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May 11, 2009
China marks anniversary of devastating earthquake

China marked the anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Sichuan Province that struck one year ago. The quake was China’s worst in three decades, leaving an estimated 88,000 people dead.  

Last week, authorities announced for the first time that more than 5,000 children were killed or missing, many of them trapped in classrooms. Parents blamed inferior construction.

Peter Kwong, a professor of Asian-American Studies at Hunter College, joins Martin Savidge to discuss what Chinese citizens have done to hold the Chinese government accountable in the aftermath of the earthquake. 

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May not only Structures Of Schools (of Theological-Philosophical Thought) Of
Children be reinforced but Structures Of Sane Thinking as well.

Destruction has always been and is now quite easy enough for anyone to do who can move Arms with only the strength needed for moving even a Single Hand toward Human Assistance…whether by Word or Deed…
but true (Spiritual/Mental/Physical) Construction is far more complex and sane thinking even more difficult to apply in the midst of turmoils tribulations and miseries…
but if we are still calling ourselves “Human” there are still many Rooms for–and Places for– possibilities in these Mansions Of Rational Thought –if only (seemingly) among individualsat any given time period–in the Tabernacles Of
Long-Term Visionary Thinking even while dealing (concurrently) with all the Worldly Perplexities in the Tents Of Short-Term Challenges.

If all we Humans do is of nothing of more Substance or Long-Term Meaning than what Animals do in Jungles every Day and Night, let us consider that we have then each “arrived” on our own…”Island of Dr. Moreau”.

Just because this latter Scenario is always possible…this does not mean that the Scenario as presented…must, necessarily “be so”.

Let there be some Form Of (for the holding of)
True “Human” Consolation in dividing rightly the word of Truth while understanding the hidden ramifications of the saying of these
words and the writing of them.

May you read these words as deeply as you are capable of thinking upon and within the spirit
of their true meanings.

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