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July 21, 2009
Full Show: July 21, 2009

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Thank you for the story on the plight of the Egyptian Mau cats and the group trying to look after them. I have just sent them a sponsorship as a result of seeing your show.

I also sponsor a cat organization in Mexico, thinking the poor Mexican street cats have a bad enough time of life. But the cats in Mexico look to have it easy compared to those poor kitties in Egypt. Shame on people who harm these wonderful creatures!


I’ve just finished viewing and listening to the
July 21, 2009 program. Thank you for making it
possible to see and hear your program online, as
from time to time our local PBS programming runs
one or more programs longer – and the first to be cut is World Focus. I do not agree with the Iowa
PBS choices but of course can do nothing about it.
This is too long an explanation – but again, many
thanks for making your program available online.

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