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July 15, 2009
Full Show: July 15, 2009

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So call “independent human rights” organization Shovriim Shtika, which publishes report is financed and controlled by European Union. In 2008 they receive from UN: 44.000 Euro; British Embassy: 45.000 Euro; Nederland Embassy: 20.000 Euro; Total budget: 300.000 Euro. All story based on “one soldier told me” or “one solder saw”. What if Israeli Embassy in London gives finance aid to pro-IRA human right organization?? EU better should watch for action in Afghanistan by NATO troops. “Report” is typical and Bias anti-Israeli propaganda.


Iran arms path to Hamas hit hard by Gaza war’

By Amos Harel, Haaretz Correspondent

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Iran’s smuggling network to Gaza has shrunk following Operation Cast Lead, and international awareness of the issue has increased, according to Western and Israeli intelligence sources.

According to Western intelligence reports, Iran has been maintaining a robust arms smuggling system into the Gaza Strip as part of the support it extends to Hamas. This support is set up in a modus operandi similar to the one Iran has employed for two decades in helping Hezbollah in Lebanon through Syria.

The route through which arms are moved from Iran to Gaza seems to have become more complicated. Currently, it appears weapons shipments are dispatched through Bandar-Abbas, a southern Iranian port. From there the shipments are transported to Yemen, through the Persian Gulf.
The weapons go from Yemen to a Sudanese port, from where they are transported by professional smugglers to Egypt and onto the Sinai peninsula. From Yemen to Sudan, the arms are transported inside the hulls of medium-sized civilian boats.

According to the London-based Sunday Times and other media, the Israel Air Force used unmanned drones to attack secret Iranian convoys in Sudan last March; the convoys were said to be smuggling weapons to Palestinian militant organizations in the Gaza Strip.

But usually shipments from Sudan make it over to Bedouin smugglers, who transfer the shipments into the Sinai and get the goods over to the Egyptian part of Rafah. From there it is smuggled in tunnels to the Palestinian part of town, which is the terminus.

The weapons are mostly Chinese-made, but some are manufactured in Iran. This includes medium- and short-range rockets, anti-tank missiles, explosives and firearms.

A recent study by the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution showed that more than half the 16,000 people working in the tunnels are under 18, as were 30 of the 115 people killed in the tunnels since Israel imposed the blockade two years ago.

The Hamas government says the tunnels are legal until the blockade is lifted, and the Rafah municipality charges a NIS 10,000 shekel ($2,500 dollar/1,800 euro) fee to open one.

On the way back from Sudan to Yemen, the smuggling boats are often used to smuggle African foreign workers into Asia or for contraband products. United States Navy vessels found several of these boats. One, searched during routine security patrolling in the Red Sea, contained a large shipment of jams.

Israeli intelligence sources report that after Operation Cast Lead, the Egyptian security forces are more willing to cooperate with their Israeli counterparts. Coordination is done through phone calls between relatively high-level officials.

Israel has reportedly carried at least out three air strikes since January against what was believed to be Iranian arms shipments passing through Sudan on their way to Gaza, according to the American news network ABC.

Sudanese officials confirmed that in January, in the wake of Israel’s assault on Hamas-ruled Gaza, unidentified aircraft attacked a convoy of 17 trucks heading north through eastern Sudan.


After viewing this segment by Ben Knight of ABC Australia my husband and I were also displeased with the one-sided nature of the coverage. We also found Martin Savidge’s lead in to Israel’s invasion of Gaza, without mentioning the rocket attacks initiated from Gaza questionable. World Focus, my entire family chose to obtain our nightly world news coverage via your program instead of watching BBC. In general we have found the quality of your reports to be more intelligent, in depth and objective. We therefore ask that your producers and managers who select sources for news content keep in mind that excellence in reporting requires balance and objectivity at all times. The brief clip in this segment from the Israeli government spokesperson did not provide sufficient balance in this instance.


Dear World Focus,

Tonight’s report by Ben Knight of ABC Australia was very biased. Even in introducing it, Martin Savidge talked of Israel’s invasion of Gaza, without mentioning the rocket attacks. That received only the briefest mention at the end of the report.

This one-sided attack on Israel was preceded by public relations for the coalition campaign in Afghanistan. The contrast was truly striking – good Americans and British, bad Israel. Yet more civilians have been killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, in circumstances that are every bit as suspicious as any Israeli action. Casualties in Iraq/ Afghanistan, especially in drone attacks, are called “militants”, of course.

Whenever there is a negative allegation about Israel, it receives intense coverage on World Focus. By contrast, the Palestinians and broader Arab world are not subject to the same scrutiny.

Hamas’ charter, its use of human shields, and its deliberate targeting of civilians don’t attract much attention. The 7000+ rockets launched at Israel and the plight of people in Sderot before the war might as well have happened on Mars. The fact that Israel kept its casualties low through bomb shelters and warning sirens is forgotten – as is the fact that Hamas fired from schools, and hospitals. Likewise for the fact that adult Gazans elected Hamas knowing full well its goals and policies.

Recently, the “moderate” Palestinian Authority named a major computer center (funded indirectly by the US) after Dalal Mugrabi, whose sole claim to “fame” was a terror attack on a bus that left 37 civilians dead. The same PA celebrated successful terror attacks by Fatah in recent weeks. None of this is ever mentioned – nor the intense incitement.

The bottom line in the Arab-Israeli conflict has scarcely changed since the 1948 Arab invasion of a small Jewish state. It would not matter of the Dalai Lama was Israel’s PM, or Israel was just Tel Aviv. The Arab world would quickly find new pretexts for hostility. They recently unanimously rejected even the symbolic step of recognizing Israel as a Jewish stae.

There can never be peace as long as the Arab world indoctrinates for war. One-sided Israeli concessions, combined with the media war against Israel, are simply a recipe for more conflict.

I appeal to World Focus to tell the story of Sderot, and of the millions of Israelis whose parents were Jewish refugees from Arab lands – and to contrast that with the way the Arab world still manipulates a similar number of Arab refugees.

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