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August 26, 2009
PBS Wide Angle: Once upon a coup

A failed coup attempt, a British mercenary in a notorious African prison, a dictator suspicious of Western powers, and beneath it all, a spectacular underwater oil reserve that the world’s major powers would love to get their hands on.

PBS WIDE ANGLE’s film “Once Upon a Coup” investigates the inner workings of a coup attempt in the tiny West African country of Equatorial Guinea. Discovery of a vast underwater oil reserve there caught the attention of not only the U.S. and China, but also some independent soldiers of fortune bent on making the oil riches their own.

Watch the full film “Once Upon a Coup” and find more information at the Wide Angle website.

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Wow everybody has a stake in this so everybody tells there side of the story with there own little twisted view. How do you all live with yourself. I don’t trust anyone who spoke. It’s a crime what we are teaching are children. Thank you for reporting this. I wish a wider audience could view this a draw there own conclusions. I’m concerned how we as human beings twist the truth. It makes me scared.


i wont give any deteal afortunatly,am from Malabo capital for Ecuatorial-guinee,just a few question,if that action was sussecfull our live was became a better or just other president bring from abrought?when the European or the white rise going to make our live change?because we are not depend on our self eventhough it seem like


I would like to play an important role in this film since am from Equatorial Guinea.


The mercenary in prison was the most forthright, honest, funny, charming and TRUSTWORTHY guy in the show. Truth is stranger than fiction. Do they accept care packages?

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