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May 6, 2009
Africans more genetically diverse than rest of world

Africans are more genetically diverse than the inhabitants of the rest of the world combined, according to a study published inĀ the journal Science Express.

Michael Novacek, the provost of science at the American Museum of Natural History, joins Martin Savidge to discuss theĀ implications of the study, how it was conducted and Africa’s importance to genetic research.

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The varied antecedent factors, agencies and personages contributing to the early impulses leading unerringly to the development of the still civilizing creature known as Honosapiens of the Hominidae, in whose genome will be found the remnants of the prior contributors to the now alert. wary, impatient, self serving, grasping, predatory, violence prone yet still noble reaching traits deemed to be human. To the extent such former contributors have been less humanly evolved, human traits are so constituted. To the extent such contributors have been more than humsn, human aspirations can soar beyond the commonplace.

From a larger treatise entitled: “From Here To There” ,>



This makes sense since we evolve there:

4 The darkness of evolutionary night began to fade centuries ago when the first ape-like creature deserted his tree-branch kingdom and shambled out into the light of the plain. He was guided by something he could not understand: something un-apelike and impossible for his comrades. Somehow, somewhere in his seething body chemistry, something had changed. In this brain lay the seed of humanity: in his strangely bright eyes, the dark shadow of a hidden dream.
Time passed slowly. The new creatures developed and multiplied. The wonderful changes in their bodies and minds continued: their brains, nerves and glandular systems grew in complexity and specialization. New behavior patterns evolved and after some time, emotions and feelings unknown and denied to all previous forms of life found their means of expression. The Dawn of Man was reached at that auspicious hour. The waves of thought generated by that first human expression vibrates even to this day in the unconscious mind of every human being. Everyone of us carries within him the hidden memory of that first sunrise, and even beyond it into the darkness of antiquity. We are, by means of this primordial memory, which is part of our human heritage, intimately connected to all form of life.

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