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June 19, 2009
Week in review: Iran in tumult

Garrick Utley, formerly of NBC News and now the president of the Levin Institute of the State University of New York, and Ervand Abharamian, a distinguished professor of history at the City University of New York, join Martin Savidge to discuss the top story of the week: Iran.¬†They discuss Ayatollah Khamenei’s speech, the massive protests and where this crisis may be headed.

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The podcast file for this segment ( offered on the video feed isn’t found on your server. Please check this issue and the feed. Feel free to email me if you have a question.



This is definitely not a U S issue.

The U.S. has too many problems as it is. Besides, only the Republicans wants to go into Iran. It must be for OIL, and to invade this country. Remember what John McCain said during his campaign about Iran – changing the words from the song Barbara Ann to Bomb Iran.

Haven’t the U.S. done enough already? The Blacks in this country are suffering – Katrina victims still don’t have their homes, some have no homes. Blacks were the first to start losing their jobs in this country the past 8 years. Now, some have lost their homes to foreclosure – it was proven that not all bought more home than they can afford, but through subprime mortgages, and eminent domain.

The Republicans didn’t care about the Palestinians, the people from African countries – they stood by and did nothing except go into Iraq and Afghanistan.

Today, a female state senator (R) from Missouri that happens to be on a childrens committee said, “we shouldn’t be giving free lunches to children. Hunger is a motiver, they should get a job at McDonald’s. McDonald’s will feed them for free. We shouldn’t raise taxes to give out free lunches.”

For a woman to say something like this about kids, something is wrong with her. For a woman in her position to say something like this should be voted out of office.

First, it’s “poor people suffer from health problems and diabetes because of their diets and fast food.” Now this lady is saying “kids” should get a job.

If an adult in this country can’t get a job, how can a kid get one?

It’s amazing how the Republicans always want to interfere with other people lives – they can’t even do the right thing here, they destroy everything they touch.

This country has experienced a explosion in drug abuse the past 8 years. I’m thinking the Republicans let this happen so the majority of people won’t know what’s going on, let alone care as long as they have their drugs.

Lindsey Graham (R) said on t.v. said some stupid remarks on t.v. as well as John McCain.

The Republicans don’t want Sotomayer on the bench because she’s Puerto Rican.

I’d be concerned why the Republicans want to go into Iran when obviously they don’t care about minorities.


The issue is Iran not the USA. USA killed off the American Indians – that is not the point. The point is that Iranian “Supreme” leaders mock the term “Supreme” when they lack the moral judgement and spiritual insight to show compassion for the Iranian people.


Far Da. How many books have you written on Iran? The USA is abusing more human rights than Iran. Look what have we done at Abu Ghareeb Prison and Gutimo. we should not belecturing anyone on this Issue


Hey Lee;
Ofcorse you would like it , Mar/Save Ask and he answerd ….Hehehe
First Abrahamian comment about Basidj is far from expertise answer Basidj body has more old mmember than young.
…The reall word of Irans supreme leader was undermining western Human rights by bringing to the light the very important TERROR of DAVIDIAN incidence of WACO -MOUNT CARMEL -Texas which kiled 76 pepole includining 11 cildren under 10 years by BURNING-BURNING-BURNING ti death whith TANK and heavy military Machin .DAVId (((KORESH))is turning point OPEN your Eyes.
{[( Accept my 21centory English )]}


Thank you worldfocus for talking to a real expert on Iran, Professor Abharamian and not inviting the fit all model of so called experts like Mr. Rose and Mr. Gelb. This is a great step forward for your program. I hope that you will continue to do that


I don’t think the human heart can be contained for very long. A counter force to the human spirit is short-lived. I feel that the lessons to be learned by the Iranians will transfer to all of humanity via modern communications. The days of the wicked living under a rock are over.

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