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May 8, 2009
Pope voices “respect” for Muslims on Middle East trip

Pope Benedict XVI has begun a visit to the Middle East, starting with a week-long tour of Jordan that will be followed by a visit to Israel. The  trip is being viewed in part as a mission to mend fences with Muslims and Jews after comments that have angered both groups. 

In Jordan, the pope voiced what he called “deep respect for the Muslim community.” He also said that his only agenda was to bring hope and prayers for unity and peace.

Nihad Awad, the executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, joins Martin Savidge to discuss the pope’s relationship with Muslims and what role he can play in easing tensions in the conflict between Jews and Arabs.

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To Mark Bernadiner:

Are you also celebrating 61 years since the Al-Nakba massacre and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians by Zionist thugs? Perhaps you think that facism no longer exists, especially in Gaza and other Middle Eastern communities that continue to suffer from Israel’s criminal occupation and aparteid? With an accurate history lesson, you’ll observe that today’s worst war criminals call themselves Zionists. These same hypocrites who exclaim “never again” in reference to the Houlecaust have been documented using the same torture techniques as the Nazis used on the Jews during WWII if not worse. The Zionists also have more modern weapons than the Nazis used to illegally victimize thousands of innocent Arabs (i.e white phosporous on civilians). The Hague has plenty of room to try today’s real war criminals, the Zionists. Can I expect you to be supporting their trial for justice’s sake?


Mark: how did the Palestinians fight along side Hittler when Palestine was occupied by the UK. Amazing!!!!!!!!!! The level of ignorance dispalyed by you is alarming


In May, the World celebrates WWII victory over fascism. We must remember, that European and Palestinian muslims supported Hitler, fought on his side and responsible for death of hundred thousands of Europeans. Still, they have nor been prosecuted for war crimes.


One may…
in reading this article posted here:
equally hope the Pope will also have “deep respect” for the unending carnage

…which certain groups from among certain religions among certain sects…


Yes, with an Effect in mind…
let him seek Unity with Those who seem fond of Disuniting or igniting Heads from Bodies (political or otherwise).

And, then?

May there be peace in our time, as well!

But is it not remembered that these kinds of Illustrations continually march in the midst of endless Funeral Processions of that which cuts off hopes while they continue to utter prayers

…as these Processions do go on…

involving sounds of words and wordless furies signifying nothing of enduringly substantial visible change which work themselves into Reasons like Divine Winds for something other than thinking alone:
although the Symbolic Garments
…which various Tribes of the Nations have worn and wear now in History…
appear to change:
the Substance of what Populations are in fact
has always been as it is and does not…
ad infinitum and ad nauseum?

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