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September 9, 2008
The future of Pakistan under Asif Ali Zardari

Arif Rafiq of The Pakistan Policy Blog is a policy and communications consultant based in New York and the author of the upcoming independent report “Pakistan: The Way Forward.”

Welcome to Zardaristan

On Saturday, a group of less than 500 politicians annointed Asif Ali Zardari as the next president of Pakistan. It was less the victory of democracy, and more that of small-minded elites.

These politicians have bandwagoned around Zardari — a man bankrupt of achievement, aptitude, moral rectitude, and public esteem, blamed by many for the downfall of his wife’s political career during the 1990s, effectively separated/estranged from her and indifferent to politics a year and a half back and now the inheritor of her checkered legacy.

They have lavished Zardari with undeserved platitudes and legitimacy.

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zardari allah kare app 10000 sall aur jiyen inshallah allah mere dua zaror sunay i live in isb


Zardari the culprit the begger , begging for US and western world for Aid n Help Shame on You Zardari killing pukhtuns for Money….


my name is nabeel living in ISB i am 23 years old . i am really impressed the way u r moving forward . can i have a meeting with you any time you want .. contact at my e-mail i-e


My name is faiza. I live in canada. Mr President i am in need to talk with you over the phone. Is it possiable ? i do beleive it is if you can give me just five minutes from your LIFE.
With all my Best Regards


Dear Sir
I want sent to you a latter in urdu, please send to me your e-mail address.

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