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September 10, 2008
Crisis in the Caucasus, compiled timeline

Nicolai N. Petro writes for the Discovery Institute’s Russia Blog.

August 7-16, 2008

First compiled on August 28, 2008, this timeline is continuously being revised as more information becomes available. The latest PDF version can be downloaded from my web site.

This unified timeline of the onset of the crisis in the Caucasus is based on the detailed timelines available on the web sites of the Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Russia Today news service. These have been supplemented with various Georgian, Russian, and international press reports (references in brackets refer to the list of sources at the end of this document: “G” for Georgian, “R” for Russian, “M” for miscellaneous). For convenience all local times have been converted to GMT (UTC) which, at the time these events unfolded, was GMT (UTC) +4 in both Moscow and Tbilisi. There are surprisingly little disagreement about the actual sequence of events. Those that exceed two hours are noted with italics. My comments, in yellow at the bottom, attempt to highlight notable findings.

After six days of intermittent sniper and machine-gun exchanges between Georgian troops and South Ossetian militia, on August 7 the conflict intensifies. South Ossetian separatists claim that Georgian forces seek to occupy the surrounding hills. Georgia denies this, but by the morning of August 7 has amassed some 12,000 troops on the border to South Ossetia…

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