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March 26, 2009
Full Show: March 26, 2009

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As far as I know, I’ve updated all the plugins required to view this video, in explorer and firefox. So why can’t I watch the video? I keep getting this message: “The selected item is not currently available.”


Zahava –

Unfortunately, due to rights restrictions and these types of things, we’re currently only posting the partner segments in the full show, so you could use the time in the video to point friends to the segment. We’re transitioning to a player with segments broken up… sorry that it’s not available at this time.

– bijan,


Keep up the good work. My family and I watch WorldFocus regularly.

I especially enjoyed watching the segment “Palestinians serenading survivors in Israel.” I was hoping to send the link to several friends but all I could find was the link to the full show (air date 3/26/09). Could you send me the link please. Thank you.


What are the system requirements for my computet for watching your show via the Internet. I am going over to all-internet TV and we watch your show daily. Sometimes it freezes up. I plan, eventually, to buy a new computer to drive my TV with internet-based shows. So I want to know what your show requires.

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