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June 17, 2009
Full Show: June 17, 2009

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Your coverage is very good, I watch it everyday. I request you to include the Indian index under Asian Markets. Being such a huge country, with much better growth aspects like China and more important biggest democracy of World it deserves coverage in every news channel.
Vish Dharmapala


I love taking photos and sharing the memories of my family & friends. I am interested in the name of the photo book I saw on TV. Are these book for sale? I will love to purchase one. This project is a wonderful thing and the joy I saw in the young man face is priceless.


Mr. Savidge:
Your story about Al Queda in Gaza is so pathetic and miserable that I do not know how to comment on it…the story only solicited a coarse guffaw on your sycophant attitudes toward Jews.The story was almost a farcical comedy to watch a gang of horse-ridden masked gunmen (you called them members of Al Queida)with a AK 47 attacking the IDF that are equipped with A-Bombs, F 18, Abrahms Tank, missiles,etc.
Come on! Mr. Savidge! Be more prudent and considerate if you really want to convince me about the danger of Al Queda.
You talk like a Cheney!


I am also interested in the photo album of these pictures.


I was impressed by the photograph project. where can I get the photo album of the pictures taken by the Lagos, Nigia children sponsored by the A.C.D.I.

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