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May 13, 2009
Full Show: May 13, 2009

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Israel’s anti-Palestinian wall is always described as a response to suicide bombings, but those bombings are in response to Israeli occupation and repression. Everything’s a response to everything, back to 1948 and before. And as for all the ‘mythical’ refugees, Israel should let them return to their lands that were taken from them in 1948.


It is unfortunate that the Pope’s visit was so political, and today, so much blame was placed on Israel over the security barrier near Bethlehem, and about Gaza.

The security barrier was a response to numerous suicide bombings emanating from militants in Bethlehem. There was no barrier for many years before the suicide bombs.

Deutsche Welle reported the Pope’s castigation of the “embargo” on building materials
entering Gaza. Egypt also has a border with Gaza and maintains a tighter blockade. Practically all supplies enter through Israel, even though
Hamas has often diverted goods from their intended use.

The Pope visited a “refugee camp” in Bethlehem. When will World Focus expose the myths around
these “refugee camps”? They may be slums, but have infrastructure and services. However,
most of all, they are designed to artificially maintain for political purposes, the
refugee issue. There were just as many Jewish refugees from Arab lands, and they were
absorbed and uplifted by Israel.

There was mention of the situation of Palestinian Christians. There was not a word that
their greatest threat comes from Palestinian Muslims, not Israel. There are well
documented reports of attacks (especially in Gaza and Bethelehem), of pressure to take
over properties, of political marginalization. It is safe for them to talk about Israel –
but they dare not talk about attacks from Palestinian Muslims. Israel is the only Middle
Eastern country with a growing Christian population.

Finally, there could have been a Palestinian state in 1948 and at any time until 1967, for the Arab world had the West Bank and Gaza. There could have been a Palestinian state in 1967 for Israel offered the West Bank for peace, the Arab League answer was “no peace, no recognition”. There could have been a Palestinian state again in 2001. At every stage, it has been rejected, because it might involve accepting Israel.

The tragedy of the Palestinian cause is that it has been built solely to dismantle Israel, and not for its own sake. As long as this continues, there cannot be peace, no matter what concessions tiny Israel makes.

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