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September 1, 2009
Full Show: September 1, 2009

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Just when I thought WorldFocus couldn’t get any better, Worldfocus brought Daljit to host. I loved her on the BBC and I will love her hosting WorldFocus. Thank You!


Although it is admirable of the Venezuelan government to have invested so much care in establishing The Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra, in which “any child of any background can aspire to join,” even “those who cannot afford to pay for music lessons.” And as the reporting from Eric Campbell states, the objective is to make of it’s members “better citizens and better people” for the benefit of the Venezuelan society.

However, what I have found to be a rather peculiar, is that far the past two years, or so, since this youth orchestra has come to prominence, I have not seen a child of a distinct African decent as a member of said youth orchestra.

Even tonight, I checked carefully, and I did not see the face of an obviously black child nowhere in your video. Is you reporting yet another way to perpetuate the malignant cancer of racism in Venezuela and beyond, or were you trying to convey that black children are the only ones is Venezuela that are not at all interested in leaning to play a musical instrument, let alone learn to play classical music?

I am very interested in hearing your response, especially since I have personally heard President Hugo Chaves declare that Dr. Martin Luther King, was his personal hero.


maybe if we apologize for the Shah and we ourselves talk about stopping an arms race in space Iran will be more prone to discussion.


But America has rejected the desire by 160 other countries to have United Nations talks about banning an arms race in space, an extravagantly unilateral approach whose appeal you might have thought would have been tarnished by its experience in Iraq.

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