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March 30, 2009
Full Show: March 30, 2009

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[…] a March episode of the news broadcast, “World Focus,” it was reported that Cambodia had initiated a […]


World Focus the cast system in India or anywhere brough to mind how so many have the misconception that we/they too are “ordained by God” to be an unequaled part of the human race – how pityful how pityful – Thanks Again World Focus for bring this to Focus naturally for the sheer anount of proverty and death amoung us humans is great and vast and in this age of information for too much effort is geared away from just exposing it which in turn if not explained in total at least can bear witness against its unneccessariness!! You know me I watch you Faithfully though in my area of Philadelphia, PA on whyy the management is amoung the group who discourages this type of insight. I know cyper tyranny is out their but for right now I am absorbing the information of World Focus from online – Thanks again and Keep Up the Good Work for many don’t like it – hence like the management of the above mentioned hypocritics of whyy station in Philadelphia, PA these stories don’t get out otherwise – Thank You World Focus Alfred R. Sheppard

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