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May 5, 2009
Divided Northern Ireland works to integrate schools

Despite its official peace agreements, Northern Ireland remains a largely divided land, with Catholics and Protestants still living apart. Yet there are attempts to bring the people of Northern Ireland together, including an innovative program to integrate schools.  

Worldfocus special correspondent Martin Himel looks at how Protestants and Catholics are coming together in the classroom.

Watch another signature story from Northern Ireland: “Wounds still left open from Northern Ireland’s conflict

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It is Fine to see Ireland finally come to the conclusion they can continue to kill each other or move forward…apparently the majority of people are happy with the changes that are taking place or the Peace would not be possible.
Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. LEarn and Move on Chris make your country special not just another war torn, hateful country. The needs of the many out way the needs of the few!


I am proud to say that my children attend Hazelwood Integrated Primary School.


Today’s World Focus presented what it claimed was an attempt to “reconcile the two sides” in Occupied Ireland. It was frightening to see that it was pure spin ala Brit intel; “Religious differences” (rather than a Brit murder campaign to terrorize the Irish into surrendering their democratic aspirations). One would never guess from watching the show that of the 173 children murdered during that most recent phase of the struggle for freedom, all but 20 were murdered by British forces. See my And the truly obscene attempt to perpetuate the Big Lie of “potato famine” despite the fact that 75 Brit reg’ts removed Ireland’s abundant foodstuff at gunpoint, genociding 5.25 millions at the time. See my which will soon be augmented with contemporaneous official documents.

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