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May 8, 2009
Full Show: May 8, 2009

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It was sad to see Martin Savidge allow Nithad Awad of CAIR plug anti-Israel propaganda unchallenged.

Israel is the only country in the Middle East with a growing Christian population. Since the PLO took over the West Bank, there has been an
acceleration in the decline of the Christian community. Undoubtedly a major factor is the greater economic opportunity elsewhere, combined with the Palestinian Authority’s corruption and its lawlessness. Israel’s barrier, which was a reaction to endless suicide attacks (many of the suicide attacks came from Islamists in Bethelehem) has also had a slowing effect on the economy. However, Islamists in the West Bank have increasingly marginalized Christians politically and intimidated them from reacting to attacks on Christians. Persistent and ongoing pressure has been brought to bear, and Christians dare not speak out about their neighbors for fear of reprisal.

In another direction, with World Focus ever tell about the disappearance of Jews from Arab countries, and all the Jewish refugees who fled to Israel from Arab countries?

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