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September 9, 2008
Mutual trust breaks in North Korean denuclearization

Citizen journalist Leonid Petrov writes for OhMyNews, based in South Korea.

Mutual trust broken in six-party talks

On Tuesday, the North Korean Foreign Ministry announced through the KCNA news agency its decision to suspend disabling its nuclear facilities.

The alleged violation by the United States of the understandings, reached at the Six-Party Talks on denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, was mentioned as the primary reason. North Korea says it took this step because the US failed to remove it from a list of state sponsors of terrorism. However, the US insists on a more stringent verification processes before it does so.

North Korea was expecting to be removed from the US list of terrorism sponsors in return for the submission to the Six-Party Talks of a long-delayed account of its nuclear facilities. However, this positive move was delayed amid disagreement between the other five parties — South Korea, the US, China, Russia and Japan — over how to verify the North’s declaration.

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