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August 14, 2009
Full Show: August 14, 2009

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I support Obama 100% on his Health Care Plan. The critics are spoiled brats that have become so-called adults. They show no concern for others that have not been able to live the life as they have


What has been done that has stopped another Vietnam or an Iraq from happening again?

Nothing. We’re left with having to rely on completely blind or excessive faith in our government. How do we know if there’s not another Shah of Iran or Suharto being propped up under any administration at any time? We don’t, and it will only happen again and again until the problem is fixed. In the meantime for all we know our US foreign policy of sending billions of dollars of weapons to dozens of warring nations could be wreaking havoc.
Maybe if we just keep on pumping out tons of weapons and giving it to people all around the world violence will stop.


Obama: “Humility” and “Responsibility” should advertise and officially promote and vise versa.

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