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August 27, 2009
Death of Edward Kennedy reverberates in Ireland

As the tributes to late U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy continue, nowhere beyond the United States is his death reverberating more than in Ireland. Ireland’s foreign affairs minister called Kennedy “the embodiment of the Irish immigrant story,” and as another mourner put it, Kennedy “was an Irishman in the corridors of Washington.”

Malachy McCourt — an author, playwright and radio talk show host — joins Martin Savidge to discuss why Kennedy and his family resonated with the Irish.

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Beautifully put; I did not know how proud they were of the Kennedy’s.

I was in Spain visiting my father last year when it was announced that Senator Kennedy was in the Hospital. It was a shock to the world.



Malachy. Saw you on tonight’s WorldFocus. Although it’s been thirty years since I last spoke to you, it was a pleasure to hear you again, Himself, sounding the same: good words well spoken.

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