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March 23, 2009
Full Show: March 23, 2009

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A Naw-Ruz Message to Iran, Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Ireland, China, Tibet, warring countries in Africa and elsewhere on the planet where people are in violent conflict and opposition to each other: Couldn’t we all, please, just make a new beginning in this New Year – celebrated as Naw-Ruz on the First Day of Spring, the Vernal Equinox by many around the world? Couldn’t we all just get along?

If only all of us would celebrate our individual differences, rather than oppose and seek to destroy them, we would find that we are like fragrant flowers in the garden. How delightful that would be.

If we could just rise up above and beyond ourselves for a moment, we would gain a new perspective. It happened when we first landed on the moon in July 1969. We saw the oneness of Planet Earth and realized that it is our shared home. Now, 40 years later, we absolutely must see the heart is our shared home as well. We must remedy the psycho-spiritual heart attacks we are inflicting on ourselves with a massive dose of love, a love that is greater than our individual human preferences. When true love takes full possession of our hearts, we will see our oneness as human beings in the same way that we see our oneness as a planet.

Whether we are Iranian, American, Israeli or Palestinian, we will find that we are brothers and sisters of one human family, created by the same Mother/Father G-d, Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, Great Spirit. We inhabit the same planet, we breathe the same air, we shed the same blood, we cry the same tears, we share the same Holy Spirit, whether It is named Abraham, Moses, Zoroaster, Jesus, Muhammad, or Baha’u’llah.

Can’t we all just get along? Might we download a greater measure of patience born of the loving-kindness, the compassion, the forgiveness, the humility, the lowliness, and the long-suffering that is characteristic of our Maker? Then we will heal. We will collaborate. We will cooperate. We will reciprocate. And we will have peace. I long for that day. Don’t you?


Thank you for bringing us a news program that is so lacking. I just wish TWC in Cary or NPS in Chapel Hill would carry your program. Once again thank you.

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