and mosquito infestation seasons, it’s puzzling that there has not been a more widespreading response to the claims and evidences that solutions to controlling such infestations were discovered years ago and presented to major national institutions and offered publickly with the prerequisite that one million persons be willing to set aside at least five gold or silver pieces [U.S. gold dollars being then quite acceptable] to enable distribution, further gathering of essentials to be fully conducted and others employed in the work. Demonstration were also given during the past few years of more effective and sure ways to control wildfires without usage of chemicals or heavy equipment and to also control the direction and movements of tropical storms. With these seasons also reocurring and demonstrations of efficacy having been provided, it continues baffling there has been such a meager response to the offers and evidences of further planetary evolution


The reason we’ve made so many miscalculations is because we’ve lost the language. In our zeal to create our secular humanistic illusion, we’ve willfully abandoned the tools required to face down a determined enemy. It has blown us off course, leaving us exposed and confused as to the nature of the real world where bloody men kill for thrill; where the ideology of psychopathic domination and enslavement knows no bounds. We’ve written virtual tomes, listing forbidden words. “Evil” for instance, has been struck from the lexicon and been replaced with “quirky”. We look at Ahmed Yousef, for instance, and call him “quirky” (by the way, we love his beard). We look at Ahmadinejad, and call him “misguided”. We’ve (mis)read too much Jung and are too arrogant to understand that all the jargon in the world cannot compensate for the simple common sense of calling a spade a spade.

Has 9/11 awoken us from our delusional slumber party? Apparently not. It was just a Wilhelm Busch inspired prank by a bunch of straight-up boys bent on having their 15 minutes of fame (sadly, post-mortem) on the world stage. Shame on us for letting our guard down. If they had lived, we could have made them realize the error of their ways by having them sit in a circle around a campfire on some secluded beach (in Hawaii), singing while the moon hangs blood red just above the water, thereby allowing them a transcendent moment in which to experience an epiphany. There was no need to respond the way we did. In fact, that was the real crime, and we will absolutely hold those responsible to account.

In the meantime, the threat grows ever more virulent, engulfing the entire globe. Yet we persist in our foolish policy of concession and appeasement while at the same time shortening the leash on our own populations …by jettisoning forbidden words and word combinations.

“Islamic terrorist”, for instance, is out – as is “Christmas”. Maybe we’ll even abandon our cars and (don’t forget) “capitalism”. That should do the trick and bring us in line with the butchers of decent men and women who just happened not to have had their education in one of the Saudi’s madrassahs. Maybe we’ll abandon our ability to wage war. That will teach them – and maybe, just maybe we’ll escape the butcher’s knife clawing at our entrails.


Several Al-Jazeera english reports by Shireen Tadros (sp?) seem highly propagandistic. Some skepticism by the Worldfocus producers or anchor would be appropriate. The major purpose of Al-jazeera is propaganda. A suggestion: look up “Pallywood”.

1/1/09: The young mother being interviewed changed her claim, as she spoke, to a claim that her children “want to die” with her. This was increased histrionics to follow the clear lead of the reporter. The new Pallywood.

12/30/08: The el-Ramle family near a PA Ministry complex of some sort. Seemed to me that the daughter Maryam (sp?), was acting and playing to the camera, especially when she “couldn’t speak” at first, and also when all present suddenly rushed out to “evacuate”. From the body language of the younger boys, it was not serious, and was easily a fraud planned or written for the camera. However the Maryam character clearly was very camera-aware and hamming it up as she walked past the camera and kept turned to remain facing the camera. This is Pallywood again.

Here is a youtube video on earlier works of Pallywood, from pajamasmedia:


The world long familiar, as we have known it to so yet tragically be, is for all practical purposes ending, and has officially ended. What yet remains is as a curtain call after the finale has been acted out, and a bloody after-birth of a new birth. Niether further massive governmental dole-outs or grandiose pretentious and empty hypocritcal utterances from those long striving to derive gain from such treacherous deaalings, can impede the full collapse and passing of an age that has finally run its course to the end. The passing age has left as its unwanted legacy, a devastated planet, polluted skies and fields and waterways and abused massacred creatures as the excrement of human excesses.

Still spreading pestilence and poverty continues, as world governments instead of determinatively collaborating to resolve such miseries, spend combined trllions, derived from specious inciting banking practicies, on wreaking further destruction upon vulnerable peoples, expecting to be thereby profitted.

What rational person can do anymore than utter and wish a hearty farewell to such a world! Who will shed tears at its final passing!

It waa not without good reason it was forecast centuries ago: ‘And I saw a new heaven and new earth, for the former had passed awa’.


Dear World Focus,
Tonight, Thursday 1 January, the program severely slanted against Israel. We were treated to scenes of medical supplies crossing at the Egyptian Rafah border. But there was little focus on Egypt’s refusal to provide food, etc. through that border.

We were subjected to an emotive report from Al Jazeera (English) about the trauma of a family in Gaza – but there was no focus on Israeli families sitting in bomb shelters.

However, in many respects, the most slanted piece was by Prof. Robert Pastor, on the reasons for the collapse of the ceasefire. He claimed that Hamas reduced the rockets to only 8 or 9 per month. I would read about two or three a day, several times a week, in the Jerusalem Post. This does not square with Pastor’s claims.

He also claimed that Hamas had more right to feel aggrieved because Israel did not allow in 750 trucks per day. Israel closed the border crossings when they were attacked, or there were rocket attacks.

In addition, Hamas continued to smuggle in massive amounts of weaponry during the ceasefire. It hoarded incoming supplies for its own cronies, and manipulated shortages to stage media events.

I feel the coverage throughout on World Focus has been more biased than other media:
(1) You don’t keep saying that most Palestinians killed have been militants. Your coverage suggests they are civilians. Indeed, UN reports suggest 3/4 of the deaths are militants. This shows Israel has tried to avoid civilian casualties, and compares favorably with many other conflicts.
(2) Repeated use of the casualty count suggests blame on Israel. You never mention that Israeli casualties are kept low through warning sirens and bomb shelters. Nor is the casualty count on each side mentioned in other conflicts.
(3) You never ask why Egypt keeps the Rafah border crossing tightly shut and refuses to provide supplies. So, even as the rockets fall, Israel has to provide Gaza with food, water, etc. Israel is also still taking in Gazans for medical treatment.
(4) You minimize Hamas’ role in starting this war, and its main goal – namely the destruction of Israel, and the death/ expulsion of all Jews.

I hope and pray for a time when both Israelis and Palestinians can live in peace. But it will not come as long as Hamas and others are more intent on Israel’s destruction than on a Palestinian state. Far too many Palestinians still follow Yasser Arafat’s dictum “we will drown them in our own blood”. That is the tragedy of the Palestinian cause. It was built not for its own sake, but for the destruction of Israel.

Things could have been so different if Arab lands had uplifted Arab refugees, as did Israel for the equivalent number of Jewish refugees who were expelled, or fled from, Arab lands – after the failed 1948 Arab invasion of a tiny Jewish state.


Yeah I like the balanced objective coverage of Martin Salvage and especially regarding the program aired 12/31/2008. Earnestly-being contextually objective it is easy to see and understand the Horrid Assult caused by = This Imperial Bully of a notion, of a just cause-claims to be Israelites = whom left that area over what 2000 years ago and only after being the elite of Germany for many Decades prior (Whom we all know the elite has much influence of all past, current and future Governments objectives)Including World War One and Two of which World Domination was/is the objective; which many of the elite then and now, whom created and play multiple sides of the issues (Unlike the multitude of Footsoldiers)are the ones whom mainly influenced the Bomberment of Palistine in 1948 for access to the oil they noticed no Euorpean nation control or have leverage to obtain as need(s) would/do require as the elite seen of the furture. But their’s no need try and claim justice for continuing this occupation of another nation – Especially in 2008 – when we are/should be aggressively transforming too alterinative fuels. Those are now and into the future (if continued) Unnessecary Authentic Native People Lives/Being SLAUGHTERED for and Imperial stronghold only of the Greedy. Self Preservation I abide by but once I/we are fairly secure – Its not need to continue harshities earlier preformed. Their bomb place a hold in aside etc. your/our bomb destroys their entire buliding in 2008 now 2009 State of what claims to be Israel Not Justified at this juncture. It is time for That Israel to have an Exist strategy or a Major Downsizing.


Question–Often the backdrop behind M. Savage shows a map of the world. On the map are varying shades of grey. This does not represent country borders, so I am wondering what the varying shades signify.

Thank you,


I note that Hamas is winning the propaganda war. Nearly every expert recruited for the news shows to opine about Israel’s invasion of Gaza is of Arab origin. All are said to teach at one American university or another. All have published books and attained high academic standing. Their analysis is heavily weighted in favor of the Palestinians. These are the people who teach our children and this is the reasons that we now find kids protesting Israeli aggression in New York, London, Oslo, Jakarta, Sydney and, of course, in every capital throughout the Middle East. As time drags on, these protests are sure to spread and disrupt the functioning of every major economic hub.

Marx envisioned societies in constant upheaval; constant revolution in which the poor rise up against the rich and powerful. Though his devotees have made great inroads in recent years all over the world, they haven’t been able to crack America where the poor are more likely to be overweight while the rich starve themselves. The (SOP protocol) template had to be recast in order to reflect current realities. Marxists now see the world as essentially two worlds: one is the world of nations; the other is America. America represents the one remaining stumbling block toward achieving their Utopian vision. Therefore, the nations of the world have to be mobilized to rise up against America and destroy it (if only to remove evidence of the utter inadequacy of their own considered sacred design).

They’ve contrived the “global warming” hoax, for example, which pits the world against American plenty. They call for open borders which would dilute American sovereignty; universal health care, which would empty the American treasury; the UN, which pits American foreign policy against world policy of not giving a rat’s rear end for Israel’s survival; etc. Each one of these represents a straw dog to be swept out with the refuse once the cleansing has been achieved, but each one nevertheless marks America with the distinction of being the odd man out.

When we talk of “world government”, therefore, we talk of a world apart (from us); a world in which America is always on the defensive. Much of this has seeped into the thinking of America’s own, most notably into the public pronouncements and stated beliefs of academe, the press, and the Democrat Party.


Tonight I saw on World Focus a great deal of material that showed in stark, dramatic terms the suffering in Gaza. For now I shall not make a point of the absence of any photos and stories of the effects of the rockets on the women and children in Israel.They too hurt,they too cry,they too are terrified, and they too are wounded and killed. However,aside from the lack of a more balanced coverage,there is an even more important point. No feeling human being can fail to react with syhmpathy and emotion. The Gazans deserve better.But, that “better” is intentionally being withheld from them. All it would take to get the kind of safety and calm they need is the cessation of the firing of rockets into Israel.However,the Hamas leadership treats the lives of the Gazans as they treat the lives of the suicide bombers: they are all expendable and for sacrifice in the name of a higher cause.The pictures we saw tonight serve to inflame the Arab world,make the Israelis look cruel and inhuman and “worthy of attack”–in short,wonderful propaganda for Hamas to peddle throughout the world.Moreover, the military analysts are commenting that the Hamas leaders wish to entice the IDF to invade Gaza,hoping to duplicate the success of their counterparts in Lebanon.The Gazans and the rockets are the “bait” to attract ground troops into traps in Gaza. Thus,how many are injured or killed is irrelevant to Hamas (excepting in regard to a propaganda effect).They will continue to fire rockets and let their people die,their buildings be destroyed,and their economy shattered.Killing the Israelis and making them look weak is more important to Hamas than is the preservation of the lives and welfare of the Gazans.Finally,the last 50 years have shown that every tactic that the anti- Israel forces have used against Israel in some future time has been used against the rest of the world.Thus,it is important to nip in the bud the tactic of rocketry as a tool of terrorism.We have been in the past very slow and inefficient in dealing promptly with new tactics as they emerged.It’s time to profit from our experiencess and to deal efectively with this tactic.


Israel has put up with a flood of rockets for much much too long. Hamas isnot interested in peace, and their spokesmen have clearly,unambiguously stated that.No Hamas apologist can lie his/her way through their public statements.Hamas is out to destroy Israel,as their charter also clearly indicates.Their goal now is to show they are free to and able to, attack Israel and can get away with it while making substantial gains—increased support from the arab world,increased support from the Gazans, increased importance in the political arena,etc. Their future,as they see it, lies in the killing field;peace is of little value to them.Moreover,the enemies of Israel(Iran,etc.) are more than happy to use them as a surrogate force. Thus, solutions are very difficult to devise.Remember, Hamas does not listen to any “moderate voices” in the Arab world; there isnt a ghost of a chance that they would listen to anything Israel or its friends say.Ideally, the moderate Arabs would put together a UN-like force that could ensure that Hamas doe not rocket Israel;that would mean an occupation force from the Arab side.However,Hamas would never accept that.The people in Gaza support Hamas and thus are not innocent bystanders; and they cannot be relied upon spontaneously to oppose and stop the rocketing of Israel.Thus, the only alternative is to force upon Gazans the realization that it is in their best interest to stop the rocketing.I can only think of two ways to accomplish that:either invade and occupy the areas in Gaza from which the rockets are fired and make the gazans abandon those areas ;or, return rocket for rocket, aiming the rockets at areas that are previously publicized so people can go to safe areas.The criticism of “too much force” is an assinine one- that force must be used whch accomplishes the only goal that is of value–the halting of the rockets. As long as rockets are shot off,more and more force has to be used. The response on the part of Hamas is a simple one –stop firing the rockets.Restraint is an irrational and illogical standard if it serves as nothing more than the giving of permission to Hamas to continue its attacks.


Clive – What a pile of rubbish you’re talking! It’s people like you who keep this (or any) conflict from being resolved. Isn’t it clear by now that Hamas does not want your precious peace? So, what’s the use of negotiations? I can tell you one thing: If, after it’s all over, Hamas still has the strength to to raise a single green flag over the Territories, they will have won. The John Lennons of the world will have decreed it so.


I was also delighted to see Daljit Dhaliwal back again reporting the news. She is an excellent presenter with warmth and charm.
I find the Israeli attack on the Gaza strip despicable. It is a disproportionate use of force on an already oppressesd population.
First of all, I think Bush should have recognized the diplomatic election of Hamas. After all, Bush went to war with Iraq with one goal being to establish democratic elections in the Middle East. Had he and the Israelis been willing to negotiate with Hamas, I am sure more progress towards peace could have been reached. I am of the opinion that Israel needs to take a humanitarian approach towards their neighbor, and help them raise their standard of living. Kindness begets kindness, but cruelty begets more cruelty. If the Jews want to stop the rockets from Palestine, then they need to show compassion for the downtrodden.


Just a thought,dont push ,and it wont be push back.Anything,Anyone,Anybody.


Look, I liked BBC! Sure, their reporting is skewed. But that’s understood – the red background and all. But at least they’re passionate about it. World Focus has a similar bent; but, I find, they’re considerably less passionate. Passion is one of those intangibles: You know it when you see it. It has nothing to do with “fairness”. (What’s fairness anyway?) What I’m saying is, ‘a passionate “red” is more interesting to watch than someone who tries to appear fair and balanced by toning down the passion’. Just one more thing: I agree with # 29. Daljit is an eyeful. She’s the Nigella Lawwson of news. You’d do well to give her a permanent spot.


It was wonderful to see Daljit Dhaliwal reporting the news again. keep up the great work


What about Richard Greve’s comment? Going to post it after the fact or just continue the censorship?


Is there a reason why my comment was not posted yesterday? Was it considered too controversial because it critisized your reporting (and lack of it) on Israel’s policies in the occupied territories and Gsza? Will I get an answer?
Rich Greve


Ref.comments by John Nicklas. You heard? You think? You’re reaching for any straw to grasp to asssuage your overwhelming dissapointment at losing the election to the stupid democrats who finally woke up,went to the polls and cast their vote for the only viable candidate that embodied the great hope for this great country now reeling from the past 8 years of the most stupid leader that this nation has endured in our history. Get over it! Your party stole the last election out and out.Thanks from George brother Jeb for handing him the great state of Florida, and as such, his mandate in 2004 to assume the presidency which he really never won and deserved. What a travesty of justice that was shoved down the throats of the majority of voters that voted for Al Gore. No reply by you is necessary. heaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa//


I tune in sporadically to watch Worldfocus, for one reason. I still prefer Network news. The few times I have watched has been interesting considering it has a “documentary” feel to it. WHO info is always interesting.

Merry Christmas, Martin….to you and your family. I hope you’re surving the cold.


Very nice the way the shoes were thrown at Bush he needs a couple of more shoes to be thrown at his head. He needs to get the message people are mad with all his lies and manipulation. If I was an attorney I would volanteer to defend the journelist who threw the shoes. Nice Job


You have a good show.You don’t have as much frivolous news as ABC and you have a global perspective that resembles BBC.


I am an art teacher in NE Ct, ” The Quiet Cornor” of Ct, USA. I developed special workshops for Arts & Communications on Global Issues for both teachers and students. I was invited to teach these workshops on tolerance and global warming to 15 magnate schools in and around Delhi India for a month last Sept/Oct 07. I need to get your information on the newscast given Monday 11/24 on developing business selling articles created with recycled products. Trash to treasures. It would be a great topic for one of my workshops, “Kids teaching Kidz” to elaborate on.I am developing a website with this title to be up in December08. I could not find imfo on the report aired tonight.Could you please email me the report with the names of the business created. Thank you for such a great tv news program – it is such a relief from american news. For once, not opinions, just facts, and its hard to believe we can finally hear whats happening in the rest of the world, encluding their view of whats happening in America. A breath of fresh air. Thank you Martin Savage. Amie Densmore, Pomfret Ct




In all your stories about Eastern Europe, why did Slovakia get passed by as if they are not important to world views and economies. Is there nothing worth reporting about over there. Slovakia is in the center of all the other countries you have recently talked about. I’m sure Slovakians have something to say about a variety of issues. If you’re going to report in Slavik nations you must include Slovakia. I watch World Focus most nights and I’m looking forward to finally seeing a segment about Slovakia. Don’t be like rest of News networks and only talk about Czechs, Czechoslovakia era is over.




Awesome program!! Thank you, keep up the good job!


I cant belive its time to vote I cant wait untill you be our new president


We started to watch the program because we are friends & relatives of Ara Ayers, one of your producers. However, we are now completely addicted at 6 p.m. The program continues to improve daily, and certainly offers a much wider world view than even BBC (a special compliment, since I am British!) World Focus is a great addition to U.S news programming, and the reliable information always distributed by PBS in its many programs. Thank you.


As a long time admirer of bbc news I was dreading the loss of it on public tv.But as a person who has searched out “hard news” I have found some of what I am looking for in WorldFocus.Keep up the good work I only wish it was on 7 day’s a week.


I echo Juel Wiese comment. To me this program is aiming high, but because it is doing a “let’s keep it simple” approach it just doesn’t work. We are intelligent viewers; will you at PBS treat us as such?
Back to Jim Lehrer for decent news.


It angers me each time I hear stories or reports on the Hijabi. So many facts are left out.
1. This veil garment is thousands of years old
2. It is well rooted in respect and also biblical and environmental
3. For thousands of years it remained common for all religions and societies around the world.
4. It sought to respect GOD, and a wife’s husband and or family so as not to be seen as promiscuous.
you get my point. Somebody needs to tell the whole truth!
I’ve lived and worked in the middle east. The Arab world is ancient and among the warmest people on the planet.

Peter D


Thank you for providing world perspectives not available on comercial networks, Great job PBS.


Mr. Magnus – you can find their content right here. Just click on “Video.”


I was at firt not happy that WorldFocus took the place of BBC news but after watching it for a week, I am glad that the replacement took place. Not because I no longer want to watch BBC news but because WorldFocus does not deal with the day to day news here in the States. We get enough of that in our local news channels. Thanks for the calm reporting!


I love worldfocus,finally a news show thats as wide as the world & as broad as Mr. Savidge,s smile Thanks’ to PBS


Please put BBC news back at 6 pm


This is truly a great news program. No fluff. Just the facts. Great reporting


This is an excellent new program. I particularly enjoyed the food series. Keep up the good work!!


Fantastic online content. I especially like the citizen media aspect of the site. Keep up the good work!


Finally a news program that truly lives up to its name. Congrat. Mr. Savidge. Keep up the good work!




I want to watch worldfocus, but I live in Cincinnati and our local PBS station will not be airing the program before January. Is there any way for me to find WF on-line?


This sounds great. Will you get people to translate eventually?

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